AFC West Draft Recap: Broncos Bet On Keenum and Raiders Flop.

AFC West

Denver Broncos
Broncos fans can see this draft in one of two ways. Either your ecstatic that Elway bet on Case Keenum and added a lot of win now pieces to the team or you could be a bit more negative and note if Keenum flops the Broncos have legitimately no other option at QB. Bradley Chubb was the best defensive player in the back and adding him and CB Isaac Yaidom re ups the Broncos defense to one of the better units in the AFC. Courtland Sutton is an immediate impact guy who can look to take over the Demaryius Thomas role. The success of this draft is based on one player though. Case Keenum, if Keenum flops Elway will be remembered for Passing on the best pure passer in the draft, Josh Rosen, if Keenum re captures lightning in a bottle the Broncos are a playoff team.
Best Pick: Bradley Cubb
Worst Pick: Not taking an offensive lineman until the sixth round.
Favorite pick: Courtland Sutton
Sleeper: Royce Freeman
Grade: A-



Oakland Raiders
The Raiders draft was a head scratcher. This team traded down for what most universally agree was a losing trade for them. Then they don’t take a corner until the fourth round and basically ignore the secondary, there biggest position of need and take an OT who some considered a third rounder at best in the first round in Kolton Miller. Maurice Hurst was by far there best pick and he has a heart problem this was not a good draft for the Raiders nor has it been a very good offseason.
Best Pick: Maurice Hurst
Worst Pick: Kolton Miller
Favorite pick: None
Sleeper: P.J Miller
Grade: D



San Diego Chargers
The Chargers looked at the model of the Eagles and really doubled down. Build an impeccable defense and let your top 15 QB carry you on offense. The fact Derwin James fell to this team is absoloutely insane and so they grabbed the best hybrid safety in the draft. James could also play linebacker filling the biggest hole on the roster. Not to mention the tremendous depth in the pass rush they now have with Uchenna Nwosu and Justin Jones. The only thing that keeps this team from an A+ is the fact they ignored their offensive line a major need.
Best Pick: Derwin James
Worst Pick: None
Favorite pick: Derwin James
Sleeper: Uchenna Nwosu
Grade: A-



Kansas City Chiefs
While the Chiefs draft class will add there QB of the future Patrick Mahomes they did not have a first rounder this year. So with their second rounder they grabbed Breeland Speaks one of Ole Misses best defensive players last year. Then focused on upping their defense taking only one offensive player in guard Reginald Mckenzie in round 6.
Best Pick: Breeland Speaks
Worst Pick: None
Favorite pick: Breeland Speaks
Sleeper: Dorian Odaniel
Grade: B



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