Battle Royale: Draft Guide and Tips

I have seen many people asking about how to draft a team in Battle Royale so I thought I would give some tips and tricks that I use.  These are based off of my personal opinions and what have worked for me to help me get deep win streaks.

Note: Inside Edge changes around 12 p.m. c/t so try to draft a team earlier in the day so you can play a lot of games with them.

Starting Rotation:



The starting rotation is pretty simple.  I usually only draft Common players because you’ll probably only use them for one batter.  There will be times where I have a Bronze player, but that is usually because the other three players to choose from that round won’t help out my team.  The biggest thing to remember is that you don’t want to draft a Gold or Diamond player here.  You’ll only have a 20% chance that they will play so you want to save them for your lineup or bullpen.



The bullpen is a very important part of your team.  This can easily decide if you win or lose a game.  I think the biggest thing is that you want to have some guys that have a 90+ velocity attribute.  These guys are going to have base fastballs that are 95+ and will make it easy to blow it by your opponent.

Unfortunately, with this BR draft I only got one left-handed pitcher.  You want to make sure that you can get at least two in your pen.  Most likely your opponent will have a barrage of lefties in their order.

I highly recommend drafting a Diamond or high Gold.  These guys either have maxed out velocities or maxed out H/9 and K/9.  This will make it easy to get out of jams.  Your bullpen should have 3-4 silver players as well.  These guys are usually playing up so they will have great attributes to work with.  Even though I have Steve Geltz, I would try to stay away from Common pitchers.  Your opponents will have stacked lineups so they will have a field day off these guys.



The batting lineup is the bread and butter to your team.  This is where you want to get a great hitting diamond player.  I was lucky enough to get Ted Williams and Robinson Cano in this draft.  You should try to get as many lefty bats as you can.  There are about 2/3 more righty pitchers in the game so having lefty bats won’t hurt you at all.

You should have your batting order switch from L/R hitters like pictured above.  This will make your opponent have to pick and choose who they want to deal with and burn out their bullpen quick.

I usually place more of an emphasis on hitting when drafting.  It depends what your personal preference is but I have had pretty good luck picking hitters over fielders.  You want to have your better hitters featured near the top of your lineup.  Since I put Cano first in my lineup this will most likely mean that he will face a Common pitcher.  If I had an ideal draft, I would’ve a power righty bat as well, but I wasn’t lucky enough to get one.



The bench is another important part of your team.  This is where I usually get Bronze players that hit well against either a L or R pitcher.  In this case I have Nomar Mazara who mashes against right-handed pitching and Tommy Joseph who hits well against left-handed pitching.  These guys will be able to come in and make some noise off the bench.

Another thing to consider is having a back-up catcher.  It seems that players get hurt way too often.  If you don’t have a back-up catcher then you might as well kiss your br run goodbye because they won’t catch a ball.

The other thing that is important is to have a speed guy.  This can turn your single into a triple by swiping two bags and putting your runner in easy scoring position.  This is a good way to tie a game or get an insurance run if you need it.

I hope these tips help you guys reach 12-0!

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