All-Star Summer Showdown II Tips/Players

The final All-Star event is set to open today (July 11th) at 2 p.m. ET and is closing on Monday, July 17th at 2 p.m. ET.  This is much like the first All-Star event but the tables are turned.  This time you have to assemble a team of only National League pitchers and American League hitters.  This event will only allow Common, Bronze, Silver and Gold players.  Also, the team overall can only be 78.  The games are only 3-innings so Common SP’s are big for this event.

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There are some pretty good rewards with this event.  25-wins will give you a 91 overall Jordan Zimmermann while 40 will net you a 96 overall Jacoby Ellsbury.  A 9-win streak will get you a 85 Overall Asdrubal Cabrera and a 12-win streak will give you a 91 overall Jonathon Broxton.



Here are some guys that I would use in this event:
Starting Pitchers

John Gant RHP 60 OVR

Jake Thompson RHP 59 OVR

Miguel Diaz RHP 58 OVR

German Marquez RHP 57 OVR

Rob Zastryzny LHP 56 OVR

Cody Reed LHP 54 OVR

Luke Weaver RHP 54 OVR

Relief Pitchers

Billy Wagner LHP 88 OVR

Jason Grilli RHP 87 OVR

Jonathon Papelbon RHP 87 OVR

Tyler Clippard RHP 87 OVR

Raisel Iglesias RHP 85 OVR

Jerry Blevins LHP 84 OVR

Hunter Strickland RHP 83 OVR

Carter Capps RHP 83 OVR

Felipe Rivero LHP 82 OVR

Pedro Strop RHP 81 OVR


Mike Zunino 87 OVR

Yan Gomes 87 OVR

Gary Sanchez 87 OVR

Salvador Perez 85 OVR

Jason Castro 86 OVR

Jonathon Lucroy 85 OVR

Kurt Suzuki 84 OVR


Kendrys Morales 88 OVR

Steve Pearce 88 OVR

George Brett 88 OVR

Wil Myers 85 OVR

Paul Konerko 84 OVR

Brandon Belt 84 OVR

Yonder Alonso 83 OVR

Eric Hosmer 83 OVR


Ian Kinsler 89 OVR

Devon Travis 88 OVR

Brian Dozier 87 OVR

Alexei Ramirez 86 OVR

Howie Kendrick 86 OVR

Jason Kipnis 85 OVR

Logan Forsythe 83 OVR


Carlos Correa 89 OVR

Jean Segura 85 OVR

Xander Bogaerts 85 OVR

Elvis Andrus 84 OVR

Troy Tulowitzki 83 OVR

Didi Gregorius 82 OVR

Jhonny Peralta 81 OVR


Adrian Beltre 89 OVR

David Wright 88 OVR

Harmon Killebrew 87 OVR

Evan Longoria 87 OVR

Kyle Seager 86 OVR

Jose Ramirez 86 OVR

Miguel Sano 85 OVR

Mike Moustakas 84 OVR


Jim Rice 87 OVR

Michael Brantley 86 OVR

Corey Dickerson 85 OVR

Andrew Benintendi 83 OVR

Justin Upton 82 OVR

Kris Davis 81 OVR

Ted Williams 80 OVR


George Springer 86 OVR

Aaron Hicks 84 OVR

Kevin Pillar 84 OVR

Adam Jones 82 OVR

Jackie Bradley Jr.82 OVR


Joe Carter 89 OVR

Nelson Cruz 88 OVR

Aaron Judge 87 OVR

JD Martinez 86 OVR

Mark Trumbo 81 OVR

Avisail Garcia 80 OVR

Jose Bautista 80 OVR

Note: The pitchers either have great H/9 or K/9 and high velocities. The position players are based off their hitting stats. All of these are based off of the player’s original overalls.

Hopefully this helps building your squad!


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