Where MLB The Show 17 went wrong

MLB the Show 17 came out with a lot of hype.  Since it is the only major league baseball game many people look forward to this series every year.  There were many ups and downs since the game released six months ago.  Countless server errors and animations made the game unbearable at times.  Since the beginning there have been strides to make the game better but did the game measure up to what the consumer expected?

I personally have enjoyed the game.  I’ve had many problems but I think that the game has been better since the start but I do believe that they waited too long to release some content or made poor choices with their timing of things.  I’m going to give some of my pros and cons of the game that I have noticed throughout my game play.

Server Errors:

MLB the Show and server errors seem like they go hand-and-hand together.  I have pre-ordered the game the past two years and left speechless at how many server errors I would get.  This past year was horrendous.  I don’t think that I was able to play the game until a month after the release.  I think that this is pretty embarrassing for them and I hope that it is their top priority for the game next year.  There should be some form of Beta that comes out for the game so that they can at least get a start on the problems.

Server Error

Pepe Alazar:

I think that Pepe was a very poor decision for the game.  The time of the release to me was not planned out very well.  At the time, the 99 Ken Griffey Jr. was just released for players to get so it took away from the cover athlete getting his spot light.  I think that it would be different if people couldn’t use a created player as well as Pepe.  I know that Pepe is hard to get but to me it’s dumb to have two players maxed out.  I am a big fan of using the live series players.  It’s cool to be able to obtain someone that was an actual player instead of a made up person.  Next year if they take out the CAP then I would be more for Pepe Alazar but that is left to be decided.

Pepe Alazar


This is the main reason I’ve had so many frustrations with this game.  I can’t count how many times that I have had a runner score at home because my pitcher is facing the wrong way or how my player’s can never tag a base runner.  Other times I’ll have a player under a fly ball and they will just flat out miss it.  I hope that next year the animations can be cleaned up to the point where the same thing doesn’t happen in every game.


These are just a few things that have lead to the question: Is MLB the Show 17 Dead?  My first answer is no.  There is no other MLB game out on the market right now which makes it easier for MLB the Show to stay in business.  I will continue to buy the game unless there is another option in the future that is better.  The past couple of weeks have looked bright for the game.  They have released a lot of new content with better rewards for game play. I think that this should’ve been done from the beginning.  It’s almost too late since NBA 2K18 is out and Call of Duty is right around the corner drawing players away from the game. I’m getting close to the end of the game as well with the baseball season coming to a close.

Let me know what you guys think or what you would add!

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Battle Royale: Draft Guide and Tips

I have seen many people asking about how to draft a team in Battle Royale so I thought I would give some tips and tricks that I use.  These are based off of my personal opinions and what have worked for me to help me get deep win streaks.

Note: Inside Edge changes around 12 p.m. c/t so try to draft a team earlier in the day so you can play a lot of games with them.

Starting Rotation:



The starting rotation is pretty simple.  I usually only draft Common players because you’ll probably only use them for one batter.  There will be times where I have a Bronze player, but that is usually because the other three players to choose from that round won’t help out my team.  The biggest thing to remember is that you don’t want to draft a Gold or Diamond player here.  You’ll only have a 20% chance that they will play so you want to save them for your lineup or bullpen.



The bullpen is a very important part of your team.  This can easily decide if you win or lose a game.  I think the biggest thing is that you want to have some guys that have a 90+ velocity attribute.  These guys are going to have base fastballs that are 95+ and will make it easy to blow it by your opponent.

Unfortunately, with this BR draft I only got one left-handed pitcher.  You want to make sure that you can get at least two in your pen.  Most likely your opponent will have a barrage of lefties in their order.

I highly recommend drafting a Diamond or high Gold.  These guys either have maxed out velocities or maxed out H/9 and K/9.  This will make it easy to get out of jams.  Your bullpen should have 3-4 silver players as well.  These guys are usually playing up so they will have great attributes to work with.  Even though I have Steve Geltz, I would try to stay away from Common pitchers.  Your opponents will have stacked lineups so they will have a field day off these guys.



The batting lineup is the bread and butter to your team.  This is where you want to get a great hitting diamond player.  I was lucky enough to get Ted Williams and Robinson Cano in this draft.  You should try to get as many lefty bats as you can.  There are about 2/3 more righty pitchers in the game so having lefty bats won’t hurt you at all.

You should have your batting order switch from L/R hitters like pictured above.  This will make your opponent have to pick and choose who they want to deal with and burn out their bullpen quick.

I usually place more of an emphasis on hitting when drafting.  It depends what your personal preference is but I have had pretty good luck picking hitters over fielders.  You want to have your better hitters featured near the top of your lineup.  Since I put Cano first in my lineup this will most likely mean that he will face a Common pitcher.  If I had an ideal draft, I would’ve a power righty bat as well, but I wasn’t lucky enough to get one.



The bench is another important part of your team.  This is where I usually get Bronze players that hit well against either a L or R pitcher.  In this case I have Nomar Mazara who mashes against right-handed pitching and Tommy Joseph who hits well against left-handed pitching.  These guys will be able to come in and make some noise off the bench.

Another thing to consider is having a back-up catcher.  It seems that players get hurt way too often.  If you don’t have a back-up catcher then you might as well kiss your br run goodbye because they won’t catch a ball.

The other thing that is important is to have a speed guy.  This can turn your single into a triple by swiping two bags and putting your runner in easy scoring position.  This is a good way to tie a game or get an insurance run if you need it.

I hope these tips help you guys reach 12-0!

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All-Star Summer Showdown II Tips/Players

The final All-Star event is set to open today (July 11th) at 2 p.m. ET and is closing on Monday, July 17th at 2 p.m. ET.  This is much like the first All-Star event but the tables are turned.  This time you have to assemble a team of only National League pitchers and American League hitters.  This event will only allow Common, Bronze, Silver and Gold players.  Also, the team overall can only be 78.  The games are only 3-innings so Common SP’s are big for this event.

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There are some pretty good rewards with this event.  25-wins will give you a 91 overall Jordan Zimmermann while 40 will net you a 96 overall Jacoby Ellsbury.  A 9-win streak will get you a 85 Overall Asdrubal Cabrera and a 12-win streak will give you a 91 overall Jonathon Broxton.



Here are some guys that I would use in this event:
Starting Pitchers

John Gant RHP 60 OVR

Jake Thompson RHP 59 OVR

Miguel Diaz RHP 58 OVR

German Marquez RHP 57 OVR

Rob Zastryzny LHP 56 OVR

Cody Reed LHP 54 OVR

Luke Weaver RHP 54 OVR

Relief Pitchers

Billy Wagner LHP 88 OVR

Jason Grilli RHP 87 OVR

Jonathon Papelbon RHP 87 OVR

Tyler Clippard RHP 87 OVR

Raisel Iglesias RHP 85 OVR

Jerry Blevins LHP 84 OVR

Hunter Strickland RHP 83 OVR

Carter Capps RHP 83 OVR

Felipe Rivero LHP 82 OVR

Pedro Strop RHP 81 OVR


Mike Zunino 87 OVR

Yan Gomes 87 OVR

Gary Sanchez 87 OVR

Salvador Perez 85 OVR

Jason Castro 86 OVR

Jonathon Lucroy 85 OVR

Kurt Suzuki 84 OVR


Kendrys Morales 88 OVR

Steve Pearce 88 OVR

George Brett 88 OVR

Wil Myers 85 OVR

Paul Konerko 84 OVR

Brandon Belt 84 OVR

Yonder Alonso 83 OVR

Eric Hosmer 83 OVR


Ian Kinsler 89 OVR

Devon Travis 88 OVR

Brian Dozier 87 OVR

Alexei Ramirez 86 OVR

Howie Kendrick 86 OVR

Jason Kipnis 85 OVR

Logan Forsythe 83 OVR


Carlos Correa 89 OVR

Jean Segura 85 OVR

Xander Bogaerts 85 OVR

Elvis Andrus 84 OVR

Troy Tulowitzki 83 OVR

Didi Gregorius 82 OVR

Jhonny Peralta 81 OVR


Adrian Beltre 89 OVR

David Wright 88 OVR

Harmon Killebrew 87 OVR

Evan Longoria 87 OVR

Kyle Seager 86 OVR

Jose Ramirez 86 OVR

Miguel Sano 85 OVR

Mike Moustakas 84 OVR


Jim Rice 87 OVR

Michael Brantley 86 OVR

Corey Dickerson 85 OVR

Andrew Benintendi 83 OVR

Justin Upton 82 OVR

Kris Davis 81 OVR

Ted Williams 80 OVR


George Springer 86 OVR

Aaron Hicks 84 OVR

Kevin Pillar 84 OVR

Adam Jones 82 OVR

Jackie Bradley Jr.82 OVR


Joe Carter 89 OVR

Nelson Cruz 88 OVR

Aaron Judge 87 OVR

JD Martinez 86 OVR

Mark Trumbo 81 OVR

Avisail Garcia 80 OVR

Jose Bautista 80 OVR

Note: The pitchers either have great H/9 or K/9 and high velocities. The position players are based off their hitting stats. All of these are based off of the player’s original overalls.

Hopefully this helps building your squad!

MLB The Show 18 Wishlist

MLB the show 17 has given us some great graphics and content but it is still far from a perfect game. Below are some ways our team feels that could make MLB The Show 18 even better:

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Hitting Engine

I think that this is the biggest gripe within the community.  There seems to be a disconnect with San Diego Studios and the consumers on this topic.  This year they introduced a new engine that would make the game “more realistic” with the way the ball travels off the bat.  In older games, the bat was a flat surface so the ball would not curve or react like a real ball would.  This year they made the ball hitting the bat a round surface so the balls can tail or curve like in a real game.  I think that everyone has enjoyed this hitting engine but there are some problems.  The biggest one is exit velocity off the bat.  I have seen numerous occasions where a ball is perfectly timed with power hitters like Trout with exit velocities that barely reach the low 90’s.  There are other occasions where a person will have a just late hit that goes in excess of 120 mph.  Another problem I have noticed is jammed hits.  While I know that they do happen in real life, I feel like they happen way too often in the game.  This makes playing the game unbearable sometimes.  All-in-all I do love the new hitting engine but I do think these things need to be addressed. Below are some examples found on Twitter of good timing along with good PCI placement that resulted in an out.

Accessibility within the Inventory

This is one of the things that drives me crazy.  When you are looking for a certain card you have to go through every collection to find it.  There should be a way to filter what card you are looking just like in the community market.  This way you don’t have to spend pointless minutes waiting for all the collections to load. Another idea would to add a card deck, similar to Madden where all of the cards you owned could be found on one page.


This year they have introduced countless missions for the game.  Missions are a great way to earn experience points, stubs, and tickets.  The only thing that I have a problem with is that there are so many missions that it’s hard to know when you have achieved them without constantly checking.  I like the idea of when you achieve a trophy it pops up while you are playing the game.  I think that if they added this to missions as well that it would save time of having to check. To expand on this, another idea for the conquest missions is to be able to exchange the player for another player of the same overall. The reason I say this is because this year it felt to me as if almost every team I played had 93 Curtis Granderson, 93 Matt Holliday, and 94 Reggie Jackson. Allowing to exchange these players would make for more diverse lineups throughout the game, which is in the best interest of everyone.

Build Your Own Stadium

This is an idea that was introduced in the MVP series and I think would be a cool addition to the game.  Adding this would add another dimension to Diamond Dynasty. The idea would to be able to upgrade your stadium dependent on your XP rating. For example, once you get to the silver tier, you would be able to add a retractable roof, change the outfield grass patterns, change the type of scoreboard, etc. This would add more reason to play the game as well as allowing users to have fun customizing their stadium along with their Diamond Dynasty team.

Tagging and Reactions

The tagging in this game flat out stinks.  You can have someone picked off and in a rundown just to have your player miss a tag.  There have been numerous occasions where I have someone thrown out just to have the player facing the wrong way for the tag.  The reactions are another thing that I think can be improved.  When on the base path there are times where I want my runner to go to third on a ground ball to the shortstop but instead they slide back headfirst back into second.  Pass balls are another thing that is slow.  The catcher/pitcher seem to take their time when they are going for the ball or a tag.  I think this is something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Multiple Lineups

Platooning players is a real thing. But in Diamond Dynasty, this year it was very hard to do so because of the inability to change lineup based on the pitcher. My suggestion is that you have to create a 25 man roster and then you would be responsible for creating two lineups (vs. left-handers and vs. right-handers). This addition would make for a great change in Diamond Dynasty and it would bring back the value of platoon players.

Year-To-Year logo files

Many players spend lots of time creating their logo’s only to have to remake it the next year. The idea would be able to save your logo’s for MLB The Show 17 and be able to use the in next years game.

Face-Scanning for RTTS and Create-A-Player

NBA 2K has had this feature for awhile now. If the Creat-A-Player were to remain in the game next year, Sony San Diego should add the ability to scan your face. Especially now that RTTS is becoming more of a focus, this would add more depth and create a more “real” feeling when playing RTTS.


Injuries might be one of the most annoying things in the game.  I get that injuries happen in real life but I don’t think there is a need for it in Diamond Dynasty.  It can ruin a Battle Royale/Event run in an instant.  There doesn’t seem to be any positives for having it on so I think it is better to turn them off.

Umpires/Check Swings

I feel like umpires have a weird strike zone.  I think that it is cool that they are using a variable strike zone but I think it needs to be toned down a bit. Check swings are another thing that are confusing.  You will have times where a batter swings fully and they call it a ball or barely swings and call it a strike.  This may be just because it is online, but I have seen it called like this in RTTS as well.

More Jersey Options

I think that they have done a great job in adding more jerseys to this year’s game but I still think they could add more.  I’m a big fan of the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day jerseys that they have every year.  Fourth of July also has some pretty cool jerseys as well.

Different Conquest Starting Points

I like the idea of being able to choose wherever you want to start at in Conquest.  It gets redundant when you have to start in the same place every time.  There is a mission for the Chris Archer rookie card that has you take over a territory that is held by the Tampa Bay Rays.  It is hard to get all the way down there before they are wiped off the map.

Team Chemistry

This is something that isn’t a big deal but it could add another dimension to Diamond Dynasty.  In FIFA there are certain players that play well together or give your team a boost for having them on the same team.  It would be cool to see 2B/SS who are on the same team get some sort of boost for playing together.  I think this could make the game more interesting.

More Classic Stadiums 

I think that a lot of people love playing at the classic stadiums instead of the live series stadiums.  It would be cool to see some more added to next year’s game that we haven’t seen them make yet.

Double/Triple Celebrations 

There are plenty of home run celebrations throughout the game but I haven’t seen any double/triple celebrations.  They have done a great job with home runs so it would be cool to see them add more animations for other hits as well.

More Ideas from our Twitter page

Add DH

Eliminate Create-A-Player

Practice mode expansion

Card Trading

International signing in Franchise mode

Textures on DD jerseys (camo)

Online franchise improvements


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All-Star Summer Moonshot Event Lineup Tips

The sixth Diamond Dynasty event in MLB the show comes out today at 3 p.m. ET and closes Monday, July 10th at 3 p.m. ET.  This is going to be an interesting event to say the least.  The event calls for a team of power hitters and Common pitchers.  The hitters must have one power attribute of 70 or more and can be any tier player (Common, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond).  Only Common pitchers are able to enter this event so choose wisely.  The overall limit for your team is 80.  Here is how I’m going to set up my lineup. Note: I have not put money into this game so these are all players that I gained organically either through missions or random pulls.

Starting Pitchers:

  1. Brandon Finnegan L 69 OVR
  2. Amir Garrett L 68 OVR
  3. Robert Stephenson R 65 OVR
  4. Eddie Gamboa R 63 OVR
  5. Yohander Mendez 58 OVR

All these pitchers have good H/9, K/9 and velocity with the exception of Gamboa who is a knuckleball pitcher.  It will be good to have a mix of lefty and righty pitchers.  You’ll be able to throw off opponents lineups with the mix even though most Common pitchers won’t do well against the onslaught of hitters.


  1. Christian Bethancourt R 33 OVR
  2. Tony Cigrani L 67 OVR
  3. Enrique Burgos R 69 OVR
  4. Vidal Nuno L 69 OVR
  5. Jake Petricka R 68 OVR
  6. Ryan Tepera R 61 OVR
  7. Enny Romero L 65 OVR

Christian Bethancourt is the key to this team.  His 33 overall will help bring down the team’s overall substantially so you can add better players.  He is also a good pinch hitter if you run out of position players to use.  I chose most of these guys because their base velocities are over 80 which means they will sit around 95-97 give or take (with the exception of Bethancourt, Cingrani and Nuno).  Most of these guys also have good H/9 which will reduce the PCI.  The hitters are going to have a big PCI since they are going to be higher overalls so every little bit helps.


  1. Ian Kinsler R 97 OVR 2B
  2. Reggie Jackson L 94 OVR LF
  3. Victor Martinez S 94 OVR C
  4. Shawn Green L 92 RF
  5. Orlando Cepeda R 94 OVR 1B
  6. Charlie Blackmon L 88 OVR CF
  7. Evan Longoria R 96 OVR 3B
  8. Buddy Bell R 93 OVR SS
  9. Pitcher

Now comes the fun part.  You get to build a lineup of pure power hitters who are going to rake against Common pitching.  This is probably the best lineup that I can build with my squad and there are endless possibilities.  The best thing to do is alternate between L and R hitters who still have good contact/power against the same side pitcher but who have higher contact/power against opposite handed pitchers.  Most of these players are pretty good defenders as well with the exception of Martinez behind the plate which could lead to some downfalls on the base path.


  1. Freddie Freeman L 92 OVR 1B
  2. Yasmani Grandal S 85 OVR C
  3. Josh Donaldson 3B 94 OVR 3B
  4. Carlos Correa SS 91 OVR SS
  5. Andrew McCutchen 95 OVR CF

The bench is going to play a key role in your success.  The biggest thing is to have players that mash against a certain side but can also be put in for defense.  I try to do opposite batting handess to a starting player so that I can input the person on the bench if need be.  Most of these players will do fine whether I need to start them or bring them in to play.

Note: All these overalls are based on the player’s actual overall and not the inside edge for that day.

I hope this helps you guys out!