6/3/17- The Biggest Day in Nashville Sports

The new car outside the Bridgestone Arena, home of the Nashville Predators, is decorated as their opponent in the Stanley Cup Final.  If you are new to this, you might be wondering why they would have that outside their arena.  The answer, it is their next Smashcar.  It is becoming tradition for Nashville Fans to decorate a car of their opponent to smash it, hoping it replicates what the team does to their opponent.

The music city will be having their largest party outside the game they have had.  The fans want this to become a series.  The fans at the Bridgestone Arena have been electrifying, and the Predators have fed off this energy from them, and look to continue that in these next two home games. There is a reason why this team is 7-1 at home in the postseason this year.

Will Nashville get swept 4-0? Will they split their home games and go 1-1? Or will they tie the series back at 2-2.  We will have to wait and see.  Star defense man P.K. Subban turned into Mark Messier, as he stated “We will win game 3”.  When the Rangers had played the Devils in 1994, Messier guaranteed a win heading into game 6, and he ended up scoring two goals and the game winner.  P.K. is a confident guy, and his team has no problem with his confidence level and will attempt to feed off of that heading into the next game.

Coach Peter Laviolette has not stated which goaltender would be playing in game 3.   He was asked two days in a row, and continues to keep it a mystery.  Let’s not fool ourselves though, we all know Pekka Rinne will be playing.  He is going to need to play the best hockey of his life, the hockey he was playing the whole post season, before the Stanley Cup Final, if he wants to get his team back in the series.





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