Building the perfect lineup for under 6k stubs

While having a team stacked with diamonds helps, it is defenitely not a need to do well in MLB TheShow. Today we will be creating the perfect lineup all under 6,000 stubs. With this, balance is a key especially when stubs are so limited. We will be “buying” the players as if we were to buy them now rather than place an order.

The Field

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 12.49.13 PM.png

As you can tell, there are 3 golds on this team but all are hovering about 1.5k and the rest of the team average price is about 300 stubs. Along with the 3 golds, this team has 3 players that all could go gold, even this week (Castro, Dickerson and Conforto). Pretty good for just 6k.

The Lineup 

1. Jean Segura- R

2. Corey Dickerson-L

3. JD Martinez-R

4. Edwin Encarnacion-R

5. Jose Ramirez-S

6. Michael Conforto-L

7. Starlin Castro-R

8. Yadier Molina-R

9. Pitcher

While this team is pretty cheap, it is filled with budget bombers. Segura makes for a perfect leadoff hitter with having 94/79 in the contact category and having 84 speed. Dickerson balances out the righties with him having 79/88 for contact and power vs right handers. Then JD and Edwin are hitting 3 and 4, both of these 2 hitters mash both sides of the plate. Then comes Conforto, who is very simular to Dickerson, then at 7 and 8 we have Castro and Molina who both have pretty balanced numbers.

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