Bellinger Belts 20th and 21st of Year

In his first two at bats against the Mets, Cody Bellinger took Zack Wheeler WAY BACK for his 20th and 21st homeruns of the season. Something not many of us saw coming. Bellinger has quickly put his name in the spotlight and will most certainly be on track to win Rookie of The Year if he is to build on his historic start. 

In the History of the Dodgers, Cody Bellinger is the fastest rookie to reach 21 homeruns. Playing in just 51 games Bellinger is only the 9th Dodgers rookie to hit 20 homeruns in his first season. Called up on April 25th and sitting on homer number 21, Bellinger has 91 games remaining this season and is well on pace to break the 40 homerun mark. 


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