I’m Back and with some Premier League Talk

Hello everyone I apologize for my long absence from now on I’ll be writing articles about the world’s most popular sport, you’ll see a lot of reviews and previews of matches, I’ll focus more on the Premier League when it comes to national championships but obviously we’ll discuss all the major teams. I have a lot I want to talk about so let’s begin.

Today I’ll review the Man United vs Tottenham game a very interesting one at that. A few surprises came when the lineups were announced especially with Jose Mourinho’s side.

Within a fee minutes after the start of the match you could see a United team that had a 3 man back-line with Ander Herrera, Smalling and Jones, Valencia and Shaw out wide, Matic, Fred and Pogba in the midfield with the latter two advancing more to help the attacking duo of Lingard and Lukaku.

As to the visiting team Pochetino opted for 2 instead of 3 full-backs going with the Belgium duo and leaving Sanchez on the bench.

Trippier as the right back and Danny Rose back as the starter with Davies also on the bench, Dier and Dembele ahead of the defense joined by Eriksen and Dele Alli in the midfield and up ahead another attacking duo with Harry Kane and Lucas Moura the men responsible for all of the scoring in the game. That’s how both teams entered the match.

As the match progressed we saw a United team with an high posession something unussual especially against opponents of the big 6 with that the home team also limited Tottenham to very few chances in the first half the best chance for United came when Lukaku intercepted a ball intended for the goalkeeper and missed a wide open goal, overall it was a game with a lot of individual mistakes.

Early in the second half Trippier who is just magnificient with set pieces crossed a beautiful ball on a corner and Harry Kane positioned himself perfectly as he most often does and scored the opening goal after that Mourinho’s side went completely off the rails and the second goal showed that.

Shaw leaves his position, Eriksen advances behind him receiving a pass from Lucas who himself goes on to score the goal penetrating United’s defense, another mistake in that play is made by Herrera when he doesn’t follow the back-line up the pitch preventing Eriksen from being offside. After that even with the changes Sanchez and Fellaini coming in the home side just couldn’t produce, not anything

significant at least. The third goal in the end was just the perfect ending for the Spurs and it showed how Kane does a good job of dropping back almost as a midfielder letting Lucas Moura attack the space ahead of him.

A lesson for United is to do a better job after you surrender a goal especially when your team is playing relatively well and in control of the game at least to some degree and while they are not bad it’s understandable why Mourinho was constantky asking for a top flight full back, just consider that all 3 main full-backs for Tottenham would easily start for Man United and none in United would see the field with the Spurs.

Tottenham shows that they are a top level team capable of competing with anyone the same team that dominated Real Madrid beating them 3-1 in the group stage of the Champions League.

Stay tuned more is coming soon.

Also I apologize for the spelling mistakes. Writing on my cellphone once again.


Cy Young voters have moved past a pitcher’s win-loss record. Or have they?

Perception is everything, but more often than not, it’s deceiving and it leads people into making blank statements without properly analyzing the facts, the subject I’m about to address, really represents that well.
We are in 2018, and the consensus around the MLB community is that we’ve moved past the point of using a pitcher’s win as an accurate measurement of their performance. While for the most part that is true, when you look at the data, it becomes clear that part of that is perception.
I decided to go back to the beginning of the decade (2010-18), at all the Cy Young winners for both leagues since, and analyze if the most deserving pitcher actually won it and if he didn’t, did their win-loss record have anything to do with it.
Obviously looking back at the winners of the 20th century would not be fair, as it wasn’t until the early 2000’s with the Moneyball revolution and all of the sabermetricians that this really took off and people started acknowledging it.
So let’s begin.

Corey Seager Improved His Game in 2017, Kind Of

I’d like to talk about one Corey Seager, last year he had one of the great rookie years ever, had a 7.4 WAR, 136 wRC+ and good defensively with a 10.6 UZR, looking at the numbers this year while he still was one of the best players in the game, he didn’t produce as much value, 5.7 WAR, 127 wRC+, but I am here to point out how this season showed improvements in his play for the future.
The first thing you should know is that he played a large chunk of the season with an elbow problem that could require surgery in the offseason, his 2nd half numbers were significantly worse.
1rst Half

298/395/502   .204 ISO   139 wRC+
2nd Half

292/348/450    .158 ISO   113 wRC+
His injury obviously was a big part of that, the first sign that this season had improvements was his significant increase in BB%, in 16 it was at 7.9 it went up to 10.9, some of that can be attributed to him decreasing his O-Swing%, by coincidentally or not 3.1 percentage points, 32.2 to 29.1.

Say what you want about Walks, the biggest edge Harper has on Machado, that will earn him a lot more money than Manny in next year’s FA class, is plate discipline, what makes Votto as great as he is, is Plate Discipline, and for a guy with Seager’s hit tool that translates into high averages with some power, a BB% over 10, goes a long way.

The second one his 10 DRS and 6.7 UZR, silenced a lot of he’s a long-term 3B noise, after 2 full seasons of above avg defensive production, there’s virtually no doubt he is a Shortstop, but the most important improvement he had this year is this.
250/308/413     .163 ISO   95 wRC+

334/391/557     .223 ISO   155 wRC+
325/389/527     .201 ISO   144 wRC+

281/369/457     .176 ISO   120 wRC+
These were his splits, his first 2 full seasons, the top line is versus lefties, the bottom one versus righties, what you learn is, in 2016 he was so great against righties, that his overall production put him in the top 3 for MVP,  despite being below average against lefties, this year he had a significant improvement in that area.

His production probably won’t be sustainable at this level considering he had a .392 BABIP against LH, but he showed that he can hit lefties and hit them well, which is a feat that a lot of good young players can’t, Jake Lamb isn’t a star because he can’t hit LH, his teammate Joc is held back for the same reason, Benintendi couldn’t hit LH this year.

Obviously, Seager is far better than all of them, but these players are examples of how split issues can hold you back and while his rookie production was so great it masked them, he wouldn’t be able to keep that up long term and this year was a sign he doesn’t need to.

To wrap it up, better plate discipline and great production against LH are facts that prove that Corey Seager improved his play this year and is better positioned to succeed in the future now than he was a year ago.
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Let’s talk soccer, the Uefa Champions League to be more exact

I decided to bring soccer into the mix as one of the topics in my articles. With that in mind, I’d like to take this post to discuss the UCL (Uefa Champions League).
As you all know the UCL is the most popular yearly soccer event in the world bring in together 32 of Europe’s finest. Meaning 32 of the World’s finest.
We are 3 quarters of the way in through the round of 16, winner advances to the quarterfinals with 4 games left.
Let’s go through each matchup and analyze it. First, the four already decided.


Jason Heyward is Chase Headley and vice versa. I know right.

Hi everyone I got a quick piece for you this weekend. Let me know what you think.

Comparing Jason Heyward to Chase Headley sounds insane right, they look completely different, but when you look at the numbers…

262/344/412 Slash line

10.4 BB%     17.6 K%     .150 ISO

.333 wOBA     108 wRC+

30.2 WAR

1103 Games     4502 PA


264/343/402 Slash Line

10.0 BB%     22.4 K%     .138 ISO

.328 wOBA     108 wRC+

29.1 WAR

1409 Games     5701 PA

Is that close or what, it’s pretty clear that giving the number of games gave it away, Heyward obviously would have an advantage in WAR, regardless of any hitting edge, either way, considering how great defensively he is, but they are basically the same hitter, no not basically they are exactly the same hitter.

Not even the most skeptical person ever expected a performance so awful by Jason in his first 2 years as a Cub, but everyone knew he wasn’t exactly Bryce Harper when the Cubbies jumped the gun and gave hm 184/8, but something most people failed to recognize is that obviously Chicago loved his defense which made for a high floor, but they took a chance on his offensive upside, the expectation was big on his hitting, j remember a lot of analysts saying this was the new direction of the game, that players with more defensive value would receive big deals, a lot of none sense, Heyward got some money for his defensive value, a big amount, but he also got a big chunk based on his hitting potential, and it all goes back to what i wrote earlier of teams overpaying for talented but flawed young free agents i believe i even put him in there, regarding Headley he’s a solid player who had one great year and a bunch of ok/good seasons, overall a solid career, all goes to show how much Jason Heyward failed to live up to the hype.

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Sports Trivia

download (1)Hi everyone, for those of you who missed my articles (He says with the illusion that anybody actually cares) I apologize, I just don’t feel like writing and haven’t for the past few days, I’m sure is just a temporary thing, after all, it wasn’t until a few months ago that I began writing and as I did, I started at a pace it was obvious I wouldn’t keep, writing on a daily basis or close to it is not a problem, but it can wear you out, especially when you have other obligations but as I said this is a temporary thing so expect them to be back soon.

For now, I’ll leave you with another trivia, this time I’ll mix it up a bit, bringing in some football questions and as for the NL half of bold predictions, that will probably be up Friday night. Some award and playoff predictions coming before the regular season as well.

In this trivia, I’ll ask the question and on the next page, you’ll see a picture with the answer.

Feel free to post your answers and how you fared in the comment section.

MLB Trivia (Part 2)

Baseball Trivia Part 2 is here. Let’s see how you fare this time.


Same drill, 3 Pages with 2 questions each, answers in the 4th page, use the comment section to answer them if you wish to.


1, There have been 4 300 Strikeout seasons in this century. How many of those seasons ended with such pitcher winning the Cy Young?


2. Since 2000 there have been 94 different 40+ HR seasons. In 3 different occasions, a hitter went by the whole season without receiving a single Intentional Walk. Name the hitters.

MLB Trivia

Baseball Trivia is here. Let’s see how you fare.


3 Pages with 2 questions each, answers in the 4th page, use the comment section to answer them if you wish to.


1, A couple of offseasons ago Tony LaRussa and Dave Stewart made a lot of noise

Who among all starting pitchers that were at some point in the Arizona roster that offseason, finished number 1 in WAR the following year?


2, There is only 1 starting pitcher in the history of baseball with a career K% above 30.0 (Min. 250 IP) Who is he?.

Bold Predictions for the MLB Season. AL Part

This is the 2018 edition of Bold Predictions for the MLB Season, we’ll tackle all 30 teams with a couple of predictions for each.


Note: The boldness will vary from really bold to sort of, as it’s impossible to give 60 different predictions on the same level.


Each division will get its own page and the 5 teams will be distributed according to where we’ll predict they finish the year.


AL East.


1, New York Yankees.

1rst: Sonny Gray will lead the team in ERA.

2nd: Greg Bird will be the starting 1B for the American League All-Star team.


2, Red Sox.

1rst: Rafael Devers and Andrew Benintendi will combine for 7.5+ WAR.

2nd: David Price will have a bounce-back year and finish the season in the top 10 of the AL Cy Young award.


3, Blue Jays.

1: Josh Donaldson will finish in the top 3 of MVP voting.

2: The Jays’ rotation will have the lowest ERA in the AL East.


4, Rays.

1: Kevin Kiermaier and Chris Archer will combine for 10+ WAR.

2: 2 of Justin Williams, Jake Bauers, and Christian Arroyo will finish the year as everyday players.


5, Orioles.

1rst: Manny Machado will lead all Shortstops in HR and WAR.

2nd: Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman will combine for a sub 4 ERA.