AFC West Free Agency Primer: The Chase For Kirk Cousins, Improving Bad Defenses In A Weak Free Agency Class And Can The Chargers Find A Kicker?

Chiefs: The Chiefs are all in on Patrick Mahomes. They need running back Kareem Hunt to stay out of trouble this offseason so Mahomes has a reliable back. Oops he’s already being investigated for a domestic violence charge. The Chiefs after letting Derrick Johnson walk now need a line backer. In a free agency class weak on the defensive side they will have to look for that through the draft. The chiefs could also use another quality corner back along side Marcus Peters.


Broncos: Denver is all in on the QB. They will heavily pursue any QB that hits the open market, but the preferred signal caller of one Jon Elway is Kirk Cousins. I would be shocked if the Broncos took a QB at five at this point, Elway knows he can’t scout college QB’s. Instead the Broncos should focus on the O line with there first pick and take a QB in the second round. If Saqon Barkley were ever to fall to Denver Elway would take him, CJ Anderson has stated in several interviews he may want out. The Key is the QB though for this Denver team.


Chargers: The Chargers need one thing this offseason, a kicker. If they make there kicks then they get two more wins and they are a playoff team. However they went and signed Robby Aguayo. WHY, JUST WHY? LIKE HONESTLY YOU KNOW THIS IS YOUR ONE BIGGEST NEED WHY DO YOU SIGN ONE OF THE WORST KICKERS IN RECENT HISTORY? As someone who thinks the NFL is better when the Chargers are better that move makes me extremely frustrated.


Raiders: Jon Gruden must improve the defense with a bad defensive free agency class. So I don’t see that improving. What can be improved is Amari Cooper, they need to work with him to get back to full strength and peak Cooper. They also need to make sure they keep their pieces on the O line and find a running back. Marshawn Lynch is good but if your going to split the workload you need a good secondary back. Dion Lewis or Jeremy Hill would be a good fit.


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