All-Star Summer Moonshot Event Lineup Tips

The sixth Diamond Dynasty event in MLB the show comes out today at 3 p.m. ET and closes Monday, July 10th at 3 p.m. ET.  This is going to be an interesting event to say the least.  The event calls for a team of power hitters and Common pitchers.  The hitters must have one power attribute of 70 or more and can be any tier player (Common, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond).  Only Common pitchers are able to enter this event so choose wisely.  The overall limit for your team is 80.  Here is how I’m going to set up my lineup. Note: I have not put money into this game so these are all players that I gained organically either through missions or random pulls.

Starting Pitchers:

  1. Brandon Finnegan L 69 OVR
  2. Amir Garrett L 68 OVR
  3. Robert Stephenson R 65 OVR
  4. Eddie Gamboa R 63 OVR
  5. Yohander Mendez 58 OVR

All these pitchers have good H/9, K/9 and velocity with the exception of Gamboa who is a knuckleball pitcher.  It will be good to have a mix of lefty and righty pitchers.  You’ll be able to throw off opponents lineups with the mix even though most Common pitchers won’t do well against the onslaught of hitters.


  1. Christian Bethancourt R 33 OVR
  2. Tony Cigrani L 67 OVR
  3. Enrique Burgos R 69 OVR
  4. Vidal Nuno L 69 OVR
  5. Jake Petricka R 68 OVR
  6. Ryan Tepera R 61 OVR
  7. Enny Romero L 65 OVR

Christian Bethancourt is the key to this team.  His 33 overall will help bring down the team’s overall substantially so you can add better players.  He is also a good pinch hitter if you run out of position players to use.  I chose most of these guys because their base velocities are over 80 which means they will sit around 95-97 give or take (with the exception of Bethancourt, Cingrani and Nuno).  Most of these guys also have good H/9 which will reduce the PCI.  The hitters are going to have a big PCI since they are going to be higher overalls so every little bit helps.


  1. Ian Kinsler R 97 OVR 2B
  2. Reggie Jackson L 94 OVR LF
  3. Victor Martinez S 94 OVR C
  4. Shawn Green L 92 RF
  5. Orlando Cepeda R 94 OVR 1B
  6. Charlie Blackmon L 88 OVR CF
  7. Evan Longoria R 96 OVR 3B
  8. Buddy Bell R 93 OVR SS
  9. Pitcher

Now comes the fun part.  You get to build a lineup of pure power hitters who are going to rake against Common pitching.  This is probably the best lineup that I can build with my squad and there are endless possibilities.  The best thing to do is alternate between L and R hitters who still have good contact/power against the same side pitcher but who have higher contact/power against opposite handed pitchers.  Most of these players are pretty good defenders as well with the exception of Martinez behind the plate which could lead to some downfalls on the base path.


  1. Freddie Freeman L 92 OVR 1B
  2. Yasmani Grandal S 85 OVR C
  3. Josh Donaldson 3B 94 OVR 3B
  4. Carlos Correa SS 91 OVR SS
  5. Andrew McCutchen 95 OVR CF

The bench is going to play a key role in your success.  The biggest thing is to have players that mash against a certain side but can also be put in for defense.  I try to do opposite batting handess to a starting player so that I can input the person on the bench if need be.  Most of these players will do fine whether I need to start them or bring them in to play.

Note: All these overalls are based on the player’s actual overall and not the inside edge for that day.

I hope this helps you guys out!



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