Bold Predictions for the MLB Season. AL Part

This is the 2018 edition of Bold Predictions for the MLB Season, we’ll tackle all 30 teams with a couple of predictions for each.


Note: The boldness will vary from really bold to sort of, as it’s impossible to give 60 different predictions on the same level.


Each division will get its own page and the 5 teams will be distributed according to where we’ll predict they finish the year.


AL East.


1, New York Yankees.

1rst: Sonny Gray will lead the team in ERA.

2nd: Greg Bird will be the starting 1B for the American League All-Star team.


2, Red Sox.

1rst: Rafael Devers and Andrew Benintendi will combine for 7.5+ WAR.

2nd: David Price will have a bounce-back year and finish the season in the top 10 of the AL Cy Young award.


3, Blue Jays.

1: Josh Donaldson will finish in the top 3 of MVP voting.

2: The Jays’ rotation will have the lowest ERA in the AL East.


4, Rays.

1: Kevin Kiermaier and Chris Archer will combine for 10+ WAR.

2: 2 of Justin Williams, Jake Bauers, and Christian Arroyo will finish the year as everyday players.


5, Orioles.

1rst: Manny Machado will lead all Shortstops in HR and WAR.

2nd: Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman will combine for a sub 4 ERA.


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