Breakdown of every MLB division for 2018

When everything is set and done, who do you think the division champions will be? Will there be any surprises or will it be the favorite who runs the table? Let’s take a look at the divions and what records the teams will have I’m 2018. 

AL East

  1. New York Yankees 95-67
  2. Boston Red Sox 90-72
  3. Toronto Blue Jays 83-79
  4. Tampa Bay Rays 81-81
  5. Baltimore Orioles 65-97

I believe this division is a two horse race. With the big addition the Yankees had this off-season in Giancarlo Stanton, I believe they will be the front runner in this years race. The Yankees only finished two games behind Boston last year. 

AL Central

  1. Cleveland Indians 95-67
  2. Minnesota Twins 92-70
  3. Kansas City Royals 87-75
  4. Chigaco White Sox 65-97
  5. Detroit Tigers 60-102

The Indians will win the Central again, but I believe the Twins make it a little more interesting this year. More than likely the Indians won’t go an a historical win streak again, so that will make this division just a little bit closer. But like I said, at the end the Indians will still be at top the Central

AL West

  1. Houston Astros 116-46
  2. Los Angeles Anaheim 97-65
  3. Texas Rangers 82-80
  4. Seattle Mariners 80-82
  5. Oakland Athletics 70-92

One of my bold predictions earlier in the year is that the Astros would win more than 116+. I believe they will be right at 116 or break the record. The Angels and the Ohtani project will produce a great year. I have them finishing second and grabbing a wild card spot 

NL East 

  1. Washington Nationals 100-62
  2. New York Mets 81-81
  3. Atlanta Braves 70-92
  4. Miami Marlins 70-92
  5. Philadelphia Phillies 68-94

The worst division is baseball in my opinion, will have a clear winner. The Nationals and Bryce Harper should have no problem wrapping up the East in 2018. Getting better every year, I have them winning 100 games this year. 

NL Central 

  1. Chigaco Cubs 97-65
  2. Milwaukee 95-67
  3. St. Louis Cardinals 75-87
  4. Cincinnati Reds 69-95
  5. Pittsburgh Pirates 64-98

The Cubs and the addition of Darvish makes them the clear favorite in the NL Central but I think we need to keep an eye on Milwaukee this year. They will not make it easy on the Cubs and will keep the pressure on them all year, don’t be surprised if the Brewers lead the Central late in the season

NL West 

  1. Colorado Rockies 100-62
  2. Arizona Diamondbacks 96-66
  3. Los Angeles Dodgers 87-75
  4. San Diego Padres 82-80
  5. San Francisco Giants 70-92

The best division in baseball. This division had three different leaders last year and three teams in the playoffs. So anybody can claim this division in 2018. The Rockies with potential 2018 MVP Nolan Arenado will take the west with a close race against Arizona. Another bold prediction I had was the dodgers would miss the playoffs. I still stand by that

American League Playoffs:

  1. Astros 
  2. Yankees 
  3. Indians 
  • AL Wild card
  1. Angels 
  2. Twins 

National League Playoffs:

  1. Nationals 
  2. Rockies 
  3. Cubs
  • NL Wild card
  1. Diamondbacks
  2. Brewers 

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