All NFL Under 25 Team: Headlined by Carr and Beckham Bell just misses cut

Earlier today on this site my colleague Andrew Giovanniello made his picks for an NFL all time roster, the link is here: It is really well written and id encourage everyone to go check it out. It got me thinking though, making teams with the GOATS is easy what if you had to assemble a roster of rising stars? So I have set out to create an all under 25 NFL roster. The rules are simple if you’re 25 or younger and play in the NFL you have a shot too get on this roster. Without further ado.
QB: Derek Carr Others in consideration: Jamies Winston Dak Prescott Marcus Mariota.
The case for Carr here is easy. Without him the Raiders devolved to nothing last year. I find it close to cheating though as Carr is 25 and will turn 26 during the season, so if I had to pick another from the three outlined above I think it would have to be Winston. He makes extremely good decisions and has the strongest arm of the three and what he lack in speed compared to Mariota he makes up for in accuracy down the field although to his credit Mariota greatly improved his deep throwing at the end of last season.
RB: David Johnson Others in consideration Ezekiel Elliot Devonta Freeman Melvin Gordon Todd Gurley Leveon Bell
I am a huge David Johnson fan. I think he is one of the most underrated top running backs in the league. He has the vision of Lev Bell the speed of Zeke Elliot and the power of a prime Marshawn Lynch. That plus his incredible receiving ability makes him the best under 25 running back threat there is.
RB2: Zeke Elliot
Right behind Johnson is Elliot who despite off field issues is undoubtedly the face of running backs in the NFL right now. His vision speed and ability to find the hole and make guys miss is magical to watch. He falls to the two spot because Johnson is a better receiving back. Also the fact Elliot gets to run behind the best line in the league and Johnson dominates behind a mid-tier line in Arizona.
WR: Odell Beckham Junior Others in consideration: I mean come on who under 25 is a better number one receiver than Beckham?
Its really no contest here Beckham is one of the top 3 receiver’s in the league. Though most like to highlight his highlight reel what makes Beckham great is his fundamentals. Beckhams ability to turn a slant route into a touchdown is impeccable. His ability to change angles and mix speeds once he gets the ball in his hands makes him like a running back after the catch. That is a skill only Beckham possesses.
WR2: Mike Evans Others in consideration: Amari Cooper Allen Hurns
Evans had a break out year in 2016 he has the explosive off the line speed of Antonio Brown and the physicality of Jordy Nelson and Dez Bryant. The Bryant comparison is probably the best one Evans is a major threat.
TE: Tyler Eifert
Tight end is a tough position to rank especially because minus Gronk and Martellus Bennett and maybe Jimmy Graham not a whole lot of difference making tight ends exist right now and certainly not a whole lot of them are under 25. Shhhh Eifert is 26 but the next best tight end on the list would have been OJ Howard and he hasn’t even played an NFL snap yet. Eifert before his injury was one of the most prominent skill players on the Bengals and when he returned last year he was one of the bright spots on a boring offensive roster.
O line: I won’t lie to you I am not an offensive line expert so just chose an offensive line lets say the Raiders to put this team behind.
Defensive Core
DT: Leonard Williams
DE: Joey Bosa
Bosa is comparable to JJ Watt. The future is bright at DE in LA.
LB: Jadaveon Clowney
Coming off a disappointing rookie and Sophmore campaign last year Clowney showed why he was the first overall pick. He looks like a faster stronger bigger Von Miller and that’s scary to think about. Look what he did to the Raiders one of the best lines in the league single handedly in the playoffs last year. Clowney is a game wrecker.
LB: Shane Ray
CB: Marcus Peters
Ever since coming into the league Peters has become an interception machine. He may not be a lock down corner but he makes gambles and they pay off he was second in the league in interceptions last year with 6.
CB: Jalen Ramsey
S: Tyrann Mathieu


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