2018 NCAA Tournament Breakdown: Tristan Beckmann’s Scouting Report for Each Sweet 16 Team

It was an absolutely crazy weekend of college basketball in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Upsets happened, cinderella stories emerged, and some of the favorites were actually able to conquer like they were expected to. Yes, I’m looking straight at you, North Carolina, Cincinnati, Tennessee, and Virginia. But in all seriousness, literally almost everything happened that fans wanted to see, from buzzer-beaters to the same old top programs getting ran out of the building by new arrivals.

Now after this incredible weekend, basketball fans will have to live without the NCAA tournament for a few days. Bummer. But if you’re missing basketball that much, at least try watching the NIT, my Louisville Cardinals are still alive in that tournament. But we now know the teams that will be in the Sweet 16. I’m here to give you a scouting report for each team. The scouting report includes their best player, biggest x-factor, strengths, and weaknesses. If you feel like I missed anything drastic, feel free to let me know on my Twitter @TBeckmannPSF! I also will be releasing my Sweet 16 Game Previews & Predictions article in a few. Be sure to check that out! I hope you enjoy!

Table of Contents:

Page 2: South Region Scouting Reports

Page 3: West Region Scouting Reports

Page 4: East Region Scouting Reports

Page 5: Midwest Region Scouting Reports


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