99 Ryne Sandberg Player Review

To kick off this player review series I will be reviewing the 99 Ryne Sandberg you get from completing his all star program. His program was a grind but can be done by any diamond dynasty player. To complete this program you will need to exchange live series second basemen and collect 20 all star series players while accumulating various stats.   Completing his program will take time and patience but I found it rewarding. With that being said lets get right into it with his attributes listed below.



At first glance his card is a bit underwhelming for being a 99 overall. Lets be honest we would all want a player that is balanced and can hit both sides well. His overall felt slightly inflated due to him being a second baseman.


When I first plugged him into my lineup Sandberg I didn’t know what to expect. He started smashing the ball against righties which was expected. Once I got used to his swing I was hitting nice line drives with him all over the field. Against lefties he played slightly better than expected due to his high vision. With 87 vision I felt it was easy to square up a ball against lefties and for him to get hits. He does not kill the ball against lefties but he is not a complete liability against them. I do not suggest bunting with him as you don’t quite finish his program for him to bunt.


When playing with him I found that with his combination of speed and fielding he fields very well. There are very few balls he is unable to field due to his speed. With his reaction, fielding, and speed he plays very nicely on the right side of the infield. His arm strength and power is solid for a second baseman and you shouldn’t worry too much about it. Like his bunting he is not someone you steal bases with his speed, however his speed is more than enough to get doubles and maybe even squeak an occasional triple in the right circumstance.


I suggest doing his program not only for a solid second baseman but also 15% in the dynasty program. 15% in the dynasty program could virtually help everyone. You should find doing the Sandberg program worth the effort. You could platoon him but I did not find it necessary. When comparing him to other top second baseman and considering cost I found that the program for this card is rewarding.



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