How to Really Make Stubs

This list will help you maximize your stub count.  These tips helped my lineup go from a high tier silver/low tier gold to an almost all diamond team.  I will help you get as many stubs as possible while not wasting any stubs.


While you may have heard of this before, you might not know the key types of cards to invest in.  The lowest risk/ lowest reward card type is the Live Series.  While there may not be as much of a margin in these cards, they will seem to always hover around the same price.  Another option is flipping equipment.  Not many know about flipping equipment, so you may be able to make the most stubs this way.  The approach that I took when flipping cards was on different series, personally I flipped Rookie and Breakout, but that was before there were many Impact Veteran or All Star players.  Just look over these different series and see which one fits you.

Battle Royale:

If you are a great player and have a tough time making stubs, the easiest way is playing Battle Royale.  Even if you are a mediocre player, BR may be the way to go.  Some 6 game rewards may go for 6-10k, while some 9 game rewards may even go for 20k.  The 12 game reward is always a Diamond, which is always expensive, especially when it isn’t a Live Series player. The 12-0 rewards are what’ll make you rich,  the rewards possible are 98 Adrian Beltre, 98 Jason Giambi, 97 Matt Harvey, 97 Buster Posey, 97 Eric Gagne, 97 Phil Niekro, 96 Joey Votto, or 95 Jorge Posada.  If worst comes to worst, the 1,500 stubs it costs for drafting a team will get you a pack.

MyCareer Missions:

While there aren’t many tips to completing these missions, they will just come with the more games you play.  The first part of these missions will give you 14k stubs and the second part will give you 9k stubs.  For example, for home runs, you would need 300 for the first part, while only 200 for the second.  If you are playing against the CPU, make sure to buy Polo Grounds to play at.  This stadium will be much easier to hit home runs and triples at.  The easiest one to complete is Pitcher Wins (play conquest, events, or BR). 


Earlier in the year, I bought 10 Marcel Ozuna’s because I thought that he would go up to gold, with the way he was playing.  The key is to not sell these players too early, because I sold mine for around 2k, before he went up to an 89 and quite possible a diamond in the next few weeks.  Make sure to check out @ProSportsFandom weekly for predictions on upgrades.

Spend Your Stubs Wisely:

In my time playing the show, I suggest to never spend Stubs on packs, they seem to never be worth it.  Don’t buy a player if they are having a horrible season, for they may go down in overall, causing a dropage in price.


How To Get Doubles Easy

When playing Diamond Dynasty recently, I have found myself in the situations to need doubles. After having a horrible time trying to get 5 doubles with 93 Buddy Bell for the Team Epic. This card rarely hits gap shots and has only 49 speed. Once I finished this challenge, I figured that there had to be some other way. Well I found the way to get doubles for any mission, or just my career missions.
Now that I am getting closer to finishing the Diamond Program, at 62%, I had to finish the mission to get a Walk, Double, and Run against the CPU with the Rookie Griffey. After seeming to try everything, from playing on rookie to get the double to playing on legend to get the walk, I found the perfect way. I started a game on All Star Difficulty, and had Griffey lead off. If I didn’t get walked the first AB, I would quit. Once I got walked, I tried to get a base hit. If it seems like I would only get a single, I would run to second anyways. Don’t stop at second, keep rounding to go to the third. The second baseman will miss the tag, and you will be able to run right past him. Once they miss the tag, turn around and go back to second. Most of the time they will not be paying attention and you can slide back in for a double.

Best Team Epics to Complete



While 99 David Wright and 99 Andre Dawson may seem intriguing, the sets may cost too much for the casual player. Completing the Mets’ collection would cost around 170k, while the Nationals’ collection would cost about 395k. If you are a player that doesn’t have this many stubs, these collections may be for you.

Royals Collection/ Team Epic

The collection costs less than 15k, and the collection reward and team epic reward will be well worth it. When completing the collection, you will get Joakim Soria, an 89 overall closing pitcher.  The Team Epic Reward is 92 Lorenzo Cain, a CF who excels at hitting lefties, fielding, and speed.

Twins Collection/ Team Epic

The collection costs around 7k, which means almost anyone can complete this. When finishing the collection, an 89 SP Phil Hughes will be acquired.  The Team Epic Reward is 91 Glen Perkins, who is a lefty CP.  Good lefties are hard to find, therefore this Team Epic should be one of the first that you complete.

blg 33 twins marlins snow

Brewers Collection/ Team Epic

It will cost around 14k to complete the collection.  The Collection Reward is John Axford, an 89 CP with a great H/9 and K/9. After completing the Team Epic, you will be rewarded with a 92 Jonathan Lucroy, a catcher with great contact and above average fielding.


Cardinals Collection/ Team Epic

This will cost about 5k.  The reward for the collection is 84 RF Carlos Beltran.  The whole reason to finish this is for the Team Epic Reward, which is 94 Orlando Cepeda.  Cepeda is a 1B with outstanding hitting stats, 90 Contact R, 98 Contact L, 95 Power L, and 90 Vision.

Cepeda Orlando 607.92_Act_NBL

Padres Collection/ Team Epic

The collection will cost around 2-3k.  The reward for collecting the whole team is 80 overall 1B Willie McCovey, who has 98 Power R.  The Team Epic Reward is 86 RF Tony Gwynn, who has exceptional stats for a gold, 99 Contact R, 90 Contact L, 99 Vision, 80+ all defensive, and 90 Speed.

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