Breaking:Ezekiel Elliott Suspension

Ezekiel Elliott has been suspended from the NFL for six games.

Elliot has been suspended for a domestic vibe charge from over a year ago. This suspension has been long coming for the Cowboys star. On July 22 TMZ sports and deadspins unearthed photos of Elliots ex girlfriend on Instagram. The title alleged Elliott of “throwing me across the room by my arms” The photos released show brutal injuries to Elliott’s ex-girlfriends knees, arms, head, and throat. Police have been investigating the incident since its occurance on July 22nd of 2016. The Columbus Attorneys office declined to press charges.
With the recent PR mess the NFL has had with domestic violence it is no shock to anyone that this suspension has come down. However critics will say it should have come much sooner. The NFL spent a year investigating this case and for many anti domestic abuse organazations that is just too long. However it is clear the league wanted to get this one right. Especially with a league face like Elliot attached to it.
So now where do the Cowboys turn? Well at running back the boys now turn to Darren Mcfadden and Alfred Morris. Morris had the more success of the two last year as Elliots back up. Another interesting name thrown into the mix is veteran Ronnie Hillman who wont see a massive amount of touches but provides an explosive one down back for the Cowboys to add to there attack. The main pressure will fall on to Cowboys QB Dak Prescott though as he will be looked to too carry the offense.


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