2018 Fantasy Football Rankings

Yes, this is definitely way too premature given we haven’t even finished the 2017 season but we’re going for it. These rankings will just be a top fifty and will be made mostly out of speculation given that it is impossible to accurately do this list right now but this is what we got at this point.

This list will be updated several times to stay up to date… Last update 1/8/18

Also, this will not include incoming rookies because its impossible to do so before they’re even drafted but I expect a player such as Barkley to challenge for a first-round pick in some leagues. With this, next years running back class is incredibly loaded with Barkley, Chubb, Guice, Penny, Royce, etc. Next years class is compariable, if not better than last years class.

This list will be just a top 50 list for next year and will be based on 0.5 PPR leagues so it can apply to both PPR and standard leagues, sort of…

Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, @prosportsfandom to comment on our ranks.


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