Breaking: Raptors Fire Head Coach Dwane Casey

The Raptors have just fired their Head Coach Dwane Casey despite their team finishing first in the East this season and winning a franchise record of 59 games. Casey was just recently voted Coach of the Year by his peers but that didn’t stop the Raptors from sending him on his way out the door. The Raptors were an undoubtably great team in the regular season but failed to translate that into postseason success like they have in the past. The team has now been beaten by Lebron and the Cavs for the past 3 postseasons in which 2 of those were series sweeps. Although they have steadily improved their regular season record since hiring Casey, their postseason success has remained relatively the same. They have only had one Eastern Conference Finals appearance in his 7 years there despite having a good team in the past couple of years. Their postseason failure this year was ultimately the last straw after being a dynamic regular season team but getting dominated in the postseason by the Cavs. Casey is clearly a good coach but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is the right fit for Toronto anymore. I would compare this to the Warriors situation with Mark Jackson. He was hired and their team increased season over season but, after losing in the first round, Jackson was fired and Kerr took his place. The next season in 2015 the Warriors went on to the win the titles and well… you know what happened after that. The right fit for Casey at this point I think is in Milwaukee with the Bucks. They have a lot of potential and some great young talent in Giannis, Middleton, Jabari Parker, and others. The one thing they are missing is a good coach and Casey could fit that role well. I would keep an eye out for the Bucks to be interviewing him in the coming weeks.


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