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The Obstructed NL Central Preview

If there is one division from top to bottom that is must-see TV in 2019, this may be it. Five teams will be very competitive in the division where a team, or may be two will be [...]

The Obstructed AL West Preview

The American League West one that at times can be tough to figure out on a yearly basis. Right now the Houston Astros are the team to beat in the West and has been that way for [...]

The Obstructed NL West Preview-2019

The National League West has been dominated by the Dodgers for a while now. Last year we saw jumps however from the Rockies, hoping to take that next step after winning the Wild [...]

The Obstructed Big Ten Review-2018

It was a different vibe after last season in the world of the Big Ten. Sure, they had failed to get a team into the Playoff, but the compass was pointing north. Michigan’s [...]

The Obstructed AL East Preview-2019

The Red Sox, Yankees, and everybody else? Or will it be the Red Sox, Yankees, and the Rays? Or will Toronto climb back up? Or will Baltimore…nah. Last year, Boston won [...]

Steelers Trade Antonio Brown to Raiders

The Antonio Brown saga is at an end. After rumors abound everyday since really the Steelers season ended and a near rumored trade with the Buffalo Bills happened Friday, Antonio [...]

The Obstructed Big 12 Review-2018

The Big 12 has been often maligned over the past few years in college football. It has been portrayed as the “watered down,” the “weak link,” and the [...]

The Obstructed SEC Review-2018

S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C! Or…. OW-OW-OW! While I believe the SEC is the best conference in college football, they took it on the chin with their heavyweights in bowl season. [...]