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Right now is the best time of the season, teams are trying to make their playoff push so we are going to make our own MLB power rankings. These rankings were made by @1N2W_.

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Number 1: Dodgers 84-34

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These Dodgers are easily the best team in baseball, and they don’t even have their best pitcher out there in Clayton Kershaw.


Number 2: Astros 73-46

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The Astros have been the other team in the MLB who seems that they have what it takes to win the World Series. I think the Astros will finish the season hot even though they have been struggling.


Number 3: Red Sox 68-51

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This might be a huge surprise to some people, but this team can play. They are 8-2 in their last ten and I think they will take their division.


Number 4: Nationals 71-47

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The only reason I dropped the Nationals a few spots from other sites is Harper’s injury. I don’t think that this will kill them, but it does hurt a lot.


Number 5: Diamondbacks 66-53

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The Diamondbacks have had an amazing year so far this year, and with their hot lineup, I see them finishing the year with the first wild card spot.


Number 6: Rockies 66-53

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The Rockies are the other team in the NL that has played really well, and I also see them holding onto a wild card spot.


Number 7: Indians 65-52

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The defending World Series runner up is looking for another spot in the World Series. The Indians are 6 games up in the AL Central.


Number 8: Cubs 62-56

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The Cubs have been playing very weird baseball lately, but their pitching has been much better.


Number 9: Yankees 63-55

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The Yankees have not been playing bad lately, but Judge has. With Chapman and Judge struggling I moved them down a few spots.


Number 10: Mariners 60-61

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This was a tough pick for me because the Mariners have been struggling. I do believe they have what it takes to turn it on and grab a wildcard spot.


Number 11: Cardinals 61-58

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The Cards have won 8 out of their last ten, and they have been playing better since that cat ran on the field. Do they have what it takes to win the NL Central?


Number 12: Brewers 63-59 

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I honestly do not know what is up with the Brewers. This team has been up and down the past few weeks.


Number 13: Twins: 59-58

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This is where the rankings get really tight, the Twins have been playing well lately and I think they have a chance at the wild card spot.


Number 14: Angels: 62-59

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The Angels are another team who has been playing well. They have won seven out of their last ten and they look like they could grab a wild card spot also.


Number 15: Royals 60-59

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The Royals have been struggling a little bit in their last ten, but they are only 6.0 games back of first in the AL Central.

This was written by @1N2W_


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