5 Hot Takes and trade suggestions at the Deadline.

1. The Eagles are a lock for the NFC Conference game. The addition of Jay Ajayi makes this team one of the most dynamic offenses and puts all the pressure on Carson Wentz. The time to win in Philly is now and Howie Roseman has shown that with this trade.

2. The Niners will be in the NFC Conference game in the next 3 years. Hotter! The next 2 years. Jimmy Garoppolo will have half a year to learn the Kyle Shannahan offense at full game speed and perfect it during the offseason. The Niners will have a top 5 drafts pick this year and if they add weapons around him this team is a contender. If Jimmy G doesn’t look like someone Shannahan wants to keep around he doesn’t have to re-sign him after this season and can go after Kirk Cousins.

3. The Dolphins will deal Ryan Tannehill to the Jets at the deadline. For a second round pick most likely, it would make good sense give the Jets an option at QB that can compete with a QB they draft and give Miami an excuse to draft Adam Gases’ dream QB.

4. The Steelers trade Martavis Bryant to the Broncos for Trevor Siemian. The Broncos seem to be ready to toss Trev to the wind. Here is why this could work out. For the Broncos it gives them a much-needed weapon at wide receiver to give to Paxton Lynch or if they decide to grab a QB in the offseason. For the Steelers it gives them a Quality backup and someone they can groom to replace Ben. Having Josh Dobbs as your backup is a disaster waiting to happen if Ben goes down.

5. Patriots trade 1st rounder and a tackle to get Aquib Talib back from broncos.


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