2017-18 NBA Over/Unders

Here we are, at the start of another glorious NBA season. This offseason was full of entertainment and some interesting moves, but it’s now time to see how everything shakes out on the court. I’m going to give you my predictions on where each team’s win total  will end up and whether you should bet the over or the under. I got the Over/Unders from, and I will go in alphabetical order.


Atlanta Hawks – 27.5 

Dennis Schroder is about the only thing that this team has, other than a fantastic coach in Budenholzer, but give me the UNDER. 24 wins for the Hawks.

Boston Celtics – 53.5 

Now this line doesn’t know that Gordon Hayward is out for most, if not all, of the season, but I do. They still have Kyrie and a bunch of young talent, so they will get wins, but Hayward is obviously a huge loss. So I’m gonna go UNDER with 49 wins.

Brooklyn Nets – 26.5 

This is an intriguing team and a good line, and I like the Lin-Russell back court (Russell is my sleeper pick for MIP), and some interesting role players around them. I’ll go OVER at 28 wins.

Charlotte Hornets – 42.5 

The Batum injury hurts, but I am a Kemba stan. I like Monk and MKG, and in a weak east that should be enough to get them over 500 and in the playoff. I’ll go slight OVER with 43 wins.

Chicago Bulls – 22.5 

There isn’t much to say here, just like there won’t be much to see with the Bulls on the court. UNDER, 18 wins.

Cleveland Cavaliers – 54.5 

Love LeBron, and I love the new-look Cavs. But this is the regular season and LeBron doesn’t care at all. UNDER, 51 wins.

Detroit Pistons – 38.5  

I like Drummond, hate Reggie Jackson. I like Avery Bradley, hate Tobias Harris. This team is infuriating. Barely OVER, 39 wins.

Indiana Pacers – 30.5  

I love Myles Turner and I’m glad they got something for PG in Oladipo and Sabonis, that being said, I think they tank. This is their last chance, with the NBA changing the lottery rules to curb tanking. UNDER, 26 wins.

Miami Heat – 42.5 

I like a lot of the young pieces, and in the struggling east I look for them to be like the 2nd half Heat of last year. OVER and in the playoffs with 44 wins.

Milwaukee Bucks – 46.5 

Giannis with another year under his belt. Middleton back and healthy (my pick for Comeback Player of the Year). I like this Bucks team a lot, and I could see them taking a leap. OVER, 48 wins.

New York Knicks – 30.5 

This Knicks team is trash. I feel awful for Kristaps. UNDER, 27 wins.

Orlando Magic – 30.5 

The Magic got Isaac in the draft, but this team has no spacing. They will not be fun to watch, but they won’t be the worst team in the world. UNDER, 30 wins.

Philadelphia 76ers – 40.5 

I’m going to take a risk here and so Joel Embiid plays 60 games. Ben Simmons comes out and shows us why he had all the hype coming out of LSU and getting picked number 1 overall. Ben Simmons wins ROY and the 76ers get into the playoffs. OVER, 44 wins.

Toronto Raptors – 47.5 

They’re a very similar team to what they had last year, but I think they take a small step back from their 51 wins from last year. I don’t like their backup PG situation with Corey Joseph gone. I will, however, still take the OVER at 48.

Washington Wizards – 48.5

I love this Wizards team. They won 49 games last year with Trey Burke as their backup PG and absolutely no shooting on the bench. They traded for solid backup Tim Frazier and signed shooter Jodie Meeks. I think this Wizards team takes a top 2 spot in the East. OVER, 51 wins.



Dallas Mavericks – 35.5

Rick Carlisle is one of the top coaches in the NBA. I love Dennis Smith Jr, and Dirk is one of my favorite players to watch. That being said, they play in the western conference, I don’t really like anyone else on their team and they will be bad. UNDER, 32 wins.

Denver Nuggets – 43.5

OVER. Over over over. This team is good. Gary Harris is a good 2 guard. Nikola Jokic is one of the top centers in the league. Paul Millsap is still a good player, and he helps then on D. This team makes the playoffs and wins 46 games.

Golden State Warriors – 67.5

This isn’t even fair at this point. And of course Jordan Bell, who they literally bought at the draft, looks like a stud. OVER, 74 wins.

Houston Rockets – 54.5

I like this team a lot, and I don’t think Chris Paul and James Harden will have any problems meshing. Both are great catch and shoot guys off the ball, so I don’t see the issue. OVER, 55 wins.

LA Clippers – 42.5

I think this Clippers team will be a lot of fun. I also think they have some guys with injury issues in Blake, Gallo, and Beverly, and they miss the playoffs. UNDER, 41 wins.

LA Lakers – 32.5

I’m not buying the Lonzo hype. He’s an incredible passer, but his shot is horrendous and he is just as bad on defense as IT. I think this line is too high. UNDER, 30 wins.

Memphis Grizzlies – 38.5

Conley is great. So is Marc Gasol. No one else on this team is, though. A lot would have to go right for them to get back to the playoffs, and I think Gasol is traded by the deadline. UNDER, 36 wins.

Minnesota Timberwolves – 46.5

LOVE this team but I don’t love them that much. I think they will be in the 5-7 seed range. UNDER, 45 wins.

New Orleans Pelicans – 40.5

Boogie is gone by the deadline. This team has no spacing and shooting, and I think they will be an absolute train wreck. They won’t, however, be bad enough to tank just because of AD. UNDER. 38 wins.

OKC Thunder – 52.5

I know this is a big if, but IF Melo can just be a catch and shoot guy instead of trying to take guys 1 on 1, this team will be great. I’ll go OVER at 54 wins just because of pure talent.

Phoenix Suns – 28.5

This team will be fun to watch, but they are still young and inexperienced. I also think Bledsoe gets traded at some point. UNDER, 27 wins.

Portland Trailblazers – 40.5

Give me Dame and CJ fighting for the 8 seed all day. OVER. 43 wins.

Sacramento Kings – 29

Love De’Aaron Fox. Like a lot of the other young guys on this team. Ill take the OVER, just barely, at 30 wins.

San Antonio Spurs – 53.5

Kawhi is injured, and there’s a chance it lingers. Tony Parker is likely out til the all-star break. They aren’t as deep as normal. If it were any other team, I would say they could miss the playoffs. They won’t, and they will be a top 5 seed. I will, however, go UNDER at 51 wins.

Utah Jazz – 38.5

This team has too many ifs to be great. IF Gobert takes a leap. IF Hood can step up and be a star. IF Donovon Mitchell can play big time NBA minute immediately. Slight UNDER, 38 wins.


Give me a shout on twitter and let me know what you think of my predictions. I love being told I’m wrong! @ChiCubsCoverage and @CalvinNBA.


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