AFC South Free Agency Primer: The Colts Are A Shoulder, and A Few Defensive Pieces Away From A Playoff Spot.


AFC South




Colts: Listen this team got screwed by Josh McDaniel’s. It was not their fault, this was all on McDaniel’s. Chris Ballard handled it perfectly. So in comes Frank Reich with major questions looming around Andrew Luck. For as much fuss goes into the Colts offensive line it is a young group that will get better with time. There is enough talent there right now to focus on the true struggle for the Colts, defense. This team could have easily gone 8-8 if it were not for blown fourth quarter leads. People try to sweep Indy into the category of a dumpster fire. That is simply un true, go back and look, this team competed in every game it played this year. What they need is a line backer, a corner back, and a pass rusher. 




Texans: Look the Houston Texans got screwed this year. The teams franchise rookie tore his ACL. It is easy to forget how good Deshaun Watson was. Let me remind you this was a rookie QB who almost pulled the upset in Foxboro and provided the best QB game of the year in Seattle before tearing his ACL. Add that with getting JJ Watt back and this team is in excellent position for next year. Grabbing another receiving threat wouldn’t hurt as Will Fuller disappeared from the offense after the Watson injury.




Jaguars: Nathaniel Hackett turned Blake Bortles into a mid tier QB this year. It looks as if the team is sticking with Bortles so keeping the pieces around him and the dominant defense they had this year will be crucial. Bortles will get his number one target in Allen Robinson back though so if the Jags can grab another quality defensive depth piece I see no reason why they shouldn’t be expected to make the playoffs again next year.




Titans: Tennessee has talent. The key at this point is coaching. Can Mike Vrable turn around Marcus Mariota. On offense finding a new slot receiver may be key if the Titans can’t keep Eric Decker. I honestly believe letting Decker go is the right move. He didn’t look right this year and I think he fits better in a more established offensive system. On the defensive side of the ball in an extremely weak defensive free agency class adding a corner wouldn’t hurt.



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