15 Questions for Week 2

1. Is Desaun Watson that much better than Tom Savage? When Watson entered Sundays game against the Jags he didn’t look much better than Savage. He made key mistakes in the pocket and fumbled the ball. He will start in week 2 but how much better is he than his predecessor?

2. Can the Browns keep taking steps forward against a dominant Ravens D? What are those steps? I love what I saw from Kizer in week one he moved extremely well inside the pocket and made some truly great throws. Can he continue that against a ferocious Baltimore defense though? Kizer holds the ball way to long and that could be a major problem against the Ravens front 7. The flip side of the ball for the Browns has massive potential. The Steelers offense did not look all together on Sunday, how much of that was the Steelers not gelling in week one and or a dominant Cleveland defense is yet to be determined. Joe Flacco and the Ravens are a good test if the Browns defense can shut down a mediocre offense or keep them under 28 points there legit.

3. Will we see more Christian Mccaffery from the Panthers in week 2? Jonathan Stewart got more touches than Mccaffery did (18 to CMCs 13) Will Ron Rivera utilize his first-round pick more against the Bills?

4. In Colts Cardinals are we watching the two worst teams in the league? I was holding out hope on the Cards until I watched game pass. Carson Palmers arm looks like a dear rack mounted on a wall, shot. Without David Johnson this team is doomed.

5. Is the Jags defense top 5 in the league? The Jaguars defense wrecked the Houston Texans in week one. Calais Campbell and Myles Jack looked dominant as pass rushers and Jalen Ramsey continues to compete with Marcus Peters for best young corner in the league. Was it just the Texans offense or was it Jacksonville’s D? The Titans will provide a good test although their offense will need to be much better than it was against Oakland.

6. Was the Chiefs week one power blaze a mirage or is Alex Smith for real? Philly will provide a good test with a solid defense, one I would argue is better than the Patriots. Lot of questions for Philly in this game to though, is Carson Wentz for real? This is my favorite game of the week!

7. Have the Patriots fixed their offensive problems? Spoiler, they have.

8. Can the Vikings beat the Steelers and prove they are a power in the NFC North early? This is the biggest prove it game of the week. I am ready to get on board with this Vikings team but I need to see them beat an actual team. The Steelers provide them that chance, can they capitalize?

9. What are the Buccaneers? We didn’t see them in week one so there is a lot of mystery still surrounding this team. I can’t wait to see what they can do.

10. Same question for the Dolphins.
11. How many points do the Raiders drop on the Jets? There is 0 intrigue in this game, sorry.

12. Jared Goff. It’s not a question, I know. I just want to see what he can do against a slightly more talented defense than the Colts. Also, can Todd Gurley return to 2015 form before Jeff Fisher ruined him?

13. Can Seattle’s O line stand up to the 49ers? The answer would have been no in my opinion before Reuben Foster got hurt. It’s going to be a really interesting matchup. If San Fran dominates the O line though, 12s have something to worry about.

14. Is Aaron Rodgers in an early season Aaron Rodgers slump? You really can’t judge a lot against the Seahawks defense because they make every offense look pedestrian. Atlanta will give us a good look at how Rodgers is playing early in the year.

15. What are the Lions? Their defense looked great against Arizona and their offense looked spectacular from the second quarter forward. This game will tell us a lot about how good Matthew Stafford is, because I’m kind of falling in love with the guy. His pocket presence is showing up for the first time ever and oooh is that fun to watch.


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