10 Outrageous Predictions and why they might actually occur for the 2017 NFL Season.

With NFL training camps kicking off in a week we make some bold and blind predictions for the NFL season. These claims are outrageous but there is one rule. It must be somewhat possible sorry Jets fans but I’m throwing you under the bus winning the super bowl is beyond an outrageous prediction for you. So, it has to be at least slightly possible. So we embark on our journey into the bizarro world.
1. Brock Osweiler will start for the Browns and hold onto the job until Thanksgiving. Osweiler was awful in Houston let’s not mince words but if anyone would have a shot at making him into a usable starter it would be Hue Jackson. Not only does Osweiler still have a big strong arm he is also the Hue Jackson type at almost six ten feet tall. That paired with the fact the Browns have some good talent at wide out makes Brock a candidate for a half decent first month of the season, I could see him going about 4-4 before the pull him to get a look at Kizer, still, that’s pretty good.
2. Every AFC team that was in the playoffs last year, minus the Raiders and Patriots, will miss the playoffs. The Steelers could lose out to the Cincinnati Bengals, Houston shouldn’t be expected to return to the playoffs even with a stellar defense. Alex Smith and his Chiefs could fall down to mediocrity and it wouldn’t shock me, and the Dolphins should be expected to fall out of contention for anything but a top 15 pick this year. So who will replace these teams? The Colts, Titans, Chargers and Chargers or Broncos could claim that spot. What about the Steelers? How do they fall out of the playoff? Well, it wouldn’t be bold if I didn’t tell you my reasoning. Lev Bell could get hurt Bryant could get suspended and the defense could struggle. Big Ben would have to be the major domino to fall for this all to happen. Not saying it will happen but these are bold predictions.
3. Tom Brady throws 60 touchdowns obliterating Peyton Manning’s Record. There’s not much to explain here I feel guilty about this one. When you think about it, really it’s not that bold with all the weapons Brady has this year hell he could throw 70 touchdowns.
4. Though Brady dominates the league with TDs Aaron Rodgers wins MVP. Rodgers with fewer weapons will throw 50 Touch Downs and break Manning’s single season passing record AND be the first QB to throw a six-thousand-yard season. With a much less talented surrounding cast, he will most definitely win the MVP.
5. Cj Anderson will bounce back for the Broncos and rush for over one thousand five hundred yards. Anderson dominated with 437 yards last year, and that was within the first month. If he had continued on that trajectory healthy he would have neared the two-thousand-yard mark. If Anderson returns healthy and the Broncos can improve line play through coaching and first round pick Garett Bolles Anderson will have the opportunity to be the Bronco the Broncos need.
6. The NFC will have two 13-win teams. The Packers are the obvious pick but the sleeper offseason team with a little buzz the Buccaneers will be the other.
7. The Atlanta Falcons will miss the playoffs. This doesn’t mean they’re going to fall into some massive slump, they play in a tough division though and that brings us to number eight.
8. A stacked Saints offense carries a god-awful defense to the playoffs, finally. All day puts this team over the top and Drew Brees has another big-time season and that equals a five or six seed in the playoffs.

9.  The New York Jets have to bench Josh Mccown four weeks in because they are doing too well. It is altogether possible Mccown is a talented guy and 2-2 is not a good tanking start.

10. None of these will be right. Because well bold predictions are bold and outrageous ones are outrageous.

Written by @eric18utah



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