Winners and Losers of Week 10


Los Angeles Rams

How bout’ them Rams? Yes, you heard that correctly, the Rams are 7-2 for the first time since starting 7-3 in 2003 after week 10. They ended up finishing that season 12-4 (losing in the divisional round of the playoffs). On Sunday, Jared Goff looked like an elite QB throwing for 355 yards and 3 TD’s, two of those touchdowns were thrown to Robert Woods who has had the best two weeks of the season. He also caught 8 for 171 yards. Look for the Rams to extend their streak to 5 as they head to Minny to take on the 7-2 Vikings.

New Orleans Saints

Instagram-Ingram pounded the defenseless Bills for 131 yards and tallied 3 touchdowns. Alvin Kamara also had a 3 yard touchdown, as the Saints scored five times in their first six possessions. The saints defense limited the Bills offense 198 yards and only 10 first downs which is phenomenal and the ideal type of defense you want week to week. The saints also set a franchise record by recording 6 rushing touchdowns. The saints will fly back to the dome to take on the Redskins. Look for the Saints run game to continue its dominance against a lousy Washington defense.


New York Jets

“The Goddamn Jets” yes folks, the goddamn jets is back because this week, they lost to their 2016 starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown could not beat his former team that he started for in 2016 as well. I guess you can say it was the battle of aging quarterbacks but that is an understatement because this game was in favor of the Jets to run over the Bucs because 10 days ago the Jets dominated the Bills which pointed to this game being an easy win. The jets ended up punting the ball seven times resulting in having more punts, then points for the first 59 minutes. Jets head to the bye with no playoffs in site.

Dallas Cowboys

No Zeke, and no Tyron Smith it had to be painful for those two watch this game as the Cowboys lose to the Falcons 27-7. The whole next man up mentality did not really take affect at all throughout this game. People were saying that the Cowboys would be fine without Elliot for the next 6 games but it seems that, that is not the case. It is a level of concern that should be brought up with at the team meeting. Dallas has the weapons to win without him and Dak needs step up and use his arms and legs to fire this team up to win at least 3 of the next 5 games to keep the playoffs in reach but the high flying 8-1 Eagles come to town looking to improve to 9-1.


Season Preview: Chicago Bears. 

As a Chicago native and a Bears fan, it’s safe to say that the Monsters of Midway are rebuilding. They started rebuilding by drafting Mitchell Trubisky number two overall in the draft. Everyone was definitely blindsided by that pick because most football fans thought they were drafting an O-Lineman. There offensive line has suffered the last 3 years and has not improved this offseason either. The 2017-2018 Chicago Bears will be an interesting team to watch this year, due to the fact that you sign a QB to a 3 year 45 million contract and then draft a QB, doesn’t seem to add up. The Bears last year were 3-13, riddled with injuries on defense and offense including a QB carrousel that wouldn’t end. Watching all 16 games last season was dreadful, but I saw hope in all 3 phases. The defense this year will be healthy, stronger and young. However McPhee is starting the season on the PUP list, watching the defense last year you could tell thesw guys were playing hard from the start till the end but gave up so much in the run game. These young DB’s have so much potential and I see a bright future in all of them. My defensive player to watch this year is Leonard Floyd, he had 7 sacks, 10 assists, and 33 combined tackles in 12 games before he went down with an injury but watch him get 10+ sacks and tackle a lot of more people. As for the offensive side of the ball, turnovers were a major issue last year and throwing the ball where it shouldn’t be thrown. Brian Hoyer  had a phenomenal stretch of games with no interceptions until injury shut him down for the year. Then the O-Line was nothing better, gave up 28 sacks and turned over the ball 19 times (Int). My offensive player to watch this year will be Kevin White, I know he hasn’t played a full season and has just been riddled with injuries but I see major potential in him. He will find the speed, endurance and strength to be a top receiver. If he can get 10 touchdown catches 500 receiving yards, I will be very impressed. As for the overall record for the Bears, I’m going with 6-10 this year, 3 more wins than last year but more then likely they will exceed 6 wins because a lot of games they were up but just gave up in the end. Can’t wait for the season this year.  

Written by: Alex Lorek

Rose signs with Cavs. 

With the signing of Derrick Rose, it’s clear that more then likely Kyrie will be on his way out of Cleveland. The amount of assets the Cavs can get for Kyrie is endless, there’s a poteinal trade between the Cavs and Celtics that would be monster, the talk were reported yesterday evening and one name stood out for the trade for Kyrie and that was Isiah Thomas. You may be asking now why would Boston give up such a very vauble asset which is basically their franchise player. There was also Jae Croweder and a 1st Round Pick (Brooklyn Nets) which would most likely be a top 10 pick if not a top 5 depending on how well they do this upcoming season. When it comes to the Celtics, Thomas wants to sign the super max deal which gives trouble to Celtics Danny Ainge, he has the luxury of picking up the last 3 years of Kyrie with little cap space hit and gets the superstar that Boston needs. If the the Celtics do manage to add Kyrie it will be interesting to see how these teams match up in the east, with Kyrie and Heyward, going up against LeBron, Rose, Love, Crowder and Thomas. In my eyes it’d be dumb for Cleveland to not take that deal and roll with it. It would make them more athletic and physical to go up against the Goldne State Warriors. This upcoming season will be one for the ages especially with all the drama and major trade talks between high caliber teams and players it surely will be very interesting. I’m pulling for the Cavs this year simply because Derrick Rose deserves to have a ring and most importantly to win it for himself and his pride. I see a bright future with Rose and Cavs after next season. Personally, Rose will have a major impact on this Cavs team and LeBron will spark a fire in him to bring back MVP Rose. 

Cubs take 2 of 3 against the Cardinals at Wrigley. 

As Willson Contreras said after the Orioles series, “We’re Back” I guess it is safe to say that the champs are back to its winning ways and it is also safe to say that Maddon has the offense and pitching back on track. With the help from their star players including Bryant, Rizzo, Contreras, Zobrist and the revamped pitching staff the Chicago Cubs were able to take two out of three games at home in front 40,000 plus fans all weekend. Jose Quintana allowed three runs and struck out seven in six innings in his Cubs home debut Sunday against the Cardinals. Since the all star break the Cubs are 8-1 with a whopping 20 home run just though 9 games. With that addtion of pitcher Jose Quintana it seems that it has most definitely sparked a surge in the Cubs clubhouse. The two players that standout most to me is Contreras and Bryant. Contreras has been seeing the ball like to a beachball, he’s been hammering homers left and right. As for his catching abilities I put him up there as a young Molina, no doubt in my mind he will always be an All-Star. As for Kris Bryant, he’s back to his MVP ways, whether it’s him getting clutch hits, cranking homers or just heads up base running he seems it be in the right state of mind when it comes to it. Now the next 4 days for the Cubs will be the crosstown classic. Two at home (Monday and Tuesday) and two away (Wednesday and Thursday). I believe that Quintana will pitch Thursday, wouldn’t that be something to watch him face his old and hopefully muster a win for the Cubs. As for trade rumors the Cubs are eyeing, Yu Darvish, Jonathan Lucroy, Sonny Gray, Justin Verlander and Alex Avila. The smart move would to acquire Darvish and Lucroy for the simple fact that they both are from the same team, they know signs and they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It will be interesting to see how the next couple of weeks play out when it comes down to the trade deadline. 

Derrick Rose in serious contract talks with Cavs 

Rose, Kyrie, LeBron, Love. It maybe not be the best set of “stars”, yes I said stars because only two out of the four are actual superstars and I’m sure all of you know who I am talking about. but with a possible addition of Derrick Rose it seems the Cavs or I should say LeBrons team, will give a little extra boost off the bench at the point guard position giving kyrie some needed rest throughout games and the season itself. Rose stayed healthy throughout last year and put up some stats that I thought most people would never see, 18 ppg 3 rpg and 4.4 apg. Now I know that may not be MVP Rose but that’s a resurging Rose and boy do I like it but then he got injured later that year. However if LeBron can figure out how to use Rose and keep him healthy then folks you might have a ticket punched to the Finals. However, we all thought with the signing the of Derron Williams that it would spark the old Williams but in reality it didn’t and only happened for a couple of games during the regular season but not the Finals. They also re-signed ex-Bull Kyle Krover to a solid yet over paid deal, but can Kyle return to Bull form this year to help lead the Cavs back to the finals or will Shump and Smith be valuable assets off the bench. The clock is ticking in Cleveland and for LeBron James. Win now or go back to the Cleveland team you were when LeBron left. I would hate to see that city crumble from underneath its feet again if James left. But James did fulfill his promise in his city getting a championship ring, trophy and banner. 

Lakers interested in trading for Dwayne Wade

The question you may be asking is why would the Lakers want to trade for Dwayne Wade. I have a couple of answers as to why that may be, one reason behind this rumor would to establish a veteran presence in the Laker locker room but it seems to me that Lonzo Ball has taken the reigns and control of that team and has made it his,  according to Magic himself. We got a small glimpse as to what Lonzo has to offer and let me tell you, he put on quite a show; I know most people are like “oh it’s just summer league” but to me it’s something more, seeing him dish the ball out like Rondo and make buckets like Magic it is simply interesting. On that note most likely the main reason is that the Lakers want to be able to pitch to LeBron James in the summer of 2018. But with talks coming out of Philly, New York and even Boston it’s hard to figure out where LeBron will end up next offseason. Will he take money? Or would he rather chase rings? The ball is in his court however trouble is Cleveland paradise still arsises with Kyrie’s comments today stating Cavs are in a “peculiar” situation. Well for one there is still no GM and no major free agents have been signed and Kevin Love is still a Cav. Cleveland is pushing hard to get Love traded because his contract is a 20 million cap hit this year. With all those troubles arising people are taking the “where will LeBron go” next to a whole new level. My biggest surprise is Philly being in that mix, trust the process they say but why would anyone want to go play with the current starting 5 only playing 35 games in the last 2-3 years. Lastly, it will be interesting to see if LA can land Wade from a Bulls organization that can’t seem to get anything right as of late. Between the front office problems and players not wanting to play. Let’s see if this happens and somehow the Lakers can land James, George and Paul next summer. Wouldn’t that be interesting?