3 NBA Players who will have Breakout Seasons

3 NBA Players who will have Breakout Seasons this Upcoming Season

By Twitter’s “NBA Polling Company”

Breakout seasons are characterized by a sudden significant improvement in a player’s efficiency, skill, or popularity. Players often have one when their star player decides to head elsewhere leaving them as the core of the team. These are 3 players that I think will definitely have breakout seasons in the upcoming 2017-2018 season:


  1. Myles Turner


Myles Turner is only going to be in his third NBA Season and he is already averaging 14.5 pts, 7.3 rbs, and 2.1 blks. Now their key player, Paul George, has left them leaving Turner as their first scoring option AND best defensive player. We already saw a huge improvement from Turner between his 1st and 2nd season so his 3rd season has to be even better. Not only will he become a better player, he will get a lot more popular. Indiana jerseys will only be saying Turner on the back from now on.

Predicted 2017-2018 Stats:

17.3 pts, 8.9 rbs, 2.4 blks (+2.8 pts, +1.6 rbs, +0.3 blks)


2. Dennis Schroder


Dennis Schroder is a young, improving point guard that is now on one of the worst teams in the NBA. His popularity might not rise outside of Atlanta, however, he will definitely become a new and improved player. His first season in the NBA he averaged only 3.7 pts but now is averaging 17.9 pts. That was also a 6pt increase from last season! Even if there were no changes to the Hawks, Schroder would still get better, but their franchise player Paul Millsap left to join Nikola Jokic in Denver.


Predicted 2017-2018 Stats:

22.6 pts, 7.7 asts, 4.4 rbs (+4.7 pts, +1.4 asts, +1.3 rbs)


3. Rodney Hood


The 24 year old, Rodney Hood, is now in his third NBA season looking to be better than ever. He averaged 12.7 pts, 1.6 asts, and 3.4 rbs in his past season. The Jazz has told him he will be their first scoring option after one of their key players Gordon Hayward left them with nothing in return. They have trust in Hood to become more efficient in his scoring and be able to create his own shot.


Predicted 2017-2018 Stats:

20.6 pts, 1.5 asts, 5.0 rbs (+7.3 pts, -0.1 asts, +1.6 rbs)



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