2020 Defensive Player of the Year Predictions

Hey, everyone, we hope you are all safe at him with your loved ones through this quarantine. This post here will be the first of many predicting the 2020 NFL season that we are at this point just hoping will happen regardless of whether or not fans will be in attendance.

This post will go over our odds for winning the 2020 Defensive of Player of the Year award:

We hope you enjoy!

1. Aaron Donald (+600)


Aaron Donald is an easy first selection for most likely to win Defensive Player of the Year for the (hopefully) upcoming 2020 NFL season. After winning it in both 2017 and 2018 he is my favorite
to pick up the award again this season. Led by Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey, the Rams defensive has a promising outlook on both fronts for the upcoming season.
Although he didn’t win the award last season, Aaron Donald has opened as the favorite to win NFL DPOY according to Sports Betting Dime for the second straight season.
Aaron Donald is, in my opinion, the most dominant player in the NFL today just ahead of Patrick Mahomes. One of only three players all-time to repeat back-to-back defensive player of the year
and has increasing respect amongst some of the best pass rushers of all time.

2: Nick Bosa (+950)


3: Khalil Mack (+1000)


4: TJ Watt (+1200)


5: JJ Watt (+1300)




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Updated Super Bowl Odds

An incredible week we saw this wild-card weekend with names such as Tom Brady and Drew Brees falling to Ryan Tannehill and Kirk Cousins. The only predictable thing in the NFL is unpredictability.

I even had the Saints as my favorite in the NFC only for them to lose to Kirk Cousins at home. Next week we’ll see the Green Bay hosting Seattle at Lambeau Field, the 49ers hosting the Vikings in the NFC. In the AFC we’ll see Lamar Jackson and the Ravens hosting the Titans and Patrick Mahomes hosting Deshaun Watson and the Texans.

With this let’s try and give some odds with the help of MyTopSportsBook:

Obviously, all the teams that won on Wild Card Weekend saw their Super Bowl odds improve, namely the Seahawks (+1200), Vikings (+1400), Titans (+2000), and Texans (+3300). But one team that didn’t even take the field got a big bump, as well. The Packers, who were around +1000 heading into last Sunday, are as short as +650 at some sites listed on MyTopSportsbooks. Oddsmakers had penciled in a meeting with the high-powered Saints in the Divisional Round, but now Green Bay gets to host the banged-up Seahawks instead.

Ravens (+200)

49ers (+300)

Chiefs (+330)

Packers (+600)

Seahawks (+1200)

Vikings (+1250)

Titans (+2000)

Texans (+2250)

Looking at these odds there is a clear tier one and two with the Packers being almost somewhere in between. Looking at these odds I like the Vikings at +1250 with volatile quarterback Kirk Cousins. I like their odds against the 49ers game this weekend and feel that should be more competitive than the rest of the game thinks it should be.

My least favorite odds here are probably the Seahawks who have a tough schedule ahead of them on the road vs Aaron Rodgers this week and then between the Vikings or the 49ers if they can beat the Packers at Lambeau.

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MLB The Show 18 Roster Update Predictions

We are back…

Well instead of going deep into things, here are some of the bigger players who received an update last week.

Mike Trout +1

Max Scherzer +1

Mookie Betts +3

Andrew Miller -1

JD Martinez +3

Shohei Ohtani +3

Compared to last year’s format this year I’ll be testing out a new format. As you should see below are multiple page numbers, slide through these to view a few players. (color of players name represents status)

Let’s dive in.

Gerrit Cole +1

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 4.35.15 PM

Why? Is second in the MLB in batting average against (BAA) but his Hits per nine (H/9) in MLB The Show is just 69 which happens to be the third lowest on the first page of live series cards.

On top of that Cole is top five in ERA, Strikeouts, WHIP and listed above BAA.

Ozzie Albies +2

See the source image

Albies has been one of the best players in all baseball this year. While hitting almost .400 against lefties, look for his 80 contact to see a bounce sooner than later. Not only contact but power as well, with a slugging % of .776 vs lefties his 65 power could see an upgrade soon (Mookie Betts leads the MLB in Slugging percentage at .761 to give some perspective).

Five Athletes Who Continue to Break Down Barriers

Athletes are remarkable in many ways, and their impressive feats are very inspiring to the average Joe. There is simply something riveting and moving about watching the world’s best do their thing. The following 5 athletes, in particular, have done some phenomenal things throughout their respective careers, yet they are still breaking down barriers, and pushing the envelope even more in their quest for sports immortality.

LeBron James

Image credit: Pinterest

“The King” is still going as strong as ever, proving beyond any doubt that he deserves to be number 1 in our Top 40 Current NBA Players list.

James became the youngest player to reach 30,000 points earlier this year, before becoming the only player in NBA history to score 30,000 points, grab 8,000 rebounds, and dish off 8,000 assists, all while playing all 82 regular season games for the first time in his career. He has been dominant in the “true season,” too, recently passing Michael Jordan as the playoffs’ all-time scoring king and Scottie Pippen as the postseason’s premier thief. Even scarier is that this freak of nature is showing no signs of slowing down.

Tom Brady

Image credit: Pinterest

Brady is still the best quarterback in the NFL by our humble estimation, as he has shown a unique ability to win games in a variety of ways. The man has nothing else to prove at this point, with 5 Super Bowls, 4 Super Bowl MVPS, 3 league MVPs, and 13 Pro Bowls across his name already. The 199th pick of the 2000 NFL Draft is still playing, though, and he just keeps on winning. Brady fell a bit short in Super Bowl LII, but the oldest QB to lead the league in passing yards will give it another go this season. He is currently the winningest QB in both regular season and postseason play, and is the only quarterback to have three consecutive games with 300+ passing yards, 3+ touchdown passes, and 0 interceptions.

José Altuve

Image credit: Pinterest

Altuve improbably won AL MVP last season, which ended with the Houston Astros winning the World Series. The 5-6 second baseman helped the Astros’ championship cause by batting .310/.388/.634, with 22 hits, 14 runs scored, 7 home runs, 14 RBI, and nine extra-base hits. His 7 home runs were the fourth-most in a single postseason in MLB history, which is quite amazing for someone whose listed weight is just 165 pounds. The diminutive Venezuelan has been remarkably consistent over the past four years as well, winning the Rod Carew American League Batting Championship in three of the past four seasons. If our MLB stat projections hold true, then Altuve will likely win a fourth batting title this season.

Serena Williams

Image credit: Pinterest

The New York Times reports that Venus and Serena Williams have imposed their will on women’s tennis, and they have since been collaborating on a shared legacy that has so far been mighty impressive. Between the two, though, it has been Serena who has become the yardstick by which all other female tennis players are measured against. The younger Williams turned pro in 1995 at the tender age of 14 and Lottoland claims she won her first ever Grand Slam three years later at the age of 17. The mixed doubles title Serena won with Maksim “Max” Mirnyi turned out to be a foreshadowing of things to come for the then teenage prodigy. To date, Serena has won 39 Grand Slams—23 in singles, 14 in women’s doubles, and 2 in mixed doubles—and 4 Olympic gold medals. This year she is looking to add more to her tally.

Alexander Ovechkin

The decorated Russian has everything for his team, and his accolades prove as much: 3-time MVP, 7-time NHL First All-Star Team, and 3-time Most Outstanding Player, to name a few. He also holds the NHL record for most seasons of 10+ game-winning goals and is the 4th fastest player to score 600 career goals. He is a clutch, too, and reminded everyone of this fact when he sank the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 3 with a winning goal in this year’s playoffs. Ovechkin scored with 1:07 remaining in regulation, lifting the Capitals to the thrilling 4-3 victory.


Take time out to watch each of the athletes we have featured here so you can witness greatness firsthand. We guarantee you that watching them will be worth your while.


The way football fans enjoy the game is about to change

Fantasy football has always served as a way for the average Joe to have their shot at curating a roster and showcasing their competency at predicting the outcomes of professional sports games. Some of us maintain casual weekly leagues with co-workers or old college friends: a light-hearted way to keep in touch or get to know each other better, with the occasional embarrassing tattoo resulting from the worst performances. Others partake in more in-depth dynasty formats: keeper leagues that require year-round roster maintenance and a balance between prepping for the future and winning in the present. And still others cannot get their fix with just a single roster; they turn to daily fantasy sports (DFS) to interact with new squads on a weekly, daily, and sometimes hourly basis.


One thing is clear throughout all of these levels of fantasy football engagement: fantasy players LOVE assembling rosters.


Whether through traditional preseason draft, or through offseason transacting in keeper leagues, or through weekly assemblage against a salary cap in DFS, nearly every fantasy player would agree that the act of crafting a lineup is undoubtedly the most enjoyable aspect of fantasy sports.


Drafts alone have become such marquee events as to warrant an entire economy around their existence. Restaurants and bars offer services to cater exclusively to league drafts. Even the leading casinos in Las Vegas offer high-priced packages to host ornate in-person drafts to the most die-hard fanatics among us.


It’s pretty clear that we all wish we could be a GM, scouting all the players of an upcoming draft, scheming about how they might fit into a roster, and that fantasy sports (alongside Madden Franchise Mode) is our outlet to pursue this dream in a digitized setting.


But a new professional football league is seeking to take this experience one step further. Rather than have fans assemble a mock roster of real players to count their statistics during games in which the fans are but passive observers, the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) will offer a hybridized version of professional football, fantasy sports, and video games, with fans in control of all roster decisions, transactions, and play-calling. Fans will even be tasked with identifying talent from across the globe and discovering new players for the league to sign.


Every single football-related decision in the FCFL will be put to a fan vote. Which play should we call on this 4th and four with two minutes left in a tie game? Should we sign this coach who specializes in West Coast-style passing attacks or that coach who runs an RPO-heavy offense? Should we trade our starting cornerback for an additional slot receiver? Each one of these scenarios will constantly be fed to each team’s digital fan base, with all votes being tallied via blockchain technology utilizing the league’s proprietary token: the FAN Token. Whatever the final votes says goes, and all decisions are rendered transparent by the public ledger.


The FCFL will give every fan their chance to assemble a REAL roster; not just an amalgamation of players on someone else’s roster. And further, by employing a token system to reward successful engagement, the FCFL will promote a system that incentivizes the best football minds to manage their teams. FAN Tokens will be distributed for positive outcomes (like, say, voting on a play call that yields a touchdown), and each Token earned increases a fan’s voting power. The more FAN Tokens you possess, the more weight is given to your vote. This way, the cream will rise to the top and the most knowledgeable fans will ultimately gain greater control over the management of their favorite team’s roster: a true meritocracy of decentralized operations.


Fantasy football has always been just that: a FANTASY. Users get to showcase their sports knowledge against a field of thousands or just a small group of friends, but the output always reflects a sports game over which they have no real control. The FCFL takes the FANTASY element of fantasy football and makes it real. You are still building a roster, only this time that roster will actually compete against other actual teams (whom you, the fan, will actually have to scout in order to prepare for the next week’s game).  You will have the control, just ask the league’s founders!


The FCFL, using FAN Token as the lever, will provide a next-generation experience: the fans truly WILL BE the GM.

MLB The Show Budget Squad

With the release of MLB The Show 18, teams are filling up without a lot of stubs and making sure you have the right guys is critical for you.

Below is my “perfect” budget squad that is balanced and should give you an opportunity to beat any opponent. Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 5.45.28 PM.png

Catcher: Wilson Ramos, 78 overall. Team: Tampa Bay Rays

Cost: About 1,000 stubs

If you need a cheaper one: Get a head start on your create-a-player

First Base: Justin Smoak, 78 overall. Team: Toronto Blue Jays

Cost: About 1000 stubs

If you need a cheaper one: Jose Martinez, 74 overall. St Louis Cardinals

Second Base: Cesar Hernandez, 78 overall. Team Phillies

Cost: about 100 stubs

If you need cheaper: Yunel Escobar. 76 overall

Third Base: Jedd Gyorko, 76 overall. Cardinals.

Cost: about 900 stubs

If you need cheaper: Matt Duffy. 72 overall

Shortstop: Jean Segura, 76 overall. Mariners

Cost: about 700 stubs

If you need cheaper: Adam Frazier. 73 overall

Left Field: David Peralta, 76 overall. Diamondbacks

Cost: about 700 stubs

If you need cheaper: Make room for him, he (in my opinion) is a must-have for a budget squad.

Center Field: Odubel Herrera. 75 overall. Phillies

Cost: about 685 stubs

If you need cheaper: Andrew Toles

Right Field: Domingo Santana, 75 overall. Brewers

Cost: about 700 stubs

If you need cheaper: Trey Mancini. Orioles


  1. Jean Segura (Right-handed)

  2. David Peralta (Left-handed)

  3. Justin Smoak (Switch-hitter)

  4. Jedd Gyorko (Right-handed)

  5. Cesar Hernandez (Switch-hitter)

  6. Domingo Santana (Right-handed)

  7. Odubel Herrera (Left-handed)

  8. Wilson Ramos (Right handed)

  9. Pitcher

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The Future of Fantasy Football

The first fantasy football league is generally accepted to have started in 1962 with a group of fans in Oakland, California. The Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League (or GOPPPL) was organized by Bill Winkenbach, a minority owner of the Oakland Raiders. As you can imagine, the league was quite simplistic, with scoring amounting to no more than the total of touchdowns and field goals accumulated by the players selected.


As such, the first ever pick was Hall of Famer George Blanda, who managed to score points as the rare dual-threat QB/kicker combination, not unlike what fantasy baseball owners will be juggling this upcoming season with SP/OF sensation Shohei Ohtani.


As the years progressed, so has the complexity of scoring within fantasy sports. Simple counting stats like touchdowns scored gave way to yards gained and later to receptions totaled, with PPR becoming a staple in the fantasy industry. Then there was the integration of defense, with turnovers, total points given up, and even total yards yielded entering the equation of fantasy points. Team Defense gave way to Special Teams scores, and in some cases even integrated individual defensive players’ stats.


And then, of course, came the launch of DFS, with FanDuel and DraftKings driving rapid adoption of daily scoring.


As fantasy football has continued to grow in popularity (and technology has continued to simplify the process of compiling and comparing statistics in real-time), the complexity of the mechanics of quantifying fantasy excellence has simultaneously expanded. We are no longer simply tallying the most basic counting numbers: rather, we are unearthing the intricacies of success through granular statistical interpretation.


And now, we are ready for the next evolution in fantasy football scoring, or the quantification of football knowledge and predictive capability.


A new football league called the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) is about to launch the latest incarnation in fantasy sports: a measurable fan intelligence quotient.


The FCFL will rely on fans to control every element of professional football management; starting with scouting the league’s first potential crop of players and culminating in a real professional draft. The FCFL will feature eight teams playing on an indoor, 50-yard field, and every play will be called by the fans.


You read that right.


Before each down, fans will be served a selection of potential plays on their screen that correlate to down, distance, and score (either through the league’s proprietary app or through its broadcast channel on Twitch.tv). Fans will then make their choice, and the highest-voted play will be immediately relayed to the QB to call in the huddle. The experience will be similar to that of Madden or Tecmo Bowl, except with real, professional athletes carrying out the play calls.


Depending on the outcome of the play, the voting fans will be awarded tokens for their efforts – again, very similar to a video-game environment. The league has created its own ERC20-compatible token called the FAN Token, which informs every aspect of league activity, most notably play-calling. The more tokens a fan earns, the greater power is allotted to their individual vote, so the best fans gain a greater say in each decision.  By distributing tokens for each successful engagement (like, say, calling a play that yields a touchdown pass), the FCFL can easily track the competency of every active user who acts as hybrid fan/coach/GM.


Unlike traditional fantasy football, where each player’s score correlates to the output of a pre-selected group of athletes, fans of the FCFL will be scored based on every single decision and point of engagement they have within the league: from scouting and drafting, to proposing trade ideas, to calling plays on the field. The FCFL will maintain a Fan Leaderboard where all players can see where they rank in real time, and the highest-performing fans of the championship-winning team will even receive a cut of the $1 Million+ purse!


We are entering a new era in fantasy sports scoring, one that will truly level the playing field and reward the fans who demonstrate the deepest knowledge base of the game of football.


Ain’t the future a delight?


If you want to know more, you can ask the founders directly any questions you have using their Telegram channel or by visiting the FAN TOKEN website.

How to get a free pack for MLB The Show 18

MLB The Show is right around the corner with the pre-order edition set to be playable midnight on March 23rd. To be able to pre-order and play the game early you can either head to a Gamestop or pre-order from the PlayStation store online.

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To receive a free pack for MLB The Show 18, click the link below.

Click this link here.

From there you will have to sign into your PlayStation account and then watch a short trailer. After that, you need to click to redeem your rewards. It should give you a short code.

Once you login into your PlayStation, go left on the menu to the PlayStation Store. On the left-handed side of the menu, scroll down to “Redeem Codes”.

Once you get past this you will just need to wait until you first log in to MLB The Show 18 and from there you will simply have to your inventory and open the pack.


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The Fan Controlled Football League is giving the power back to the fans

Last week we introduced you to the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL). This week we thought you’d like to learn a bit more about how they are bringing their slogan, “Power to the Fans” to life. Fans will help shape the league rule book, call plays and more; but what’s most exciting abut is the FCFL Draft. For the first time in professional sports history, the fans will be in charge of building their favorite team from the ground up. Over the course of two days and eighteen rounds, fans will vote on every draft pick to build their ideal blueprint for a winning team.


But when your team is on the clock, how will you decide which player makes the best choice?


That’s where the FCFL’s Virtual Scouting Department comes in.


The FCFL’s Virtual Scouting Department is one leg of the Virtual Front Office, the organization where the most dedicated and football-savvy fans will play a huge role in shaping their chosen team and the FCFL as a whole.


Like so many parts of the FCFL vision, the idea of a fan-run Virtual Scouting Department got a successful field test with the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles. Starting in the summer of 2016, Screaming Eagles fans scoured every corner of the Internet to find prospects and grind through film to bring the best possible talent to the world’s first fan-run professional sports teams.


And they did one hell of a job.


The fans’ headline find was quarterback Verlon Reed, who started out at Ohio State before finishing his collegiate career at Findlay University. Verlon made history as the triggerman for a completely fan-run offense, and he led the Screaming Eagles to the third-ranked offense in the Indoor Football League while running away with Offensive Rookie of the Year honors.


But the fan scouting success stories didn’t stop at quarterback.


Fans helped evaluate players from a series of Scouting Combines prior to the season. One of those players, wide receiver Derwyn Lauderdale from Southwest Baptist University, also found his place in the history books by hauling in the first fan-called touchdown in pro football history.


Often, players competing in indoor football are chasing the dream of a career in the NFL or CFL. When one of “your guys” gets the chance to make that dream a reality, there’s a sense of loss but an even bigger sense of pride that he’s getting his shot – AND that you were able to spot some next-level talent. Screaming Eagles defensive back Don “The Deal” Unamba recorded four interceptions in seven games before getting the chance to join the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL.

Finally, the biggest “diamond in the rough” success story for the Screaming Eagles’ fan scouts might have been James Calhoun. Calhoun was discovered playing running back and wide receiver for the SoCal Coyotes, a semi-pro team in Palm Springs, California. His athleticism jumped out on tape, and when he made his way into the starting lineup midseason – as a defensive back, not a receiver – he immediately lit the IFL on fire. Calhoun recorded nine interceptions in just ten starts, returning a ridiculous FIVE of them for touchdowns on his way to a pair of Defensive Player of the Week awards and a spot on the first team All-IFL defensive squad.


The FCFL is counting on the next wave of Virtual Scouts to help them find that kind of difference-making talent and bring it to the league. The inaugural Virtual Scouting Class for the FCFL will review  thousands of players who currently reside in the FCFL Player Database while adding new names to the list. If you’re an FCFL Virtual Scout, you’ll help us decide which players deserve an invite to one of our regional Scouting Combines. Players’ existing tape and performance at the Combines will determine which players receive FCFL contract offers and invites to the league’s Pre-Draft Camp: a weeklong testing, evaluation and scrimmage event in the vein of the Senior Bowl. During Camp, Virtual Scouts will have the opportunity to break down film and complete the Player Draft Profiles that will guide every fan’s selections throughout the FCFL Draft. Even after the Draft, the Scouts’ work won’t be done – throughout Training Camp and all season long, they’ll have access to Coach’s View film of FCFL practices and games so that they can help guide your team’s decisions when making trade offers or other roster moves.


One of the other great things about becoming an FCFL Virtual Scout will be the chance to learn from pros who’ve been there and done that at the highest levels of professional football. Virtual Scouts will also get to interact with and learn from indoor football championship-winning coach and FCFL “Coach of the Fans” Shawn Liotta as well as ex-NFL players like FCFL Commissioner Ray Austin and NFL executives like former 49ers Team President Andy Dolich. In fact, fans can communicate directly with league officials right now – through their Telegram channel.


Becoming an FCFL Virtual Scout will give fans the chance to put their work front and center while guiding the fortunes of real, professional football teams – the kind of opportunity that’s never existed before. AND they’ll get the chance to earn FAN Token for their work – the exclusive digital token of the FCFL that determines how much each vote counts when it comes to every aspect of running a team.


The FCFL will truly give power to the FANS!


Introduction to the Fan Controlled Football Leage

There is little doubt that the digital revolution has transformed the way we consume professional and fantasy sports. In the age of the smartphone, fandom never sleeps. Yet professional sports leagues across the globe remain remarkably similar to their pre-social media selves. Little has fundamentally changed in their approach to ownership, management, and production, even as their fan base continues to evolve at a blinding pace.


A new professional football league called the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) believes that the tools and technology to bring a holistic, fan-operated professional sports experience are finally in place.


So, what is the FCFL, exactly?


The league’s founders began this experiment a couple years ago when their group, dubbed Project FANchise, procured an expansion team in the Indoor Football League and designed an app that would allow fans to vote on all decisions crucial to the organization’s management. First came the location (fans voted on Salt Lake City, Utah); and then the team name (The Screaming Eagles) and logo; and from there, they implemented more complex, football-facing functionality, namely player drafting and the ability to call offensive plays during a game.


Their app served up a subset of potential play calls that were aligned with situational gameplay (as in, the down, distance, score, and clock). The app would lock in a play call that most reflected the desires of the fans, the coach was fed the play via a tablet, and the play call was relayed to the QB, all in a matter of seconds. The Screaming Eagles partnered with Twitch to bring its broadcasts to an environment native to video game consumers, allowed fans to make play calls directly in the chat box, and reached thousands of viewers across the world. Many of the team’s most impassioned fans were calling plays from France, China, Australia, and just about anywhere with a good WiFi signal.


The Screaming Eagles offered a mashup of the video-game world, the fantasy sports world, and the real world never before put into action. After a successful trial run in the IFL that saw fans deliver an offense that ranked third in the, the owners decided to take both the technology and the theory of digital-first fandom and build out an entire league around it.


The FCFL will kick off action in 2018 featuring eight teams, all playing and practicing in the same location. Instead of building out an in-person viewing experience that is central to all existing professional sports leagues, the FCFL will host games in an ultra high-tech, state-of-the-art production studio that will emphasize the digital broadcast of the action over anything else. This acute and intentional focus on digital-first will allow the league to be a testing ground for all sorts of new technologies that are difficult to implement in a traditional field environment. From helmet and drone-operate cameras to sensors built into the equipment and field, the FCFL will use its production studio as a laboratory for myriad pioneering advances in technology and will make them central to the on-field product. The league will also embrace social media as an inherent feature of its offering, giving fans the ability to engage with players and coaches directly via video, Snapchat, and Twitter during the action and off the field.


The FCFL game will consistent of seven-on-seven action on a padded 50-yard field, ripe for explosive offense in the air and on the ground. Fans will call all offensive plays and select defensive emphases (i.e. blitz-heavy approach, or perhaps a more conservative zone structure).


In addition to on-field management, the FCFL fans will also serve a role resembling the hybrid of an owner and a general manager off the field. Through the proprietary app, fans will be tasked with hiring/firing coaches and personnel, scouting upcoming opponents or potential new players for the league, and a host of other football-related functions. The preseason draft should be QUITE the experience, just as everyone knows that the draft is the most anticipated event of any fantasy league.


All of this fan engagement will be run on the blockchain via a proprietary digital token. This token, dubbed FAN Token (Fan Access Network), will serve a function quite similar to a token within a traditional video game environment. The more you as a fan engage in the system, and the more successful the results of your engagement, the more tokens you are awarded. Your token stack, along with your level of engagement, then correlates to the power of your vote: the more tokens you have earned and the more active your participation, the more weight your vote will carry in the ultimate outcome, whether that be a third-and-long play call or a second round pick. Tokens are the lifeblood of the FCFL engagement engine, and like a video game, your tokens can be used for a variety of transactions, including unlocking additional content, procuring unique merchandise, or gaining access to exclusive events. The highest-performing fans of the championship-winning team will share in the $1,000,000+ purse!


The FCFL represents a new paradigm in sports where fans not only have a say in the action, but quite literally power the entire league. Decisions are not made in secret and controlled by a select few whose main objective is to remain employed; they are made by the very fans who consume the action with their time, energy, dollars, and emotions, incentivized by a uniquely merit-based system wherein the best fans are rewarded for their input with greater control (along with plenty of prizes, perks, and even cash distributions). Fans can even communicate directly with the league’s founders via their Telegram channel – in fact, anyone can join and ask questions of the founder or provide their suggestions for the league!


Using FAN Token, the FCFL will truly give power to the FANS!


Screaming Eagles