AFC North Free Agency Primer. What To Do With The Browns.

Pittsburgh: Goal number one, keep Lev Bell. If that doesn’t happen, draft a running back or go to James Conner who showed some really good stuff on tape this year. Find a new linebacker, Shazier may never play football again and if he does he may never be the same player. Without him this defense collapsed down the stretch. You need to find a new leader on that side of the ball.


Baltimore: Harbaugh has to be on the hot seat now. After the success this team has had in past years the recent struggles are all to real. You need to find a successor for Joe Flacco. You need to get some wide receivers, you have a great back in Alex Collins you have a good defense find a backup QB who can transition into a starter and some threats for Flacco down field.


Cincinnati: If the Browns weren’t in this division, this team would be the dumpster fire. You can suggest whatever moves you want for the Bengals the fact is they won’t make them. Marvin Lewis is holding this team hostage. What you need to do to improve is fire him.

Cleveland: Well every season is a big offseason. So go get a QB, that’s all you need. Find a QB, go from there. I truly believe that this is what the Browns need to do. You can’t add pieces until you have THE piece. You have the number one and four pick, use them!


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