The 2 Big Winners Of The Summer

This offseason has hit the NBA world with a lot of shocking trades and signings again. Two teams this offseason seem to have gotten exceeded their expectations with their moves this offseason.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder started off free agency with a massive resigning with Paul George. Westbrook was a big part of that trying to get him to stay and hosting a big free agency party at his house. Oklahoma City also resigned Jerami Grant who was a great defender and provided a lot of energy off the bench that Thunder fans just loved last season. Grant was a big win for the Thunder because many thought the Thunder didn’t have enough money to keep him. Nerlens Noel was also acquired by the Thunder who still has a lot of potential in him that maybe Westbrook can get out of him. The last and final big move for the franchise this summer was the trading of Melo to the Hawks for Dennis Shoder who can be a great backup point guard this season that the Thunder needed. Letting go Melo will save the Thunder a ton of money as well.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers got the win of the summer solely from getting the best player in the world in Lebron James. They also added many key players to stack the roster and make it deeper by signing a tough, momentum-swinging guy in Lance Stephenson, a great mentor for Lonzo in Rondo, a solid Center in Javale Mcgee, and a good bench player needed for scoring in Michael Beasley. I thought the Lakers had a great draft by drafting Mo Wagner and Svi Mykhailiuk. A great summer can swing a 35 win team to a high 40s low 50s win team.


Is There A Good Fit For Melo In Free Agency?

Carmelo Anthony and the Thunder announced they will part ways this summer and the discussion has been who is going to pick him up. The top teams going after him seem to be the Lakers and Rockets. These teams are really interesting to me because I don’t think Melo fits in well with any of them.

Why he doesn’t fit with the Rockets:

The Rockets are obviously a three point and iso ran team. Carmelo Anthony is not that good of a three point shooter and is getting pretty old so his iso game isn’t going to be the sharpest either. D’Antoni will probably hate Anthony’s forced mid-range jumpers which is a big reason why I think the Rockets would be a bad fit for Melo and they shouldn’t waste their money on him.

Why he doesn’t fit with the Lakers:

The Lakers have young forwards with a lot of potential and Carmelo will most definitely want to start over them. Melo wanting to start over player like Ingram or Kuzma would be a locker room issue and would be an absolute mess for the Lakers. Melo refused to come off the bench in OKC and I doubt he’ll want to be benched in LA, therefore I think Los Angeles isn’t the move for Carmelo.

There is honestly no good fit out of the teams pursuing him which is pretty crazy figuring he used to be one of the best in the game in his prime.

The Three Biggest Steals In The Draft

Last night another crazy NBA draft took place with players falling all over the place. Three teams got a massive steal with their pick and let me get to it.

3. Michael Porter Jr. Nuggets pick 14th

Michael Porter Jr. was a sensation out of high school that was the second biggest prospect going into college. Unfortunately, he suffered almost a season ending injury which hurt his draft stock big time. Porter has a great NBA body who can score at will. Porter might still be injured but even if he is, he’s still gonna end up one of the best players in this draft class. Falling to 14th to a playoff contender is a massive steal. Michael Porter Jr. is a 6’10 forward who won national Gatorade player of the year in high school, the Nuggets are going to be happy with him in the future.

2. Robert Williams: Celtics Pick 27th

Robert Williams is a 6’10 center who people considered a late lottery pick. He fell really drastically to the team who needed a player exactly like him, a tall, great defending center who can get massive boards for them. Williams averaged 10.4 PPG and 9.2 RPG as he was a beast for A&M and led them to March Madness and past North Carolina. Williams is one of the most athletic players in this draft and some think of him as a Clint Capela type of player, a championship caliber team got a great steal in the draft that could help them win their 18th title in the future.

1. Keita Bates-Diop Timberwolves 48th pick

Keita Bates-Diop was an absolute beast for Ohio State last season as he took home to B1G Ten player of the year award and led the Buckeyes back to March Madness. Bates-Diop is a 6’7 forward with a perfect NBA body that has a knockdown jump-shot and is a great defender. He has massive arms that can help the Timberwolves defensive struggles this year. Bates-Diop was a first round pick kind of player that fell all the way to deep in the second round. This is who I believe is the steal of the draft and the Timberwolves will be really happy with what he can provide for a playoff caliber team.

Why The Lakers Would Be A Good Fit For Lebron

The Los Angeles Lakers have emerged as one of the favorites to land Lebron James. This would form a duo with Paul George as most believe he is set to join the Lakers this upcoming year as well. Lebron has a home that resides in Los Angeles and he has business partners there as well. With Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kozma, Brandon Ingram, and Julius Randle on the rise the Lakers seem like a team of the future in this league and a chance to build a winning team with. Add the best player in the world with an all-star in Paul George and the Lakers have a possibility to take down the Warriors next season. The Lakers have multiple players that can catch and shoot to work with Lebron and Lonzo would be a great fit with him which would allow Lebron to play off ball as he has recently stressed to the media.


The Lakers young talent:

The Lakers entire lineup has basically been young stars on the rise in the past couple seasons. Kyle Kuzma was one of the top 4 rookies in the league last year, and Lonzo Ball already proved himself to be one of the better passing guards in the league. Julius Randle is a relentless finisher which will be a better version of Tristan Thompson and Brandon Ingram looks to be a future all-star. These guys along with Paul George would be a much improved supporting cast for Lebron and he would be at his other home with his business partners.


Don’t count the Lakers out for Lebron this offseason because of their past records as this team is one of the teams of the future in this league and will more than likely land Paul George.

NBA Finals predictions

The NBA Finals are officially set and for the 4th straight year it is the Warriors and the Cavs. The Cavs and Warriors both came back from 3-2 deficits in their respective conference finals. Lebron James is on a mission leading his team by himself and the Warriors are just a juggernaut with their 4 all stars dominating the West.

Predictions for the finals: Warriors in 5

The Warriors just seem like to much for the Cavs and Lebron will not be enough. Another tough thing for the Cavs is that Kevin Love is still in concussion protocol and he’s easily been the second best player on the Cavs this season. The second best team in the league this year was the Rockets and they seemed like the only team that could compete with the Warriors and they were one half away and one injured star away from making the finals. This will most likely be the worst finals out of the four years because this is the strongest the Warrior have been and the worst the Cavs have been. I do believe the Cavs can take one game at home like they did last year but that’s about it.

Star Power:

The Warriors totally outmatch the Cavs in stars as they gave Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. The Cavs have Lebron James and Kevin Love who isn’t 100%. The Warriors also winning the coaching battle with Kerr and Lue and the bench battle. If the Cavs win this finals Lebron could accomplish one of the most difficult finals paths of all time but it just seems like an impossible task.

Why Kyrie Is Easily The Most Valuable Player On The Celtics

Tonight the Celtics got their 24th win of the season sparked by Kyrie with a very efficient 33 points shooting 12/19 from the field. Al Horford sat out this game with an injury. on Sunday Kyrie sat out and watched the Celtics only score 85 points and get dominated by the Bulls. Irving has been easily the most valuable player on the Celtics this year as he’s shown all year whether they need him to score, make a play or come up clutch down the stretch he’s always provided being yet again the best or second best closer in basketball this year. Kyrie is averaging about 10 more points per game than Al the same amount of assists as Al. Kyrie has also been one of the most efficient high volume scorers in the league shooting about 50% from the field and 40% from three.

On FTF Nick Wright said Al Horford was in the mix of the top 5 MVP candidates this week and not Kyrie. This is just wrong because the Celtics have gone to their leader Kyrie Irving every time they needed a bucket in any part of the game, especially down the stretch of games and have led them to a league-high 25 wins so far. Kyrie is a top 3 MVP candidate behind James Harden and Lebron James and is easily the most valuable player on the Celtics. No disrespect towards Al Horford who is off to one of his better seasons but he is not the MVP of the Celtics.

Recap of Masked Kyrie’s incredible stretch

Last night was Kyrie’s last game in a mask and he was amazing with it on. Everyone hyped it up because of his incredible stretch in Cleveland with a mask on and he provided. The Celtics went 10-3 over the stretch and here’s what his stats were for each game:

Brooklyn: 25 points 5 assists W

Golden State: 16 points 6 assists W

Atlanta: 30 points 10/12 FG W

Dallas: 47 points 16/22 FG 5/7 3pt FG W

Miami: 23 points L

Orlando: 30 points 9/15 FG W

Indiana: 25 points 6 assists 11/20 FG W

Detroit: 18 points 9 assists 6/16 FG L

Philadelphia: 36 points 5/8 3pt FG W

Phoenix: 19 points 5 assists 8/14 FG W

Milwaukee: 32 points 13/24 FG W

Dallas: 23 points 5 assists 10/18 FG W

San Antonio: 36 points 13/21 FG 6/10 3pt FG L

He averaged about 28 PPG, 5 APG, 54 FG% and 47% from three. This was easily his best stretch of the season as he for filled the spot everyone expected him to be this year. He was so efficient and an amazing scorer over the last 13 games, the question is will we ever see him in a mask again?

What We Learned From the Celtics Against Golden State Tonight

The Celtics just beat the Warriors in a 92-88 game that was a back and fourth thriller that came down to the very end. This was a signature win for the Celtics this season increasing their impressive winning streak to 14 games.

The Celtics Defense:

The Celtics showed they’re the best defensive team in the league without a doubt holding the best offensive team to under 90 points. The Celtics forced 15 turnovers, had 8 steals and 5 blocks. The hustle this team pursues night and night out is like no other team in the league. The Celtics were all over the Warriors making every possession as difficult as possible especially Jaylen Brown playing tremendous defense on KD. Brad Stevens has this defense on a level we’ve never seen from the Celtics since 2008.

Brad Stevens:

Brad Stevens is easily the COY favorite right now. The way he motivates this team to make big runs and draws up plays is just incredible. One of the biggest plays of the game was an out of bounds play where Kyrie usually gets a screen and gets the ball in the corner, but Stevens drew up a play where Kyrie made a cut to the basket and got and and 1 to take the lead off of. Kerr complimented Stevens on what he has done with this team 2 days ago and man did he mean it as he has his team winning 14 straight without their 2nd best player.

Kyrie Irving:

Kyrie had one of his worst games all season, until the end of the fourth. Kyrie completely took over the game down the stretch getting to the lane drawing fouls and making layups. He had 11 points down the stretch which led Boston to hold on to their lead against one of the better defensive teams in the league. Kyrie was obviously frustrated with his mask and was totally out of his funk all game and then took over at the end, that’s what stars do in this league and Kyrie was a perfect example of that tonight.

How Big of a threat are they in the East?

The Celtics to me look like the biggest threat in the East right now as they look better than the Cavs as a team who plays off of each other. The Cavs ball movement is kind of sloppy and they can’t defend. The Celtics play with pure effort and passion which separates the two teams. Based on talent the Cavs are better, but with Stevens at coach and the Celtics playing defense like this with the best closer in basketball is pretty damn hard to beat.

Bucket’s Power Rankings: Week 3

1.Boston Celtics 8-2

The Celtics have been the best defensive team in the league this year allowing 93.7 PPG. As Kyrie Irving is emerging as the star of the team the young guys in Brown, Tatum and Rozier have been exceptional to start the year. Horford is playing much better than last season averaging 15 PPG, 9 RPG, and is shooting 47% from three. Brad Stevens has become to front-runner for COY as he has his team winning 8 straight after dropping the first 2!

2. Houston Rockets 8-3

Harden is my front runner for MVP as he has been incredible to start the season without CP3. Harden is putting up about 26 points and 10 assists per game. The bench for the Rockets has been a strength as well with Tucker being a good fit with them and Gordon is good as always. The Rockets have lit it up from three this season and is clearly one of the hardest teams to play against.

3. Golden State Warriors 7-3

The Warriors are starting to catch on fire as they crushed their last 3 opponents, who are all .500 or higher. Curry is an MVP candidate averaging about 27 points and 7 assists shooting 41% from three, 50% from the field and 92% from the foul line. This is alongside KD and Klay who’s putting up a combined 47 points per game. Not to mention Draymond Green who is one of the more valuable players in the league. This team should be at the top soon.

4. Minnesota Timberwolves 7-3

The Timberwolves just had a really good week of basketball winning all 4 of their games. KAT is one of the best centers in the league is playing like one averaging 22 points and 11 rebounds. Wiggins and Butler have been great wings this year both putting up an equal amount of points and contributing to the team’s success a lot.

5. Detroit Pistons 7-3

The Pistons have been the dark horse this season coming out of nowhere is the number 2 seed in the East. Drummond has really improved from last season and is putting up 12 points and 15 boards per game. Avery Bradley has become a really good fit for this team is one of the star players after the grease that was made this summer. Tobias Harris has led the team in scoring this season and has actually been pretty impressive being the main leader of the team.

6. Memphis Grizzlies 6-4

Although the Grizzlies lost last night they still beat the Rockets twice, the Warriors and the Clippers. Conley and Gasol have been good being the leaders of the team like they have been for a while now. Coach David Fizdale has emerged for COY as he’s leading g a team with no real superstar or top 20 players this season.

7. Portland TrailBlazers 6-4

The TrailBlazers got some nice wins last week including a buzzer beater against the Lakers and a tight game against the Thunder. Damian Lillard has been great in the fourth this season completely taking over games down the stretch. Also, the role players for the TrailBlazers have stepped up where they haven’t last year which has been a huge factor.

8.  Washington Wizards 5-4

Last night the Wizards got a huge win over the Raptors after dropping games to the Cavs and Suns this week. Bradley Beat seems as if he’s been the best in his career averaging 26 points on 50% FG. Wall has also been an all-star putting up 20 and 10. The problem for Washington is the bench where they really didn’t have any good players in the team.

9. San Antonio Spurs 6-4

The Spurs are still 2 games above .500 without Kawhi which is a really good thing because when they get him back they’ll be an actual threat in the West. Pop has been amazing this season having lots of success with Aldridge as their best player. Aldridge has been his best since he’s been a Spur averaging 26 points and 9 rebounds.

10. Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers had a rough week but they still have an MVP candidate and are still over .500. The Clippers have a lot of players who can make a difference this season even after losing CP3. Doc Rivers is proving he isn’t overrated and is still one of the better coaches in the league. Griffin and DJ have been one of the best frontcourts in the league as well.

HM: Knicks, 76ers, Jazz, Raptors

Bucket’s NBA Power Rankings: Week 2

I know it’s only two weeks into the NBA season and that’s why some good teams are ranked low or aren’t on here, but some teams that came out of nowhere are really starting to shine. Here are my week 2 power rankings:


1.Memphis Grizzlies 5-1

The Grizzlies have shocked the NBA world with their great start to the season they’re having. They already beat the Warriors and the Rockets twice(the Rockets only losses). Marc Gasol and Mike Conley have been playing some great basketball and Coach Fizdale has a case for COY early on.


2. Houston Rockets 5-2

The Rockets have played really well to start off the season even with CP3 being hurt. The Rockets beat the Warriors on the road already this year. James Harden has emerged as an MVP candidate early on averaging about 26 points 5 rebounds and 10 assists. The Rockets also have a very good bench which has helped them this season.


3. Los Angeles Clippers 4-1

LA has surprised me a lot to start off the year after losing Chris Paul and Crawford. Griffin and DJ have been one of the best frontcourts in the league averaging a combined 27 boards per game. Griffin has also been in the MVP talk as he’s leading this team right now and also hit a game-winning buzzer beater on the road against Portland last week.


4.  Detroit Pistons 5-2

The Detroit Pistons are on top of the East right now after upsetting the Warriors on the road last night. The Pistons are also on a 3 game winning streak led by Avery Bradley, Tobias Harris, Reggie Jackson, and Andre Drummond. The Pistons might be the dark horse to make some noise in the East this season.


5. Boston Celtics 4-2

The Celtics started off the season rough with star player Gordon Hayward getting injured and then starting off 0-2, but the Celtics found a way to win 4 straight. Kyrie looks like a great fit in Boston and the young tent for this team is just outstanding. Jaylen Brown looks like the most improved player and Jayson Tatum has been in the rookie of the year talks as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Celtics found their way to a record like they did last season.


6. Golden State Warriors 4-3

The Warriors are having a really rough start to what we were all expecting but they are still a really good team. The Warriors have some solid wins beating the Raptors, Pelicans and the Wizards. Durant, Curry, Thompson, and Green all look amazing so far but it’s the defense that’s been lacking which wasn’t such a problem last season.


7.  San Antonio Spurs 4-2

Even without their superstar player playing the Spurs have still been one of the best teams in the league. Pop looks like the best coach in the league like he has been for awhile and Aldridge looks like Portland Trailblazers LaMarcus Aldridge averaging about 26 points and 9 rebounds per game shooting the three ball really well. The Spurs role players have shined without Leonard and I can’t wait to see how they’ll play with him


8. Washington Wizards 4-2

The Wizards look like one of the best teams in the East right now lead by John Wall who’s putting up over 20 points and over 10 assists per game. The Wizards almost beat the Warriors on what a crazy game it was Saturday night. The Wizards bench is their biggest issue and it has been for a while so I have them at 8.


9. Milwaukee Bucks 4-2

The Bucks have created a monster in Giannis who has emerged as one of the leading MVP candidate carrying the Bucks this year. The Bucks have started the year really strong even without Jabari, this team will be one of the biggest threats in the East when they’re at full strength.


10. Portland Trailblazers 4-2

The Trailblazers have started their season off really strong led by one of the best backcourt duos in the league. CJ McCollum has been an offensive star so far putting up 28 points shooting 67% from the field and 75% from three. Lillard has also been good like always and Portland has also gotten help from their role players which I didn’t see coming after what happened last year.


HM: Magic, Timberwolves