MLB Bold Predictions (2 per team)

With the 2017 season looming in here is my fearless attempt on predicting some small, some big on all 30 MLB teams. We will start with the Al East…

AL East

Boston Red Sox:

1. Andrew Bentintendi wins AL ROY with all 30 first place Votes

2. Team wins over 100 games spearheaded by front three in the rotation


  1. Gary Sanchez carries young roster to a wild card apperance
  2. Luis Severino breaks out and finished 10 top in Cy Young voting

Blue Jays:

  1. Team misses the production of Encarnacion and misses playoffs as well
  2. Marcus Stroman finishes top 3 in Cy Young voting


  1. Team completely begins rebuild in 2016 trading Longoria, Archer, and more. Becomes hottest deadline seller
  2. Kevin Keirmeir meets his defensive with his offense by becoming a breakout hitter in 2017


  1. Manny Machado Finishes third place in MVP voting behind Trout and Betts
  2. Team aqcuires a front tier arm at deadline helping them reach wildcard

AL Central


  1. Fransisco Lindor carries the team again to the top of the divison easily
  2. Corey Kluber wins Cy Young of the American League


  1. J.D Martinez “breaksout” to only get traded at the deadline by the struggling Tigers. “Breakout” because by some Martinez is already a star
  2. Justin Verlanders age begins to get to him as his stuff slowly begins to slow down


  1. Alex Gordon continues off of his poor 2016 season and remains low after signing his extension before last year
  2. Jorge Soler finally puts things together in 2017 and Cubs regret the Wade Davis for Jorge Soler swap


  1. Brain Dozier is traded a month before the deadline
  2. Byron Buxton finally begins his uphill climb as being a former #1 prospect he puts things together in 2017

White Sox:

  1. Yoan Moncada plays his first season put doesnt emerge like others had thought.
  2. On the other hand, Lucas Giolto completely tears things up in 2017 and gives Bentintendi a run for his money for ROY

AL West


  1. Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa look unbeatable and become arguabably the best double play combo in the MLB
  2. Team upsets the Rangers and wins the division behind resurgence of Dallas Keuchal


  1. Mike Trout continues his career dominance and wins AL MVP once again
  2. Team does little to rebuild and talks of trading Trout pick up but no team can pay for asking price


  1. Rougned Odor hits over 40 bombs
  2. Nomar Mazara continues to grow in 2017 and hits over .300 and hits 30 home runs


  1. Robinson Cano carries team to a wild-card apperance
  2. Mariners acquire a front runner for their rotation at the deadline


  1. Khris Davis is traded at the deadline
  2. Sonny Gray turns things around in 2017 after his poor 2016 season and gets traded at the deadline as well

NL East:

Atlanta Braves:

  1. Dansby Swanson wins ROY
  2. Team looks good after poor 2016 put misses out on the play-offs again and becomes a darkhorse team for 2018

Washington Nationals:

  1. Bryce Harper returns to form and carries the team to the playoffs and ahead of their division
  2. Trea Turner continues his run from last year and finishes top 10 in the MVP voting

New York Mets:

  1. Noah Synergaard finishes 2nd in Cy Young voting behind just Clayton Kershaw
  2. Team disappointments otherwise and misses out on the Play-Offs

Miami Marlins:

  1. Team never overcomes the loss of Jose Fernandez and struggles to compete for play-off spot in 2017
  2. Christian Yelich becomes one of the faces of baseball and has a career year while finishes top 5 in MVP voting


  1. Odubbel Herrera grows in 2017 and becomes one of the better players in baseball on a bad team…
  2. Phillies continue their rebuild even more by trading plenty of their Major league pieces

NL West:

Los Angelses Dodgers:

  1. Clayton Kersahw continues his career brilliance and wins CY Young
  2. Corey Seager picks up off of his 2016 season and carries the Dodgers with Kershaw to the top of the division with ease. Team challanges the Cubs for the best in baseball

San Fransisco Giants:

  1. Their trend of missing the playoffs in odd years continues to grow in 2017
  2. Madison Bumgarner turns in his worst season of his career to date

Colorado Rockies:

  1. Nolan Arenado wins MVP with his best year to date
  2. With Arenado leading the team, the Rockies aqcuire a good pitcher at deadline and makes the Play-offs as a wild card team

Arizona Diamondbacks:

  1. Paul Goldschmidt finishes top 6 in stolen bases in 2017
  2. Zack Greinke is traded at the deadline to a contendor

San Diego Padres:

  1. The Padres become easily the worst team in baseball racking up more than 110 losses
  2. Team has no choice but to trade Wil Myers at the deadline

NL Central

Chicago Cubs:

  1. Continues to be the best team in baseball, wins north of 105 games
  2. Jason Heyward rebounds and puts together a great campaign
  3. Team aqcuires Chris Archer at the deadline

St. Louis Cardinals:

  1. The acquistion of Dexter Folwer helps the team reach play-offs as a wild card team
  2. Adam Wainwright loses his spot in the rotation and becomes a stellar middle reliever

Pittsburg Pirates:

  1. Team gets to a slow start which leads to McCutchen being traded at deadline
  2. Jameson Tallion overthrows Gerrit Cole as leader of the rotation

Milwakuee Brewers:

  1. Jonathon Villar steals 70 bags
  2. Ryan Braun is traded to the Dodgers for Yasiel Puig

Cincinnati Reds:

  1. Joey Votto continues to amaze at the plate hitting over .330 over the year
  2. Jonathon Villar and Billy Hamilton have a tight and well coveraged race to leader in stolen bases, Billy Hamilton leads with 75

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