Geary’s Week 11 College Football Rankings

Jack Geary’s College Football Week 11 Top 25 and Analysis

Article by Jack Geary

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1. Alabama

Surprisingly, Bama earned its first ranked win of the season against LSU last week. With ranked opponents ahead, Bama will have more chances to improve the resume.

2. Georgia

It’s been awhile since Georgia has played a ranked team. That’ll change this week when they face #10 Auburn. Auburn will force Jake Fromm to throw the ball. We’ll see how Fromm responds.

3. Notre Dame

Saturday is a culmination of all things great in college football. This year’s version of Catholics vs. Convicts is reminiscent of classic college football. Two historic programs will face up once again in South Beach. We can only hope that this game lives up to its legendary potential.

4. Clemson

The win against NC State wasn’t an easy one for Clemson. Now, Clemson won’t have to face another ranked team until a potential Acc championship.

5. Oklahoma

Baker Mayfield has climbed to the top of the heisman watch list. A game against TCU will do wonders for his heisman stock and Oklahoma’s playoff chances.

6. Miami

The U is one win away from undoubtedly being back. The Canes currently own the longest winning streak in college football. If they can keep the streak alive by winning at home against Notre Dame it will propel Miami into a surefire playoff spot.

7. TCU

Kenny Trill took care of Texas with no problem. With only a few weeks left in the season, the matchup against Oklahoma this week is TCU’s last shot for a resume boosting win.

8. Wisconsin

The Badgers are the most peculiar case in college football this year. No one is really sure how good Wisconsin is. By facing a newly respected Iowa team this week, Wisconsin’s true talent could be indicated.

9. Washington

The Huskies are one of the few one loss teams remaining in college football. Stopping Bryce Love will be the key to not reaching their second loss of the season.

10. Auburn

The ultimate dark horse playoff team is Auburn. Believe me, the committee will overlook 2 losses if Auburn can pull of an undefeated finish to the season. Auburn would boast TWO wins over Georgia and a win over Alabama. This is just one big “what if” that will start against Georgia this week.

11. USC

Sam Darnold dampened Arizona’s hot streak late into last Saturday. It’s very feasible that USC won’t lost another game for the rest of the season.

12. UCF

Show some love for undefeated UCF. The Knights are favored by over 40 against UConn this Saturday.

13. Michigan State

After a 4 hour rain delay, Michigan State completely killed any playoff hopes for Penn State. Now Michigan State will play Ohio State in a most likely Big 10 East deciding game.

14. Oklahoma State

Mason Rudolph balled out against Oklahoma. Still, it wasn’t enough to overcome Oklahoma’s 62 points. Expect Oklahoma State to put up points galore against Iowa State.

15. Ohio State

Iowa ripped away any playoff hope for Ohio State last week. If you lose by 30 to Iowa you don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. The Buckeyes are still striving for the Big Ten championship. The matchup against Michigan State will be a key decider.

16. Penn State

I tried to tell everyone Saquon Barkley was overrated. In the two most important games of the season, Barkey did nothing to help his team. Albeit, he’s still a top talent in college football.

17. Virginia Tech

The Hokies were easily handled by Miami. Virginia Tech now faces Georgia Tech this week.

18. Mississippi State

Mississippi State will capitalize on a successful season if they can trump Alabama. It would be a season changing upset.

19. Washington State

Beating Stanford was an impressive feat. Utah is next up on the schedule.

20. Iowa

The Hawkeyes stunned the nation by absolutely destroying Ohio State. I predicted a measly Iowa victory but couldn’t have predicted a dominant performance from Iowa. Either way, the new spot in the rankings should give Iowa confidence to upset Wisconsin.

21. Iowa State

Iowa State was narrowly defeated by West Virginia last week. They will now need a win over highflying Oklahoma State to stay in the rankings.

22. Michigan

The Wolverines have endured a disappointing season by Harbaugh standards. Michigan fans will have to wait to next year for playoff hopes to resurrect.

23. Memphis

Memphis cruised against Tulsa and will now face SMU.

24. NC State

NC State is still a talented squad but not good enough to beat top 15 opponents. Weak opponents is all that’s left for the Wolfpack.

25. Northwestern

I told you guys Northwestern was good! The Wildcats rejoin my rankings for the first time since week 2! Northwestern can’t afford any more losses if they want to stay near the top 25 for the remainder of this season.


Geary’s Week 10 College Football Rankings

Jack Geary’s College Football Week 10 Top 25 and Analysis Article by Jack Geary
Brought to you by Pro Sports Fandom

1. Alabama

Bama is unfazed by the rankings. If you think Saban cares about the rankings, you’re wrong. He will keep focusing on his team and his team only.

2. Georgia

As much as I want to throw Georgia into the #1 spot; I just can’t do it. Georgia has a better resume than Alabama but Bama is Bama. Georgia can still walk into the playoffs if they keep winning.

3. Notre Dame

“I think I’m an early buyer on Notre Dame this year. As the season goes, I think people will see where I’m coming from”. That was a quote from me after Week 1 discussing why I think Notre Dame will have a great year on The End Zone Podcast. Right now they are on top of the world. The committee values ND as the best one loss team in the country and I do too. Notre Dame should roll over Wake Forest this week.

4. Ohio State

Many will disagree that Ohio State should be ranked over Oklahoma. I believe the Buckeyes are better because they proved they can win big games. Ohio State now faces a definite trap game against Iowa.

5. Clemson

Clemson reassured me that they are a playoff loomer. This week will be a huge resume booster against NC State.

6. Oklahoma

It’s a tough road ahead for Oklahoma to run the table. The upside of a tough road ahead is a chance to have an outstanding resume. They play in the game of the week this week against Oklahoma State.

7. TCU

The Horned Frogs fell victim to the new boys on the block. Iowa State was able to upset TCU. The Horned Frogs are still a legit contender but will need a lot of help along the way.

8. Miami

The U isn’t as bad as people think they are. They have escaped some close games with wins to stay undefeated. Miami now has to beat Virginia Tech and Notre Dame consecutively to reach the playoffs. Win and you’re in.

9. Wisconsin

The playoff committee agreed with my theory that Wisconsin actually need to win against a real football team to be in the Top 5. It will be tough for the Badgers to get any attention grabbing wins.

10. Penn State

Penn State blew their golden opportunity to lock a top 4 spot. The Nittany Lions lead for majority of the game but JT Barrett played out of his mind. Additionally,(!!!) I think Saquon Barkley is so overrated. The heisman race should be wide open in my opinion.

11. Oklahoma State

Mason Rudolph gets his shot at redemption to bring the Cowboys back near the top. He blew his big game against TCU but I think it will happen differently this time around.

12. Virginia Tech

The Hokies are cruising and will jump up a few spots if they can beat Miami.

13. Washington

Washington woke up from a deep offensive sleep. They put up 44 against UCLA after only managing 7 against Arizona State. The PAC 12 is weird. Who knows what will happen win their game against Oregon this week.

14. UCF

UCF is better than people are giving them credit for. They are undefeated and just put up 73 points last week. An undefeated record will buy UCF a New Year’s six spot.

15. Iowa State

The Cyclones have to be the coolest thing to happen to college football this year. Their quarterback plays linebacker for Christ’s sake. Not to mention they have wins over Oklahoma and TCU.

16. Stanford

Stanford absolutely sucks with out Bryce Love. But they get him back for the rest of the season. Therefore, they will still be a decent football team.

17. Auburn

I think Auburn should be on upset alert against Texas A&M this week.

18. USC

USC bounced back in a big way against Arizona State. Darnold reassured us that he can actually play. The Trojans now have a huge opportunity against the ascending Arizona Wildcats.

19. Mississippi State

Miss State got the huge win that they need over TAMU. This week they will destroy UMass.

20. NC State

The Wolfpack were eaten up the Fighting Irish. The moment was just too big for NC State. They can jump back in a big way if they beat Clemson.

21. Arizona

If only Khalil Tate was a starter in Week 1. The heisman trophy would have very well been his. He is one the best players in college football and will be a huge topic heading into next season. This week he can prove himself against USC.

22. LSU

The Troy loss will be forgiven by all LSU fans if they are able to beat Bama on Saturday. It will be a longshot but they have a chance.

23. Memphis

The Tigers crushed Tulane by 30 in their last outing. Memphis doesn’t actually have anyone very threatening that remains on the schedule. Therefore, I expect the Tigers to finish 11-1.

24. Michigan State

Sparty blew their momentum and fell victim to a predictable trap game. I thought Michigan State was good enough to overcome a mediocre Northwestern team. I guess not, either way Penn State this week will be all too much to handle.

25. Washington State

It was a terrible week for Wazzu against Arizona. They were stomped on by Khalil Tate. Wazzu once had such a promising season but it has now been derailed. They are just barely clinging to the last spot in the rankings.

Geary’s Week 9 College Football Rankings

Jack Geary’s College Football Week 9 Top 25 and Analysis Article by Jack Geary

Brought to you by Pro Sports Fandom

1. Alabama

Alabama lit Butch Jones hotseat on fire Saturday by crushing Tennessee 45-7. Alabama doesn’t have any wins against currently ranked teams but it doesn’t really matter. We all know how good Alabama actually is. The Crimson Tide head into the bye week as the clear cut #1 team in the country.

2. Penn State

Michigan’s respect level was diminished by Penn State in the blowout last Saturday. This Saturday Penn State gets another prime time matchup against Ohio State. This matchup has game of the year potential. If Penn State can walk into Columbus and steal the game, they are playoff bound in my mind.

3. Georgia

The Bulldogs had their bye week and will now have to face Florida this week. Georgia is expected to roll over the Gators. Although, don’t be surprised if Florida competes, they still have some guys who can play.

4. TCU

The Horned Frogs currently wear the crown in the Big 12. Every remaining opponent desperately wants to dethrone them. Iowa State will get the first real shot at taking down the kings. Put TCU on upset watch Saturday.

5. Ohio State

JT Barrett enters the most important game of the season Saturday. A win over Penn State would confirm that Ohio State controls its own destiny en route to the playoffs. Ohio State and the Shoe will be rocking Saturday.

6. Miami

Syracuse is strong opponent, don’t forget they were able to beat Clemson. Therefore, give credit to Miami for avoiding being another upset victim. This week the U faces a North Carolina team that just wants this season to be over already.

7. Notre Dame

If anyone thought the #8 spot in my rankings last week was too high for Notre Dame, you were wrong. Put Notre Dame on the playoff radar and put Josh Adams on heisman watch. I’ve been high on this ND team all year and it’s paying dividends now. This week’s opponent NC State is a much better team than USC so it’ll be a challenge for the Fighting Irish in their second consecutive top 15 matchup. I don’t except Notre Dame’s win streak to stop anytime soon.

8. Wisconsin

Wisco cruised against another terrible team. This schedule is a travesty and Wisconsin needs to be apprehended for it. Illinois is the Badgers next “strong” opponent.

9. Clemson

It’s mind boggling that Clemson has had over two weeks since their deflating loss to Syracuse. I’m not convinced this Clemson team is actually all that. This week against Georgia Tech they can prove me wrong. 

10. Oklahoma State

Miraculously Texas was able to hold the fiery Cowboys offense to only 13 points last week. Oklahoma State depends on their offense to win games. That’s why it took overtime to beat Texas with their offense posting so little. The matchup against West Virginia will be a battle between two high powered offensive teams.

11. Oklahoma

Baker Mayfield keeps Oklahoma afloat with his astounding passing game. The Sooners defense doesn’t provide much help to Mayfield. The defense consistently allows near 30 points a game. Mayfield can feast on an average Texas Tech squad and continue to carry the Sooners to wins.

12. Virginia Tech

The Hokies obliterated UNC 59-7 last Saturday. North Carolina’s a basketball school anyways and so is this week’s opponent Duke. Virginia Tech is out to save their season by running the table. They’re a darkhorse playoff contender that absolutely no one is thinking about. 

13. Washington

The bye week allowed Washington even more time to reflect upon their tragic loss to Arizona State. The Huskies must be itching to redeem themselves after a tough two weeks. It’ll be a long night for Josh Rosen if Washington’s defense plays the way they usually do.

14. NC State

Fresh off a bye week the Wolfpack should be prepared to face the surging Fighting Irish. In my opinion, both teams are underrated. This is a heavyweight fight with the Wolfpack being the underdogs.

15. USF

Tulane was hiccup for USF as they were barely able to win. Flowers is still the best player that doesn’t play in a power 5 conference. Continuing, Houston will be a good opportunity for him to show it this week.

16. Washington State

The Cougars blanked Colorado last week. It was a reassuring performance. It proved Washington State was still a talented team. Nonetheless, I believe Khalil Tate and Arizona will upset the deflated Cougs. 

17. Michigan State

Sparty participated in a snooze fest on Saturday. A 17-9 win over Indiana isn’t very impressive. Oddly, this week Michigan State is only a 2.5 favorite against a lacking Northwestern. Personally, I expect Michigan State to handle Northwestern with no problem.

18. UCF

The undefeated record is still in tact for UCF. Central Florida is doing everything in their power to show they deserve to be in a New Year’s six bowl game.

19. Stanford 

Unfortunately, Bryce Love won’t get a chance to pad his stats against an atrocious Oregon State squad. Don’t worry, Stanford should be fine without him.

20. Auburn 

It was a breeze for Stidham and company against Arkansas. Next week Auburn has to face a much tougher Texas A&M team.  

21. West Virginia 

Will Grier currently leads the country in passing touchdowns. Grier doesn’t receive any help from his defense though. It’ll take over 40 points for the West Virginia offense to top Oklahoma State. 

22. USC

The Trojans might be the biggest letdown of the entire season. Sam Darnold was supposed to lead this promising team to a first ever College Football Playoff appearance. Instead, USC has barely escaped from mediocre teams and been thoroughly outplayed by ranked opponents. Notre Dame embarrassed USC and helped damage Darnold’s stock even more.

23. LSU

Derrius Guice reminded fans across the country that he’s one of the top running backs in the nation. A convincing performance of 276 yards was also enough to edge Ole Miss. LSU luckily has a bye week leading up to the always important Alabama matchup.

24. Memphis 

Memphis attained a quality win over Houston last Thursday. Proceeding, they will face a Tulane team that plays everyone close. 

25. Iowa State

The Cyclones are the new kids on the block in college football. They enter the gauntlet of their schedule, taking on TCU, West Virginia, and Oklahoma State. Winning 2 out 3 of these games would keep Iowa State relevant. It all starts against TCU and Iowa State has a real shot to win.

College Football Playoff Predictions (Week 8)

Geary’s College Football Playoff Predictions (Week 8)

 Article by Jack Geary

With most teams having 5 games left in the season, I have finally decided to piece together my playoff predictions for the 2017 College Football Season. Albeit, so much has occurred this year that it makes it much easier to predict the final 4 teams. Michigan has disappeared, the ACC has pretty much deceased, and the PAC 12 has turned into hot garbage. Although, with 5 weeks left, there is still so much to be unraveled. Without further ado, these are my 2017/2018 College Football Playoff Predictions.

(AP rankings were used to address ranked teams)

       1. Alabama

Remaining Tough Games: #23 LSU, #19 Auburn, and MAYBE #3 Georgia (SEC championship)

Reason why they will be in the playoffs: It’s Alabama. Seriously, everyone expects Bama to be in the playoffs. Coming in at 5\4 favorites to win the national championship, the Crimson Tide are expected to cruise to the playoffs. Although, a potential SEC championship game against Georgia could be a shockingly tough game for the Tide. Still, never bet against Saban. Alabama is the most complete team in college football and should own the #1 seed heading into the playoffs.

       2. Penn State

Remaining Tough Games: #6 Ohio State, #16 Michigan State

Reason why they will be in the playoffs: The matchup against Ohio State on Saturday will be the defining game for Penn State’s season. Penn State has a couple of matchups they need to survive in and they will be sitting in the Big ten championship. The Nittany Lions need to limit turnovers and continue to play outstanding defense to get to the playoffs. Penn State will beat Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship, Mark it!

       3. Georgia

Remaining Tough Games: #19 Auburn, MAYBE #1 Alabama

Reason why they will be in the playoffs: Georgia’s road to an undefeated regular season isn’t that daunting. Beat Auburn and you get to face Bama in the SEC championship. I’m banking on Georgia making it a game against Bama in the SEC championship. Everyone on the playoff committee should be fired if a 12-1 Georgia team with a hard fought loss to Alabama is left out of the playoffs. 

       4. Notre Dame

Remaining Tough Games: #14 NC State, #8 Miami, #20 Stanford

Reason why they will be in the playoffs: Those who have been following me throughout this season know that I have been huge on this Notre Dame. After a completely dominating performance against USC, the nation is starting to recognize the Irish as a playoff threat. Although, Notre Dame has a grueling schedule still on the table, I believe they can handle it. ND wins out and sneaks into the playoffs, Mark it. Bring on Bama…

Overview: Only two conferences being represented in the college football playoff would be pandemonium. No Big 12, no ACC, and no PAC 12. It’s possible and it’s my prediction. Let the rest of the season unfold…

Geary’s Week 8 Rankings and Analysis 

Jack Geary’s College Football Week 8 Top 25 and Analysis 
Brought to you by Pro Sports Fandom

This past week was a reminder of how unpredictable college football actually is. Absolutely no one could have imagined the type of losses that four top 10 teams suffered. College football rarely disappoints and this won’t be a year that it does.
1. Alabama

Another Alabama clinic was put on display last week. If you’re an Alabama fan, buy your tickets to the playoffs now…

2. Penn State

The Nittany Lions are coming off the bye week and enter the season defining 3 game stretch. Michigan, Ohio State, and Michigan State are the opponents that Penn State will have to trudge through. If Penn State escapes their next 3 games without a loss, except a playoff appearance.

3. Georgia

Georgia is convincing me that two teams from the same conference reaching the playoffs will occur. The Bulldogs can run the table straight into the SEC championship. 

4. TCU

TCU completely controlled the game against K-State. The game against Kansas on Saturday shouldn’t be any different.

5. Ohio State 

The Buckeyes are doing everything in their power to prove that the Week 2 loss to Oklahoma was a fluke. Ohio State has obliterated every team they have faced since losing. A bye week will give Urban Meyer plenty of time to prepare for a showdown against Penn State.

6. Wisconsin

An 8 point win over Purdue is nothing to gawk over but the Badgers continue to keep racking up wins. The 0 at the end of their record doesn’t truly reflect how good or bad this team is. Wisconsin needs to be tested to prove they are contenders.

7. Miami

The Hurricanes reeled in another close victory over an almost-ranked Georgia Tech. Miami could very easily take over the crumbling ACC. The major tests that remain include Notre Dame and Virginia Tech.

8. Notre Dame

Notre Dame had a bye week to recover and prepare for a season changing matchup against USC. Sam Darnold has been increasingly inconsistent and could be exposed by a much improved Notre Dame defense. The Fighting Irish need this win and I believe they will get it.

9. Clemson

I believe Clemson deserves to fall all the way to spot #9 after a dreadful performance against Syracuse. Unfortunately for Clemson, the ACC as a whole is regressing. Even Clemson’s ranked wins thus far are beginning to lessen in value. Clemson will have to win out for a chance to get back into the top 4 spots.

10. Oklahoma State

Baylor never has a shot against Mason Rudolph. The dark horse heisman candidate helped in pouring on 59 points against Baylor. The Cowboys are still alive and can still strive for a top 4 spot.

11. USC

USC just barely edged Utah to keep playoff hopes alive. This USC team has just had too many close games this season to convince me they are legit. The Trojans will have their hands full on the road against Notre Dame.

12. Oklahoma

As I predicted, Texas was able to compete with Oklahoma. The Sooners don’t appear to be a dominant team anymore. The opportunity to reach dominance once again will come against Kansas State this week.

13. Virginia Tech

The Hokies are well rested from the bye week and should be ready to clobber North Carolina.

14. Washington

Arizona State stunned the college football world by upsetting Washington. This shows the true colors of the Huskies, who still have no big wins tied to their name. I’m just surprised it wasn’t a ranked team that handed Washington their first loss.

15. NC State

Pitt was an easy target for the Wolfpack. NC State will now get to take the week off and watch their next opponent take on USC. The Wolfpack should root for Notre Dame to beat USC perpetuating a top 15 matchup. (College Gameday would most likely make an appearance.)

16. USF

South Florida proved once again that they deserve a shot in a major bowl by blowing out Cincinnati. USF can impress this week by blowing out Tulane.

17. Washington State

Wazzu played as if they were an FCS team that California payed to play. Although, miraculously Washington State still deserves the #17 spot. One game shouldn’t completely take away from the progress that the Cougars have made this season. Although, another outing like that one and the Cougars can say goodbye to being in the rankings.

18. Michigan State

The Spartans won’t blow teams out but instead outlast them. For that reason, I don’t see Michigan State as a playoff threat. Against many of the top 10 teams, Michigan State would get killed.

19. UCF

Central Florida impressed again with a 63-14 win over East Carolina. The Knights will look to stay undefeated against a threatening Navy squad.

20. Michigan 

It was a close call against Indiana for Michigan last week. Michigan isn’t as good of a team as the early season games suggested. Their offense has struggled mightily with the loss of Wilton Speight. This week’s game against Penn State is make or break.

21. Stanford

If the season ended today the heisman trophy would belong to Bryce Love. He torched Oregon to reach another 100 yard rushing game. Also, Stanford’s defense held Oregon to 33!!!! passing yards. 

22. Auburn

Auburn let all their momentum slip away by losing to an already underachieving LSU team. Gus Malzahn can take part of the blame for the loss. Auburn’s coach was flawed in managing the game against LSU.

23. West Virginia

Will Grier tossed 5 touchdowns against Texas Tech. He also tossed West Virginia right back into the rankings. West Virginia is very underrated and could be undefeated if a few things would have went their way. 

24. LSU

I was reluctant to place LSU back into the top 25 but an impressive win over Auburn leaves me with no choice. Although, the Tigers still have plenty of room for improvement and are already out of the playoff race. 

25. Kentucky 

Many will disagree that Kentucky deserves to be ranked but I believe they have done enough. The Wildcats suffered their only loss of the season to Florida. The Gators had to come from behind to shock Kentucky after being outplayed throughout most of the game. Kentucky can validate their 5-1 record by upsetting Mississippi State this week. 

Geary’s Week 7 Rankings And Analysis

Jack Geary’s College Football Week 7 Top 25 and Analysis 
Brought to you by Pro Sports Fandom

1. Alabama

Alabama came down to earth a little bit by beating Texas A&M by 8. I agree with Nick Saban that “they aren’t going to beat every team 66-3”. Although, Alabama does have the talent to blow out literally any team. Arkansas is Bama’s next victim.

2. Clemson 

Wake Forest was a nice break from ranked opponents for Clemson. Clemson will now take on a decent Syracuse squad. The #2 spot is secure for Clemson.

3. Penn State

I saw in person how dominant Penn State was against Northwestern. Saquon Barkley didn’t even have a good game and Penn State was still never close to losing. Next week’s matchup against Michigan will be a tough one for the Nittany Lions.

4. Georgia

I’m starting to believe in Georgia as a serious playoff contender. Their resume is impeccable. Georgia has beat every opponent -besides Notre Dame- by at least 21. Georgia should crush Missouri this week and continue to play a peak level.

5. TCU

The Horned Frogs were actually outplayed in the first half against West Virginia. TCU got a few breaks and in the end managed to close out the Mountaineers. K-State will surely challenge the Horned Frogs Saturday.

6. Washington 

It’s a shame that Washington hasn’t played a single team worth mentioning because I do believe that this team would be beating ranked teams if they had the chances.

7. Wisconsin 

This Wisconsin team looks complete and shouldn’t be threatened on their way to the Big Ten championship. It is evident that Wisconsin’s offense is potent. The offense hasn’t put up less than 30 points in every game this year. It’s undefeated or bust for Wisconsin due to their weak regular season schedule.

8. Ohio State

The Buckeyes once again appear to be that powerhouse team that we are used to seeing. They beat down on Maryland and should beat down on Nebraska this week.

9. Washington State

Wazzu just keeps winning. Surprisingly, Oregon was no match for the Cougars. California shouldn’t threaten Wazzu but after dark anything can happen.

10. Miami

The matchup between Miami and Florida State was an absolute thriller. The U walked into the Doak and grabbed a last second win against the Seminoles. Contrary to popular belief the 1-3 Seminoles are talented and this was an impressive win out of Miami. Miami will look to continue their hot streak against Georgia Tech.

11. USC

I wrote last week that Oregon State would be a good bounce back game for USC and it was indeed. USC cruised to a victory and got some of their swagger back. Utah is a great resume builder if USC can top them.

12. Auburn

Auburn took care of Ole Miss with no problem. Taking down LSU might be another story for Auburn. Auburn’s offense can be off the charts or very stagnant. The Tigers recently have been exceeding on offense and will have to continue the trend against LSU if they are going to win.

13. Oklahoma

Losing to Iowa State is disappointing to say the least. Iowa State is a poor loss. Although, Oklahoma cut it close with Baylor and it was only a matter of time before a team took advantage of Oklahoma’s vulnerability. Maybe I’m overreacting but I think the Sooners should be on upset alert once again this week against Texas.

14. Notre Dame

Ian Book was a sufficient fill in for injured Brandon Wimbush. Notre Dame looks like a top 10 team and if they can beat and will get the chance to propel themselves into the top 10 if they can beat USC in 2 weeks. The bye week comes at a perfect time with Wimbush getting time to recover from his injury and being able to prepare for USC.

15. Oklahoma State 

The Cowboys got through their bye week and were able to mentally prepare for the second half of the season. Baylor is probably the best winless team in years. Consequently, it could be a contest between Oklahoma State and Baylor. Mason Rudolph will prevail in the end.

16. Virginia Tech

Boston College played Virginia Tech closer than most would expect. Virginia Tech will now step into the bye week with a vision of a winnable reaming schedule on the table.

17. Michigan 

Saturday was an eye opener for College Football fans. Michigan isn’t who we thought they were. The offense could barely convert any drives into points and that’s why they lost. With Penn State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State still on the remains schedule, it will be a miracle if Michigan sneaks into the playoffs.

18. USF

South Florida didn’t get the chance to show out against UMass due to the game being cancelled. This week they will get a chance to beat up on a struggling Cincinnati team.

19. NC State

If it wasn’t for that pesky season opening loss to South Carolina, NC State would be a hot topic. The Wolfpack is still respected, especially with a quality win over Louisville. NC State will face Pitt this week.

20. San Diego State

Put San Diego State on upset alert. Boise State is dangerous and SDSU is vulnerable. Every few years Boise State pulls of a big upset and this could easily be one of those games. Also, it should be mentioned that the Aztecs played Washington State really close. Wazzu needed three overtimes to edge Boise State. The San Diego State game is definitely one to watch Saturday.

21. UCF

Central Florida remains undefeated but also owns no overwhelming wins. This week they get to beat up on East Carolina while wearing some dope threads.

22. Michigan State 

Everyone wants to jump the gun on Michigan State but I would advise you to pump the brakes. I do believe they deserve the 22nd spot with their impressive resume. Although, this team is very beatable. Minnesota could even eek out a win Saturday. Sparty will have to keep winning close games if they want to stay ranked.

23. Texas Tech

Texas Tech obliterated Kansas last week and will take on a fringe top 25 team in West Virginia. The Mountaineers are a few plays away from being undefeated but they are currently unranked due to having 2 losses. Therefore, Texas Tech should be put on upset alert this week.

24. Navy 

The Midshipmen have just barely mustered wins throughout this season. A 2 point win against Tulane, a 3 point win against Air Force, and a 10 point win over Tulsa is nothing to brag about. Although, Navy is still undefeated and has a fantastic opportunity to gain some believers if they can beat Memphis on Saturday.

25. Stanford

I love Bryce Love. Seriously, if the season ended today, Bryce Love would be my heisman. He’s generating absurd numbers and is resurrecting Stanford’s once pitiful season. Stanford can confirm their ranking deservingness by beating Oregon.

On the Horizon: Georgia Tech, Kentucky

Geary’s Week 6 Rankings and Analysis

Jack Geary’s College Football Week 6 Top 25 and Analysis 
Brought to you by Pro Sports Fandom

1. Alabama

This Alabama Football team is beginning to look more like an NFL team than a college team. I seriously don’t know who could beat Bama right now. 66-3 against Ole Miss is ridiculous. Bama now gets a quality Texas A&M team Saturday.

2. Clemson 

No one in the country has a better resume of wins than Clemson. Clemson has beaten three top 15 teams this season. They have won two college gameday matchups on the road and look ready to face up with anyone. The Tigers are the biggest threat to Alabama.

3. Oklahoma 

After a week of rest, Oklahoma should be prepared to roll over Iowa State. 

4. Penn State

Penn State cruised versus Indiana this past week. Now they will get to face a team that was 99 yards away from taking a top 10 team to overtime. Northwestern could stir up a close game at home against Penn State but in the end I expect the Nittany Lion’s talent to overcome the Wildcats.

5. Georgia

Jake from State Fromm (Jake Fromm) showed flashes in UGA’s blowout against Tennessee. Either Tennessee flat out sucks or this Georgia defense is top 5 in the country. It’s probably a mixture of both. The Bulldogs haven’t allowed more than 19 points in a game this season and will look to continue that streak against a struggling Vanderbilt team.

6. Washington

After dark is when the Huskies feast on their weak prey. Oregon State was another victim of Washington’s powerful offense. Washington hasn’t come close to losing a game this year. Although, with the lack of ranked opponents on the Huskies’ schedule, it’s tough to give Washington appropriate recognition.

7. TCU

After a week off, the Horned Frogs will get a superb opportunity to play against West Virginia in a College Gameday matchup. Stopping Will Grier will be the key to victory Saturday.

8. Ohio State

Rutgers was an easy win for Ohio State, as expected. Ohio State is heavily favored again in this week’s matchup against Maryland.

9. Michigan

Jim Harbaugh spent his his bye week diving off of the Michigan diving planks while still rocking his signature khakis. Michigan should be loose for their matchup with the state rival Michigan State. Also, John O’Korn will be heavily studied by Michigan State as they look to stop the new starting quarterback for Michigan.

10. Wisconsin

The Badgers were 99 yards away from needing overtime to beat Northwestern. After taking a commanding lead in the 4th, they allowed a Northwestern to nearly make a miraculous comeback. 

11. Washington State

Wazzu! Last week I semi-predicted the fourth quarter survival of Washington state by writing “Washington State is a team that is good enough to outlast USC if it’s close late in the game”. Washington State proved their worth and will have to prove it once again in their matchup against Oregon.

12. USC

This isn’t the Sam Darnold that the college football nation thought they would see thus far. Darnold only completed about half his passes and threw a costly interception. Although, nothing was more costly than the game-losing fumble by Darnold. USC can use this week’s game against Oregon State as a bounce back confidence booster.

13. Miami

The matchup against Florida State Saturday is lacking deserved attention due to Florida State’s forgettable start to the season. The U will have their hands full figuring out how to stop Florida State’s athletes. Of course, Miami is still favored in this game and will solidify themselves as a top 15 team by beating the Seminoles.

14. Auburn

For the second week in a row, Auburn’s offense imploded for 49 points against a respected Mississippi State squad. Ole Miss is next up on the list of victims for Auburn.

15. Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State barely edged Texas Tech 41-34 this past week. Overall, I would take the win as a positive due to the fact that I still believe Texas Tech is underrated. The Cowboys enter bye week with a respectable 4-1 record. Mike Gundy’s mullet could use a week off.

16. USF

Many probably didn’t even notice but USF was busy this Saturday dropping 61 against East Carolina. Unfortunately, the game against the 0-6 UMass Minutemen is cancelled this week. That means USF won’t be able to go for 100.

17. Louisville 

Louisville will enter Thursday with a lot to prove. NC State is a tough matchup for the Cards but Louisville is still the favorite. Lamar Jackson needs to reintroduce himself with a big time performance as it seems all of college football is sleeping on him once again.

18. Virginia Tech

Clemson was too much for the Hokies to handle. Virginia Tech just wasn’t able to take that leap into the top tier. Virginia Tech is still a talented top 20 team but isn’t talented enough to compete for a national title.

19. Notre Dame

Notre Dame had a field day against Miami (OH) beating them 52-17. Josh Adams continues to impress and currently has more rushing yards than the current heisman favorite Saquon Barkley. Due to the Wimbush’s injury it appears that backup Ian Book will take the reigns at quarterback against North Carolina. Irish fans shouldn’t be worried though, Ian Book will surprise many with his terrific passing skills.

20. San Diego State

The Aztecs narrowly defeated another less talented team this past week. SDSU needs to create statement wins against lesser teams. UNLV would be a great start. 

21. Florida 

The Gators temporarily silenced the doubters with an impressive win against Vandy. Upcoming opponent LSU is imploring for a win after pathetically losing to Troy at home. If Florida truly is here to stay they shouldn’t have any problem against LSU.

22. Utah

After a week of rest, Utah gears up to face Stanford. In all honesty, it’s very likely that Stanford will boot the Utes out of the rankings. Good luck Utah…

23. West Virginia

West Virginia enters the matchup against TCU as 13 point underdogs. Personally, I believe that the Mountaineers are capable of pulling off the upset against a surging TCU team. Will Grier will have to continue to ball out for West Virginia to snag a win.

24. NC State

I was a rather earlier buyer on North Carolina State and it has paid dividends. An absolute huge test occurs for the Wolfpack on Thursday against Louisville. If the defense can contain Lamar Jackson they have a real shot to steal this game.

25. UCF

Welcome to the party UCF. I for one, didn’t expect an appearance in the rankings from UCF to happen this season. After a massacre against Memphis, I am left with no choice but to insert the ascending Knights into the top 25. 

On the Horizon: Florida State, Oregon, Stanford, Texas A&M

Geary’s Week 5 Rankings and Analysis

Jack Geary’s College Football Week 5 Top 25 and Analysis. 

Brought to you by Pro Sports Fandom

1. Alabama

Who wants Bama? Honestly, no one should. You are going to lose if you play Alabama. The game against Vanderbilt was over in the first quarter and it validated Bama’s dominance. I’m convinced if Alabama started their second stringers they would still run the table. It’s Alabama’s national title to lose at this point.

2. Clemson

For 3 quarters it seemed as if Clemson was vulnerable to lose to a far less talented team. Then the Tigers exploded and finished off Boston College with a 34-7 win. Clemson gets its biggest test if the season Saturday against Virginia Tech. If they win Saturday, running the table would seem incredibly plausible.

3. Oklahoma

Weirdly, Baylor was able to hang with Oklahoma. The Sooners showed their defense is vulnerable. Although, Oklahoma gets a week off to figure it out.

4. Penn State

Penn State dodged a bullet by barely escaping Kinnick Stadium with a win. This game had all the ingredients of an upset and it came oh so close. The Nittany Lions look to have escaped their trap game and will take on Indiana this week. Saquon Barkley continues to keep his heisman campaign ascending.

5. USC

USC is content with outlasting teams and winning games in the fourth quarter. Although, Washington State is a team that is good enough to outlast USC if it’s close late in the game. This is definitely a season defining game for USC.

6. Georgia

The Bulldogs are absolutely flame right now. There are hardly any flaws to this football team right now. The offense is stellar and the defense is stupendous. Georgia is the hottest team in the country and should beat a lingering Tennessee team.

7. Washington

Washington completely dominated Colorado. If it wasn’t for the monumental win from Georgia, I would have slid Washington into that sixth spot. Washington doesn’t have any big time games approaching on the schedule and should cruise for a while.

8. Ohio State

The Buckeyes beat up on another weak victim. UNLV was no match for Ohio State. Neither is Rutgers… Skip to next week.

9. TCU

The Horned Frogs took a huge leap into the top 10 this week. They were able to shut down Mason Rudolph and create their own bandwagon. TCU gets their bye week leaving up to another ranked matchup against West Virginia.

10. Michigan

Harbaugh knows how to control a game and has continued to do so every week this season. Michigan will look to control the game against Michigan State for their first conference win.

11. Wisconsin

The Badgers have demolished every team they have faced this year. This week shouldn’t be any different but for some reason I think Northwestern will make it a close game this week. The Big 10 is a wacky conference, you never know.

12. Virginia Tech

Saturday is a program changing opportunity that has been earned by Virginia Tech. The Hokies would take the college football world by storm if they beat the (win) streaking Tigers. The ACC is their’s if they beat Clemson. These are all “ifs”, but Saturday we will see if Virginia Tech is a contender.

13. Miami

The Hurricanes have benefited from fellow ranked teams losing as they move up week by week. Duke is an underrated team that is on the fringe of entering the rankings. Expect Miami to be challenged at the very least in their first true test.

14. Auburn

Redemption will be on the mind of Mississippi State as they take on Auburn. They just got clobbered by Georgia and need a bounce back game. Although, Auburn is too talented. Stidham should hold off the Bulldogs.

15. Oklahoma State

Not even Mike Gundy’s mullet could save Oklahoma State from TCU. Seriously though, this was an extremely underwhelming performance from a highly regarded top 10 team. Mason Rudolph and the Cowboys get a bounce back opportunity against an underrated, and undefeated Texas Tech team.

16. USF

South Florida did wonders to boost their stock this week against Temple. The Bulls dominated on both sides of the ball. As expected, the offense did their thing with Flowers at the helm. A pleasant surprise was the defense dominating Temple for a complete game. USF’s defense is the key to an undefeated season.

17. Louisville

Spirits are down in Louisville; as they should be. The FBI investigation of Louisville basketball could trickle to all sports at the university, including football. Bobby Petrino isn’t a loyal coach and I wouldn’t be surprised if he bolted at the end of this season. For the time being, Louisville will continue to handle business against Murray State this Saturday.

18. Washington State

Luke Falk has put up ridiculous stats this year with a 14 touchdown to 1 interception ratio. Albeit Luke Falk is impressive but USC has a stingier defense than Nevada. Falk will need to play lights out to beat USC.

19. San Diego State

The game between San Diego State and Air Force was played in unbearable conditions. 88 minutes were needed for a rain delay but in the end San Diego State was able to outlast Air Force. Rashad Penny is generating a little heisman buzz too.

20. Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish have jumped back onto the national radar after two preeminent wins. The Michigan State win on the road was convincing enough to move ND back into the top 20. I expect Notre Dame to keep churning out wins against mediocre opponents leading up to a highly anticipated USC matchup. If ND could beat USC they would be slung into the playoff conversation. For now they will take on Miami of Ohio.

21. Florida

The Gators looked less than impressive in the win against Kentucky. If Florida wants to remain in the rankings they need to show more. Vanderbilt will be a test to prove Florida’s legitimacy.

22. Utah

Utah did just enough to beat Arizona and stay in the rankings. As I always say, wins are wins. But a matchup against Stanford will be a tougher one to seize for Utah.

23. West Virginia

Will Grier and West Virginia have been posting sick numbers. Will Grier is a top college football qb and in my opinion is very underrated. A fourth straight 50+ point game for the Mountaineers would be enough to upset TCU.

24. NC State

The Wolfpack appearing in my rankings may come as a surprise to readers. Although, this team has talent and is a sleeper ACC contender. Ryan Finley did enough to beat the coveted Florida State defense and will be able to beat middle of the toad ACC teams. It will be determined if NC State can pick up bigger wins against upcoming Louisville and Notre Dame.

25. LSU

Many questions remain about LSU. One relating to the quarterback playing time dealing with Danny Etling and Myles Brennan. Etling is expected to remain the started but Brennan is getting chances and could steal some reps. Regardless of the starting quarterback LSU should roll over Troy Saturday.

On the Horizon: Texas Tech, Iowa, Miss. State, Duke

Geary’s Week 4 Rankings and Analysis

Jack Geary’s College Football Week 4 Top 25 and Analysis

Brought to you by Pro Sports Fandom

1. Alabama

Bama proved once again they are the best team in college football. Saban will take on the trendy Commodores Saturday.

2. Clemson

What a week for Clemson! The Tigers dominated Lamar Jackson and the Cardinals. Clemson is pushing hard for the top spot but will need to add more quality wins in the future.

3. Oklahoma

Oklahoma cruised past Tulane on Saturday. Their demotion to #3 is not a penalty to their latest performance but rather a nod to Clemson for the dominating win over Jackson’s Cardinals. With that being said, the heisman hopeful, Baker Mayfield, has more upcoming games to impress the nation.

4. Penn State

Penn State absolutely dominated Georgia State in an easy fashion. Barkley continues to demand heisman attention. Iowa will be a sizable matchup for the rising Lions.

5. Oklahoma State

I have been extremely confident in the ability of this team since before the seasons started. I believe in this team even more now than before the season started. Rudolph looks like the best player in college football and the Cowboys look like they pose a great threat to make the college football playoffs. The Cowboys have a great challenge against TCU this week.

6. USC

The game that stole the spotlight Saturday was the USC-Texas game. This matchup lived up to the hype and then some. Although, this thriller showed USC is vulnerable to be beaten.

7. Washington

The Huskies won’t gain any new votes to move up in the rankings by beating up on weak opponents. Washington needs to gain some quality conference wins to enhance their rank.

8. Ohio State

All smooth sailing for Ohio State this week. This is the Ohio State we are used to seeing. It’ll be a while till they are challenged again.

9. Florida State

The Seminoles finally get to play a game this week. After 2 weeks of cancelled games, the Noles should be ready to embrace their boisterous home crowd against NC State. Tomahawk Chop!

10. Michigan

It wasn’t a pretty win for Michigan against Air Force. A 16 point win against Air Force isn’t very sexy but it’ll do. Michigan gets Purdue this Saturday.

11. Wisconsin

The Badgers clobbered BYU by 34. Hornibrook played nearly perfect completed 18 of his 19 passes. Northwestern won’t be able to match up with the Badgers if they play the way they did against BYU.

12. Georgia

Samford wasn’t a match for Georgia and it was evident. Georgia gets a big time game Saturday against newly popular Mississippi State. This game will prove if Georgia is actually back.

13. Virginia Tech

East Carolina wasn’t a problem for the Hokies. A commanding win against East Carolina was impressive. Virginia Tech will get to destroy Old Dominion this week.

14. Miami

As well as Florida State, Miami has been waiting since their opener to play again. They finally will get back in action against Toledo this week.

15. Auburn

Auburn was pretty shaky against an awful Mercer team. This offense needs to figure it out if they want to beat SEC teams.

16. TCU

The Horned Frogs are a very underrated group. They get their chance this week against a surging Oklahoma State team. Kenny Trill needs to put on a show if they want a chance to win.

17. USF

South Florida shut down all the talk that they shouldn’t still be in the rankings. After avoiding a few upsets to start the season, the Bulls responded with a commanding win over Illinois. Quinton Flowers impressed with five touchdowns. The Bulls will try to keep proving their worth, especially with cancelled opportunities.

18. Mississippi State

Nick Fitzgerald has jumped onto the scene out of nowhere. No One thought Miss. State would be able to beat LSU. The doubters of Mississippi State were silenced with a surprising 30 point win over LSU. This week Mississippi State has a chance to authenticate their giant leap if they can beat Georgia.

19. Louisville

Louisville blew their golden opportunity, in an ugly fashion. It was evident that this team just didn’t have enough talent to hang with Clemson. Lamar Jackson can’t win by himself, no matter how good he is.

20. Florida

The Gators were a Hail Mary away from starting the season 0-2. Two losses to start the season doesn’t sit well with anyone residing in Gainesville. Florida should be on upset alert against an undefeated Kentucky team.

21. Oregon

Josh Allen’s stock is suffering after his abysmal performance against Oregon. I believe this was the result of Oregon’s impressive defense, not Josh Allen’s personal performance. Either way, the Ducks’ are clicking in every aspect. Watch out.

22. San Diego State

In all honesty, I didn’t believe San Diego State would be able to hang with Stanford, let alone beat them. The Stanford win proved to me that this team is for real. Rashad Penny is living up to his preceder by rushing for hundreds. Looking through SDSU’s schedule it wouldn’t surprise me if this team ends the season undefeated.

23. Washington State

This is the first appearance for Washington State in my rankings. Due to the losses of other teams, I decided Washington State was good enough to enter the top 25. Nevada will be a cakewalk for them this week.

24. Utah

Utah has a tough stretch of games coming up and it will show if they belong in the rankings or not. Although, this matchup against Arizona is the only thing on the agenda for Utah currently.

25. Vanderbilt

Vandy owns a posh defense that can slow down any offense in the country. Their defense will get the tremendous chance to show their defensive dominance against the number one team in the country. Alabama may make the commodores appearance in the rankings a short one. Either way, this is a powerful football team that already has an impressive win on the resumé.

(New) On the Horizon: Maryland, Notre Dame, West Virginia

Geary’s Week 3 college football rankings and analysis

Jack Geary’s College Football Week 3 Top 25 and Analysis

Brought to you by Pro Sports Fandom

1. Alabama

Nothing new in Tuscaloosa, Bama crushed Fresno State in an easy outing. The Tide will attempt to roll over another non Power 5 team next in Colorado State.

2. Oklahoma

Statement win for Oklahoma. Baker Mayfield capitalized in the outstanding opportunity to pounce on Ohio State and avenge his devastating loss from last year. Baker stabbed the heart of Ohio State with his flag after the game, incredibly symbolic.


3. Clemson

Dabo just can’t lose. His defense dominated in the low scoring affair against Auburn. Clemson doesn’t need to win in a thrilling fashion, they get the job done any way necessary. A boring 14-6 win doesn’t thrill fans but wins are wins regardless. Let’s see if this nasty defense can contain the College Football President, Lamar Jackson…

4. Penn State

Coach Franklin bragged about his win over Akron, I mean Pitt in the press conference after the game. Seriously though, this looked like an easy win over a respectable football team. Penn State will keep it rolling as 38 point favorites against Georgia State.

5. USC

The Trojans got their first signature win of the year over the Stanford Cardinals in a dominant fashion. Darnold impressed and the Trojans’ running game continued to run the show. USC can, in theory, avenge their 2005 championship loss against Texas this week. No not really, this Texas team isn’t even close to being at that legendary level. I like USC to mop the floor against Texas Saturday with little historical implications.

6. Washington

The Huskies get to bully another weak opponent this week against Fresno State. Washington looked good, as they should, against Montana last week. Real competition is needed to prove anything new.

7. Ohio Stateunnamed.jpg

Ohio State just didn’t look like themselves against Oklahoma. Maybe I’m not giving enough credit to Oklahoma but the Buckeyes need to solve their lackluster performance. If Ohio State can’t return to their dominant image, losses could be looming against Penn State and Michigan. Time to turn it up in Columbus.

8. Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State is easily my favorite team to watch so far this season. There is no more exciting offense in college football than the one being generated by Mason Rudolph. Rudolph should continue to light it up against Pitt this week and continue to gain national recognition.

9. Florida State

No new analysis can be processed on Florida State due to their game being canceled because of the Hurricane. Hopefully, the game scheduled against Miami Saturday will be played in the near future. The Miami matchup would be a statement win for the currently winless Seminoles.

10. Michigan

Ty Isaac is a new bright spot on this ascending Michigan team. The Wolverines confirmed their status as a top ten team against Cincinnati, proving the Florida opener wasn’t a fluke. Michigan’s offense needs to continue to revamp against Air Force this week.

11. Wisconsin

The Badgers continued their superiority against another undermatched opponent this past week against FAU. Wisco looks solid but needs to make more statement wins against these weak opponents if they want to ascend in the rankings.

12. LSU

I don’t know what it is with Chattanooga playing Alabama or LSU every year but I don’t like it. From a fan’s point of view, it’s blatantly a waste of time. Chattanooga never beats SEC powerhouses. Anyways, LSU should be fresh for their deceptively tricky matchup against Mississippi State this weekend.

13. Louisville

I said it before the season, “buy in on Louisville and Lamar Jackson.” If there is ever a time to buy in on the Cards it’s right now. Lamar Jackson looks even better than I pictured and can single handedly carry this team over any opponent. He’s averaging over 500 yards a game this season and will attempt to win his signature game Saturday. Revenge should be consuming his mind leading up to a rematch of last year’s showdown against Clemson.

14. Georgia

Lorenzo Carter’s game winning forced fumble/sack booted Notre Dame out of the rankings for a while. Fromm flashed talent but still needs improve if he wants to be an absolute dude and take time from Eason. Georgia’s fans created a Red Sea in Notre Dame Stadium and helped their team rip away ND’s coming out game. Georgia is now rewarded with an easy game against Samford this week. Not to mention, Georgia delivered a message to the SEC that they are for real.

15. Miami

The U was another program that was dealt the unfortunate circumstances of having to cancel their game due to the hurricane. Miami will have a great opportunity to prove their worth against Florida State, whenever that game will be played.

16. Auburn

6 points. 6 points in a game is not acceptable if you are trying to meet those hefty playoff aspirations. Clemson absolutely shut down any offense that Auburn tried to produce in the Saturday night showdown. Auburn still has more than enough talent to run the table. Although, it needs to show up in big games. Winning the game against Mercer this weekend won’t prove anything. Big wins= Playoff spot.

17. Stanford

The USC matchup produced a lackluster performance from Stanford. Coach Shaw couldn’t get his team to overcome the talent of the new age USC. Darnold just couldn’t be stopped by Stanford. San Diego State is the next test for Stanford to improve.

18. Virginia Tech

27-0 against Delaware is a decent performance for a team that had one of the best Week 1 wins. Except the Hokies to upgrade their point total this week against the sluggish East Carolina defense this week.

19. USF

Unfortunately, South Florida’s game against Uconn was also cancelled last week due to the hurricane. The game Saturday against Illinois would be a nice resume building win for USF.

20. Kansas State

After blowing out another weak team, K-State will get a real test this week against Vanderbilt. Currently averaging 55 points a game, K-State will attempt to once again produce a large sum of points.

21. TCU

The Horned Frogs proved they are legit and won a challenging matchup against Arkansas. Winning isn’t easy against SEC teams but TCU is showing that they should be respected this year. Trillville will invite SMU to get the business this week at his house.

22. Florida

Florida also had to unfortunately cancel their game this weekend. A quarterback situation needs to be defined if the Gators want a chance against Tennessee. It’s win or go home for Florida in terms of College Football Playoff chances.

23. Tennessee

Indiana State isn’t a win worth gushing over. Although, a win over Florida would give Tennessee a massive second quality win. Tennessee needs to keep racking up respectable wins to keep Butch Jones off the hot seat.

24. UCLA

Josh Rosen was able to pad the stats in a dominating win over Hawaii. Rosen looks the best he ever has which is great news for his draft stock. UCLA will need Josh Rosen to keep carrying them as they look to rout Memphis.

25. Oregon

Welcome to the rankings Oregon! It’s been awhile since Oregon has had a very talented football team but this year it seems that they once again will have a very talented football team. Even though he has been there the whole time, Justin Herbert looks like the QB that Oregon has been searching for these past 2 years. Finally, This web footed football team of Oregon will bring pressure against the NFL draft darling Josh Allen.

(New) On the Horizon: Maryland, Utah, Ole Miss