3 Undersold NFL Offseason Storylines: How is Hue Jackson Still The Coach Of The Cleveland Browns?

With about a month to go until training camp begins it’s worth taking a look at some of the most undersold storylines of the offseason thus far. Here are three you may have missed.

1. Nathan Peterman has a legitimate chance to start for the Bills: All word out of Buffalo is that Peterman, yes the guy who has the record for most interceptions thrown in a game for a rookie, has a good chance of beating AJ McCaaron for the starting role. It would make sense, he knows the offense the Bills run opposed to Josh Allen and McCaaron. Obviously it is hard to forget the awful performance Peterman put on in his rookie season but it is worth noting he was a late round rookie getting his first start against a great Chargers defense. Things can change, will they?


2. Hue Jackson is still, unbelievably, the coach of the Cleveland Browns: Honestly, I feel this has flown so far under the radar it isn’t even funny. This is a guy that has one win in two years, and it isn’t like he didn’t have a talented roster last year. The Browns could have easily won at least 3 games if not for obvious coaching errors. Browns fans who think he still deserves his job are absoloutely delusional. If he starts 0-4 he should be fired immediately. They have so much talent this year with a good coach the Browns should be a 6-7 win team anything less should signal an end to the tire fire that has been Hue Jacksons coaching career.

hue jackson
3. The story of the offseason for the Colts has been Andrew Luck but we should really pay attention to the other side of the ball, which is atrocious: The Colts defense is somewhat nonexistent, though they drafted well they need to hope those picks pay off now. Look at the defensive roster who is the star? Malik Hooker? The rest of the defense is made up of names that not even a die hard football fan would know. It’s a whose who of potential training camp cuts, it will be very interesting to see how the depth chart plays out defensively in Indy.

hooker malik


If you read this site regularly, you know I write football. It has been an incredibly long offseason but worry not gridiron lovers big things are coming. July 4th team previews starting and my top 130 fantasy players list. It’s been good to be on vacation but it’s time to get back to it, we are a week away from being a month away from the pre season. Let’s go!


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