A Short List Of Winners And Losers From The RG3 Signing.

The Rg3 signing with the Ravens may seem like a small move with minor consequence but it can tell us a lot about what’s next in the QB market and the draft. So lets talk some winners and losers.

Winner: Second round guys that could be taken in the first round by the Ravens at QB. Listen Rg3 is not an answer, that is obvious. He is a fragile band aid back up to an aging and declining Joe Flacco. Mason Rudolph, Luke Faulk, and Kurk Benkert could all be likely candidates to go in the first round with Buffalo, Miami, and Baltimore clearly now in the hunt for QB’s.

Loser: Collin Kaepernick. I have never once believed that Kaepernick was being colluded against, discriminated? Absolutely. However this doesn’t help the NFL’s case as Kaepernick was tried out with the Ravens this offseason.

Loser: John Harbaugh. This move signals the move for a new QB and if that doesn’t work out a new coach. It is clear that the seat in Baltimore is very hot after several years of mediocrity from one of the former titans of the AFC.

Loser: The Dolphins and Bills. Now they have real completion with the Ravens to grab a QB.


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