Advantage: Pitchers Event – Best and Budget Players At Every Position- Build the best squad for cheap.

The newest event in The Show 17 will be called Advantage: Pitchers. The event will run from July 27th to August 7th.

The event allows for all players, from “Common” all the way up to “Diamond,” however, the maximum overall for a team is an 85 OVR rating.

This Event requires hitters with a Vision attribute of 50 or below. In addition, the minimum overall for any player is 60 OVR. The 60 OVR minimum is to keep players from using 59 OVRs and below to make their overall team rating go down.

The games through the Advantage: Pitchers event will be 6 innings each. This is disappointed to those working 40+ hours a week will most likely not be able to obtain 40 cumulative rewards.

The 3, 6, 9, and 12 win rewards are as follows:

  • 12 WINS PER ENTRY: Hardware Flashback Ryan Braun (Diamond, 92 OVR 3B)
  • 9 WINS PER ENTRY: Rookie Legend Roy Oswalt (Gold, 89 OVR Starting Pitcher)
  • 6 WINS PER ENTRY: Guaranteed Silver Live Series Player
  • 3 WINS PER ENTRY: Guaranteed Bronze Live Series Player

The 5, 10, 25, and 40 cumulative win rewards are as follows:

  • 40 WINS CUMULATIVE: Hardware Flashback Jake Arrieta (Diamond, 99 OVR Starting Pitcher)
  • 25 WINS CUMULATIVE: Impact Veteran Legend Eddie Murray (Diamond, 93 OVR 1B)
  • 10 WINS CUMULATIVE: Guaranteed Gold Live Series Player
  • 5 WINS CUMULATIVE: Guaranteed Silver Live Series Player

I will give tips on what, in my opinion, is the best line up to have for this event. I’ll include two different picks, including one being the best option and the second being a budget option.

Note: I kept this list limited to players who could be purchased from the market outright without the having to do missions and so on. That is why players such as 97 OVR Matt Kemp will not be included in this list. 

Pitching: Use your best possible starter and reliever, then adjust your lineup accordingly to fit the 85 OVR maximum.

Catcher – Best: Breakout 95 OVR Jorge Posada

~Budget: 87 OVR Gary Sanchez

First Base – Best: Hardware 94 OVR Ryan Howard

~Budget: 85 OVR Wil Myers

Second Base – Best: 82 OVR Jedd Gyorko

~Budget: 81 OVR  Javier Baez

Third Base – Best: 92 OVR Kris Bryant

~Budget: 85 OVR Miguel Sano

~Third: 82 OVR Jake Lamb

Short Stop – Best: All Star 83 OVR Addison Russell

~Budget: 79 OVR Johnathan Villar

Left Field – Best: Impact Veteran 87 OVR Justin Upton

~Budget: 83 OVR Micheal Conforto

Center Field – Best: 88 OVR George Springer

~Budget: 82 OVR Jackie Bradley Jr

Right Field – Best: 88 OVR Giancarlo Stanton

~Budget: 87 OVR Aaron Judge


As I said before, make sure that your pitching rotation and bullpen is solid, then begin making decisions about whether to take the best or budget player to balance out your team. The players on your bench can vary however you’d prefer, but I would add one or two Commons to bring your rating down a little bit. I hope that this list has helped with building your team for this upcoming new event.

Written by Brad Williams


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