AFC South Preview

The AFC South is a division full of question marks. Can Marcus Mariota take the next step? Can Blake Bortles lead a Super Bowl-ready roster to the promise land? Will Andrew Luck be himself, and will that be enough to overcome a literally non-existent defense? Can the Texans reach the conference playoffs or are there flaws to fatal to overcome? We will try to answer some of those questions in this preview starting with this one, who is the divisions best offense?

Best Offense
Tennesee Titans. Yes, this isn’t the trendy pick, that would be the Texans, but the Titans are overall the most balanced offense in the division. Though Marcus Mariota hasn’t quite taken the next step in his career, yet he is still a quality QB. A game manager with the ability to make plays with his legs and occasionally dazzle with the deep ball. Then you pair that with Derrick Henry who is poised for his breakout season, finally, as the number one back in Tennesee. Behind one of the best offensive lines and paired with Dion Lewis the Titans have one of the most interesting run games in the entire league. The receiving core is full of raw, unproven, talent in Corey Davis, Tajae Sharpe, Richard Matthews, and Taywan Taylor. Pair that with a pro bowl tight end in Delaine Walker and you have one of the most balanced offenses in the league with good talent at basically every position.



Best Defense
Jacksonville Jaguars. I feel this doesn’t need much explanation. No weakness, deepest defensive line in the league the best two corners. You can’t do better than Jacksonville. This defense rivals what we saw from the Broncos from 2015-2016. A team that could truly win a Super Bowl on defense alone.



Break out star
Corey Davis. Davis is going to be the number one guy for Mariota this year. He’s ready to make the jump and has incredible speed, size, and athleticism. He’s a fantasy sleeper that is ready to burst on to the scene as one of the leagues best young wideouts. Mariota will find his favorite receiver this year.

Hottest seat
Blake Bortles. I am a huge Blake Bortles defender but I can acknowledge that he may be holding them back from being one of the greatest teams of all time. If he can’t perform at a high level again this year the Jaguars might look in another direction for QB.
Hot Take
The Texans have a top ten draft pick next year. Listen this team has no offensive line and a QB coming off an ACL injury, that isn’t a good combination. Then you have an injury-prone defense and things could go very sour very quickly for this team.



Record Predictions
Jaguars 11-5
Texans 9-7
Titans 8-8
Colts 6-10
The Jaguars in my mind are the no doubt winners of this division again. The Texans are an up and down team throughout the season but ultimately end up with a winning record and the Titans finish at 500. The Colts could be back in the playoffs but for that to happen Andrew Luck will need an MVP season to carry a nonexistent defense. I am just not sure he is ready for that with his shoulder the way it is.


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