A Casual NBA fan asks questions about Fridays late games.

I will start by saying I’m no NBA expert. Hint the title I’m the casual NBA fan and I can name 50 percent of the starting five in the league. So here are five things I want to see in Fridays late games.

1. Does Kawhi play? If Kawhi plays how well can he play? Burning questions but it should be a pretty routine win for the Spurs over the floundering Bulls who are apparently holding fight club and breaking the first rule of fight club.

2. Uh oh Chris Paul might be out for a while James Harden do your thing. Does the perennial MVP candidate have his NBA playing shoes on? The answer is probably he’s averaging 27 points a game over 2 games so safe to say Hardens great.

James Harden
3. Who wins Bucks Blazers? ESPN has the Bucks favored by four but Dame game is lighting it up right now so who knows. I think I probably lean more towards Giannis who by the way is super fun to watch. MVP front runner two games in.

4. The Warriors will bounce back but by how much. I’m going to say about 30. I think number 30 has a big night in general Steph Curry gives us a classic Steph Curry performance. Suddenly I don’t mind the Warriors super team so much because the rest of the west is packed with super teams and they lost at home. So who knows maybe they come back down to earth but I want to see a classic MVP year Steph performance.

draymond green
5. Can the Suns bounce back? Let’s hope so I don’t need to see a blowout every time they play I want to see Josh Jackson go off and have a big night. On the other side Blake Griffin is playing like angry Russell Westbrook I guess being the only super star on a team will do that to a guy.


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