Betting odds for championship Sunday 

If you still get to wake up and watch your team play this weekend, congratulations to you. But let’s face it, most of us don’t have that joy this Sunday. Come on, how many Jaguar fans have you seen in Texas? If you are like me, why not make it a little more interesting and get yourself a horse in the race and put some money on the line. Gambling is not for everybody, but everybody likes money. So why not. These are the betting odds for championship Sunday
Jacksonville vs New England 

Jacksonville: +9 

New England: -9

Over/Under: 46 
I think this is an easy one, with one condition. That the jaguars show up just like they showed up against the Steelers. I get it, Mike Tomlin is no Bill Belichick. The Patriots is obviously a harder matchup for the Jaguars. Going into Foxbourgh in January can probably seem impossible. But with all this being said, I believe the Jaguars are gonna leave it all out on the field. With them being the underdog and given +9. I say here you take the Jaguars. The over/under being at 46, taking the over seems like the obvious choice. Again, if the Jaguars light up the scoreboard like last weekend, the Patriots will be right there. 
My bet:

Jaguars +9/over 

Vikings vs Eagles 

: -3 1/2

Eagles: +3 1/2

Over/Under: 39
This one is a little bit more difficult for me, I believe the Vikings will win this game, but by a field goal. Which won’t be covered by the spread. So I would take the Eagles, and if I am wrong and the eagles pull off the win at home, then you will be covered. The weather, is going to be a factor for me when picking the over/under of this game. I know both games are gonna be cold. But Brady has proved, that doesn’t bother him, if it those, we can’t tell. Blake Bortles has one of the strongest arms in the league, I believe he will be just fine. But Kenum and Foles, are not my first choices for cold weather games. I believe this will keep this game a low scoring game, without even mentioning one of the best defenses in the league.
My bet

Eagles +3 1/2/under 


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