People need to stop hating on Lonzo Ball for no reason.

I went to the Lakers vs. Hornets game last night to see my boy Lonzo play, and all I have to say is that I’m triggered. The starting lineups get announced and as soon as Lonzo’s name gets called, all I hear is boos. IN CHARLOTTE. Like, what did this kid do to you? Did he murder your family? No. Did he steal your girlfriend? Probably. Seriously though, what did this kid do to deserve this? If you have a personal reason to hate him then go right ahead. If he bullied you in high school or actually stole your girlfriend then maybe you shouldn’t have been such a dweeb.

No one has a legitimate reason to hate the kid though. The most popular excuse is his dad being the way he is. Let’s get something straight, LaVar is a genius. Sure he can be annoying sometimes, but the guy is a marketing god. If you hate Lonzo because of LaVar, why? Lonzo never said himself that he was better than Steph Curry. Lonzo never said that he’ll be the greatest Laker of all time. Lonzo never said he was going to carry the Lakers to the playoffs. It was his dad. Lonzo is always humble when being approached with questions about his dad, or what his dad said. He never agreed with him. He just said those are his goals. So if you hate Lonzo because of LaVar, you’re an idiot. Hate LaVar, not him.

I’m not even a Lakers fan and I’m still triggered. We obviously all have that one player we hate. As a Bulls fan, I’m a certified LeBron hater. CERTIFIED. I have a certificate and everything if you want proof. It’s usually for a good reason though. LeBron owns the Bulls. There’s my reason. Maybe you’re scared Lonzo is going to own your team in the future, or that LaVar is going to be president of the United States. If you hate Lonzo, you aren’t a big baller, you’re just a nerd.

For real though, my closing statement is that Lonzo seems like a great kid with nothing cocky about him. He’s never done anything to hurt you or your family. Just stop being a big baby, and start being a big baller.

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Could The Kyrie Irving/Isaiah Thomas trade fall through? 

Minutes ago news broke that the huge trade with Irving and Thomas may not happen. 

These are two tweets that just came out saying that the injury Thomas had could cancel the trade. 

If this was to happen Thomas would go back to Boston and Kyrie would go back to Cleveland. Stay with us as we will update the situation when we receive news. 


1N2W’s NFL Preseason Power Rankings


 Only 18 days until the NFL season kicks off. With all the preseason injuries, suspensions, and expected starters, now is a great time to see where your teams lines up. Will the Patriots add to their dynasty? Will the Bears be as bad as everyone expects? Let’s go and see.

1N2W MLB power rankings

Right now is the best time of the season, teams are trying to make their playoff push so we are going to make our own MLB power rankings. These rankings were made by @1N2W_.

We hope you enjoy your read!


Number 1: Dodgers 84-34

Image result for dodgers

These Dodgers are easily the best team in baseball, and they don’t even have their best pitcher out there in Clayton Kershaw.


Number 2: Astros 73-46

Image result for astros

The Astros have been the other team in the MLB who seems that they have what it takes to win the World Series. I think the Astros will finish the season hot even though they have been struggling.


Number 3: Red Sox 68-51

Image result for red sox

This might be a huge surprise to some people, but this team can play. They are 8-2 in their last ten and I think they will take their division.


Number 4: Nationals 71-47

Image result for nationals

The only reason I dropped the Nationals a few spots from other sites is Harper’s injury. I don’t think that this will kill them, but it does hurt a lot.


Number 5: Diamondbacks 66-53

Image result for diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks have had an amazing year so far this year, and with their hot lineup, I see them finishing the year with the first wild card spot.


Number 6: Rockies 66-53

Image result for rockies

The Rockies are the other team in the NL that has played really well, and I also see them holding onto a wild card spot.


Number 7: Indians 65-52

Image result for indians

The defending World Series runner up is looking for another spot in the World Series. The Indians are 6 games up in the AL Central.


Number 8: Cubs 62-56

Image result for cubs

The Cubs have been playing very weird baseball lately, but their pitching has been much better.


Number 9: Yankees 63-55

Image result for yankees

The Yankees have not been playing bad lately, but Judge has. With Chapman and Judge struggling I moved them down a few spots.


Number 10: Mariners 60-61

Image result for mariners

This was a tough pick for me because the Mariners have been struggling. I do believe they have what it takes to turn it on and grab a wildcard spot.


Number 11: Cardinals 61-58

Image result for cardinals

The Cards have won 8 out of their last ten, and they have been playing better since that cat ran on the field. Do they have what it takes to win the NL Central?


Number 12: Brewers 63-59 

Image result for brewers

I honestly do not know what is up with the Brewers. This team has been up and down the past few weeks.


Number 13: Twins: 59-58

Image result for twins baseball

This is where the rankings get really tight, the Twins have been playing well lately and I think they have a chance at the wild card spot.


Number 14: Angels: 62-59

Image result for angels baseball

The Angels are another team who has been playing well. They have won seven out of their last ten and they look like they could grab a wild card spot also.


Number 15: Royals 60-59

Image result for royals

The Royals have been struggling a little bit in their last ten, but they are only 6.0 games back of first in the AL Central.

This was written by @1N2W_

The Cub Awards

We are nearing the end of the season, so we are going to give you the top eight Cub awards.

Most Underrated: Brian Duensing

This was a toss up between him and Jay, but Duensing has had an amazing year and he is not getting the credit he deserves.

Most Overrated: Jason Heyward

Yes he is playing better, but his stats are still not very good.

Most hated by Cubs fans: Kyle Schwarber

No matter what this man does everyone gets really mad at him.

Best player: Willson Contreras

This was also a tough one, but with his recent surge I had to put him at the top.

Best Defender; Jason Heyward

I know I said he is overrated, but he can still play amazing defense

Biggest surprise: Jon Jay

Who actually thought Jon Jay would put together a incredible year like this?

Best Bullpen arm: Wade Davis

Wade Davis has been a freak in save opportunities this year

Best Starter: Lester

This one was really tough with Arrieta coming on. Hendricks has not pitched enough this year to be on the list.






Kris Bryant is still injured, could a DL trip be coming in the future?

One thing we have noticed lately is that Kris Bryant has not been hitting for power. Well now we might know why.

After last nights game, Kris Bryant was talking about his left pinkie which he hurt in the White Sox series. He said that “It’s brutal every day. It swells up. Actually kind of annoying to go in the training room every day to do all this work just to feel good. But sometimes you have to go through that.” (Took this quote from @MDGonzales on twitter).

Could this mean a possible DL stint for Bryant? With Willson Contreras going down for 4-6 weeks I’m sure Joe wants to keep him in the lineup, but it could hurt in the long run. If Kris is not 100% healthy he could easily make it a lot worse, and with our luck it would get worse right before the playoffs. Even though some may not like it I would put Kris on the ten day DL until his finger is back to 100%, and once it is, we will probably start seeing better power results from him.


Jay Bruce has been traded to the Indians.

The 60-51 Indians have traded for Jay Bruce. The right fielder has been batting .256 with the New York Mets. He has also been slugging for 29 homers and 75 RBIs. The Indians will take his contract, but it is still a great move for the Indians as they add power to their lineup.

We don’t know who is going to New York as of now but we will update as soon as we know.
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Remembering the first ever night game on the North Side

29 years ago yesterday the Cubs would finally play baseball under the lights.

“One..Two..Three.. let there be lights!” This was one of the biggest moments in Cubs history, as life long Cubs fan and season ticket holder, Harry Grossman, finally turned on the lights at Wrigley field.


That night the Cubs would only get into the fourth inning though, as a downpour would sweep through the Northside and cancel the first game under the lights. This would not stop the Cubbies from having fun though as some players, including Greg Muddux, Al Nipper, Les Lancaster, and Jody Davis would treat the tarp as a slip n slide. This act would prompt a fine from the General Manager Jim Frey, but hey, I guess they had fun doing something at Wrigley Field under the lights. The first complete night game took place the next nights as the Cubs would defeat the Mets.

The Cubs are currently allowed a total of 43 night games at Wrigley field, but the Cubs are asking for more. The Cubs are looking to expand their night games to 54 overall, but who knows if they will actually be allowed.

This is and will always be one of the biggest nights in Cubs history.


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ACC Football Team-by-Team, Game-by-Game Predictions

College football season is almost back, and the most powerful conference has some big dogs back, but also has a few droppers. Let’s go game by game, winners and losers, for each team in the ACC.

ACC Atlantic

Boston College Eagles

at Northern Illinois: W

Wake Forest: W (20-17)

Notre Dame: L (27-10)

at Clemson: L (42-17)

Central Michigan: W

Virginia Tech: L (35-10)

at Louisville: L (45-14)

at Virginia: L (17-14)

Florida State: L (56-7)

NC State: L (24-17)

(Fenway Park) Connecticut: W (27-3)

at Syracuse: L (28-23)

Final Record: 4-8    ACC Record: 1-7

Clemson Tigers

Kent State: W

Auburn: W

at Louisville: L (35-32)

Boston College: W (42-17)

at Virginia Tech: W (28-24)

Wake Forest: W (42-14)

at Syracuse: W (38-7)

Georgia Tech: W (32-10)

at NC State: W (27-24)

Florida State: W (32-27)

The Citadel: W

South Carolina: W

Final Record: 11-1     ACC Record: 7-1

Florida State Seminoles

Alabama (Atlanta): L


Miami: W (21-17)

NC State: W (35-17)

at Wake Forest: W (24-3)

at Duke: W (30-17)

Louisville: W (27-21)

at Boston College: W (56-7)

Syracuse: W (45-10)

at Clemson: L (32-27)

Delaware State: W

at Florida: W (31-28)

Final Record: 10-2     ACC Record: 7-1

Louisville Cardinals

Purdue (Indianapolis): W

at North Carolina: W (35-20)

Clemson: W (35-32)

Kent State: W

Murray State: W

at NC State: L (34-28)

Boston College: W (45-14)

at Florida State: L (27-21)

at Wake Forest: W (28-6)

Virginia: W (34-17)

Syracuse: W (56-10)

Kentucky: W

Final Record: 10-2     ACC Record: 6-2

NC State Wolfpack

South Carolina (Charlotte): W

Marshall: W

Furman: W

at Florida State: L (35-17)

Syracuse: W (24-10)

Louisville: W (34-28)

at Pitt: L (24-20)

at Notre Dame: W (23-14)

Clemson: L (27-24)

at Boston College: W (24-17)

at Wake Forest: W (27-20)

North Carolina: W (28-27)

Final Record: 9-3     ACC Record: 5-3

Syracuse Orange

Central Connecticut: W

Middle Tennessee: W

Central Michigan: W

at LSU: L

at NC State: L (24-10)

Pitt: W (24-17)

Clemson: L (38-7)

at Miami: L (35-17)

at Florida State: L (45-10)

Wake Forest: W (17-10)

at Louisville: L (56-10)

Boston College: W (28-23)

Final Record: 6-6     ACC Record: 3-5

Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Presbryterian: W

at Boston College: L (20-17)

Utah State: W

at Appalachian State: L

Florida State: L (24-3)

at Clemson: L (42-14)

at Georgia Tech: L (28-13)

Louisville: L (28-6)

at Notre Dame: L (27-10)

at Syracuse: L (17-10)

NC State: L (27-20)

Duke: W (27-21)

Final Record: 3-9     ACC Record: 1-7


ACC Coastal

Duke Blue Devils

NC Central: W

Northwestern: L

Baylor: L

at North Carolina: L (20-7)

Miami: L (31-17)

at Virginia: W (24-20)

Florida State: L (30-17)

Pitt: W (17-14)

at Virginia Tech: L (42-10)

at Army: W

Georgia Tech: L (28-14)

at Wake Forest: L (27-21)

Final Record: 4-8     ACC Record: 2-6

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Tennessee (Atlanta): L

Jacksonville State: W

at UCF: L

Pitt: W (28-24)

North Carolina: W (21-17)

at Miami: L (38-21)

Wake Forest: W (28-13)

at Clemson: L (42-14)

at Virginia: W (17-7)

Virginia Tech: L (42-24)

at Duke: W (27-21)

Georgia: L

Final Record: 6-6     ACC Record: 5-3

Miami Hurricanes

Bethune-Cookman: W

at Arkansas State: W

at Florida State: L (21-17)

Toledo: W

at Duke: W (31-17)

Georgia Tech: W (38-21)

Syracuse: W (35-17)

at North Carolina: W (21-13)

Virginia Tech: L (31-28)

Notre Dame: W (27-10)

Virginia: W (35-24)

at Pitt: W (24-21)

Final Record: 10-2     ACC Record: 6-2

North Carolina Tar Heels

California: W

Louisville: L (35-20)

at Old Dominion: W

Duke: W (20-7)

at Georgia Tech: L (21-17)

Notre Dame: W (27-21)

Virginia: W (24-10)

at Virginia Tech: L (42-24)

Miami: L (21-13)

at Pitt: L (31-27)

Western Carolina: W

at NC State: L (28-27)

Final Record: 6-6     ACC Record: 2-6

Pitt Panthers

Youngstown State: W

at Penn State: L

Oklahoma State: L

at Georgia Tech: L (28-24)

Rice: W

at Syracuse: L (24-17)

NC State: W (24-20)

at Duke: L (17-14)

Virginia: W (24-14)

North Carolina: W (31-27)

at Virginia Tech: L (34-24)

Miami: L (24-21)

Final Record: 5-7     ACC Record: 3-5

Virginia Cavaliers

William & Mary: W

Indiana: L

Connecticut: W

at Boise State: L

Duke: L (24-20)

at North Carolina: L (24-10)

Boston College: W (17-14)

at Pitt: L (24-14)

Georgia Tech: L (17-7)

at Louisville: L (34-17)

at Miami: L (35-24)

Virginia Tech: L (34-14)

Final Record: 3-9     ACC Record: 1-7

Virginia Tech Hokies

West Virginia (Landover): W

Delaware: W

at East Carolina: W

Old Dominion: W

Clemson: L (28-24)

at Boston College: W (35-10)

North Carolina: W (42-24)

Duke: W (42-10)

at Miami: W (31-28)

Pitt: W (34-24)

at Virginia: W (34-14)

Final Record: 11-1     ACC Record: 7-1