2017 NBA Predictions

1. The Nuggets finish with at least 50 wins 

The nuggets will surprise people this year. Gary Harris shot 42 percent from three last year and Jokic is the best big-man passer in the NBA. I belive there offense will be at least top 10 in efficiency. And as long as their defense doesn’t finish rock bottom they’ll be fine and that shouldn’t happen with the addition of veteran forward Paul Millsap.Expect a breakout season from sharpshooter Jamal Murray.

2.The Spurs dynasty begins to decline

With Kawhi Leonard emergence you would think otherwise, but I don’t think they have the firepower to be the Spurs that were all used to. 

3.Devin Booker emerges as a future star

At only 20 years old Booker has provided the suns organization with hope. While most people probably have heard of him due to his 70 point game. This is the year I belive that Booker sets himself apart from a 20 ppg scorer to a elite player. Bledsoe is going to get traded and that will give Booker full reins of the organization.

4. The Bulls surprise people

This is not saying the bulls will make the playoffs or anything all I’m saying is they’ll do better than most people think. Lavine will really emerge this year. He averaged almost 20 points a game on the Timberwolves as a third option. Not to mention, their lottery pick Laurie Markannen has looked really good in the preseason especially against the reigning eastern conference champs. They will be completely committed to shooting the three this year and that means they’ll sneak a couple wins but also they’ll shoot themselves out of some games. Expect them to still continue their dominate run while only  playing only on TNT.

5. De’Aaron Fox wins ROTY 

Generally 95% of rookies don’t do well their first year. They turn the ball over a lot and make bad plays. Fultz isn’t even starting in the 76ers season opener. Fox will get so many easy transition buckets just based off his speed. Not to mention, he’s got some shooters on his team with George Hill and Buddy Hield. 

6.Lonzo Ball will be a first-year bust

I think Lonzo will average 8,5,5 this year and will get scrutinized every day for it. So far in the preseason he has struggled against more athletic defenders and it’ll take awhile for him to make a full transition. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t become a force next year

7. The Rockets make the western conference finals

With the addition of Chris Paul I expect the rockets offensive efficiency to go even higher than last year which is remarkable. Clint Capela will emerge as a better interior defender and with the addition of defensive stud PJ Tucker the rockets also have a chance to finish top 10 in defensive efficiency.That makes for a great formula for the rockets to make a special run this year.

8. The Thunder will have the best chance to take down the Warriors.

What were the Warriors tow biggest weaknesses two years ago in the conference finals? Offensive rebounding and transition buckets. The Warriors have two liabilities on defense in Stephen Curry and Zara Pachulia. Every player on the Thunder can play decent defense. If the Thunder shoot well and rebound they can win a series against the Warriors.


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  1. The rockets make the western conference finals yet the thunder have the best chance to take down the warriors? Uhh what?

    • If any team beats the warriors, it’s the Thunder that’s all I’m saying you can’t just assume that the Thunder will play them in the western conference finals lol

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