7/28 Roster Predictions by MLBTheShowTalk1

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Jacob Degrom 89-91

Jacob has a 3.30 ERA with a 12-3 record. Has 152 K’s in 133.2 innings pitched and 42 walks to 19 HR. The kid deserves the diamond.


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Ender Inciarte 84-86

Ender is batting .298 on the year with 8 HR. Batting .326 against left and .291 against the right. New Gold


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Miguel Cabrera 90-87

The King isn’t doing too well. .257 on the year with 12 HR. 1 HR against left and 11 against the right. .329 against lefties and .239 against the right. See downgrades in power and contact vs. right and power decrease against left.


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Charlie Blackmon 88-90

Chuck Nasty has been killing it. Batting .326 on the year with 24 HR. .333 against left and .320 against the right. 18 HR against right and 7 HR against left. See upgrades in all categories of hitting.

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Cody Bellinger 83-85

Cody has been straight killing it with 28 HR. Defineatly deserves a power upgrade so see the new gold soon.

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Manny Machado 92-89

Manny has been underwhelming this year. Batting .241 on the year with 18 HR and 79 SO to 39 BB. See downgrades in all hitting categories including vision.

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Roberto Osuna 88-92

Osuna has been great this year. 1.96 ERA with 26 SV in 30 SVO. Given up 2 HR and 9 BB 0n the year. See a brand new diamond.

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Dellin Betances 90-89

Dellin Betances is not doing too well this year. 2.83 ERA 29 BB in 35 IP is also given up 19 H. See the new diamond- gold.

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Aroldis Chapman 92-90

Chapman has been underwhelming this year. 3.38 ERA with 12 BB and 26 H in 26 IP. See the downgrades in h/9 and bb/9 and clutch.

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Brad Brach 84-86

Brad has been great this year. 2.70 ERA with 28 H, 13 BB, and 46 SO in 43.1 IP. New gold.


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