BREAKING: Kirk Cousins Signs With Vikings.

Kirk Cousins has signed with the Minnesota Vikings. The 3 year 86 Million dollar is one of the largest deals in NFL history fully guaranteed. Cousins signed with the Vikings after a visit on Tuesday. With this signing the tea leaves point to the fact that both Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford are most likely gone from the Vikings.
This move puts the Vikings in an excellent position, while I still believe the Rams should be the favorite in the NFC the Vikings just got much better. This I believe, along with a handful of signings for the Bears including Trey Burton and Allen Robinson, makes the NFC North the strongest division in the NFC. Where as the NFC West will most likely be a two man race. There are skeptics of Cousins talent level but I am not one of them. For the skeptic I offer this, the surrounding talent in Minnesota was enough to lure the Broncos into signing Case Keenum, imagine what Kirk Cousins will do with it. Will this team be world beaters and go 14-2, no but they will make the playoffs and have a chance to win the Super Bowl.
Cousins threw for 4,093 yards 27 touchdowns and 13 interceptions last year. He ranked top 6 in yards and Touchdowns. He finished eighth in my final QB Ranking last year.

Updates to come as this story progresses.


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