Building the perfect MLB roster

This is a theoretical lineup assuming I could select any player in the mlb. I will try to build the most balanced roster. Key factors that went into my decisions were obviously skill, age, contract, versatility and others. Lets start with the starting rotation. 

Starting Rotation

1. Clayton Kershaw

2. Chris Sale

3.Max Scherzer

4.Noah Synergaard

5. Madison Bumgarner

Honorable mentions: Kluber, Cueto, Lester, Arrieta, Verlander


 Long Reliever: Chris Devenski

Reliever: Wade Davis 

Reliever: Craig Kimbrel

Reliever: Dellin Betances

Reliever: Zach Britton

Setup: Aroldis Chapman

Setup: Andrew Miller

Closer: Kenley Jansen

Honorable mentions: Cody Allen, Jeurys Familia


Catcher: Buster Posey

First Base: Joey Votto

Second Base: Jose Altuve 

Shortstop: Fransisco Lindor

Third Base: Kris Bryant

Left Field: Bryce Harper

Center Field: Mike Trout

Right Field: Mookie Betts

DH: Josh Donaldson

Utility: Trea Turner
Bench: Paul Goldschmidt

Bench: Miguel Cabrera

Bench: Daniel Murphy

Bench: Manny Machado

Bench: Nolan Arenado 

Lineup vs Righties

1. Jose Altuve-2b

2.  Joey Votto-1b

3. Mike Trout-CF

4.  Bryce Harper-LF

5. Mookie Betts-RF

6. Kris Bryant-3b

7. Josh Donaldson-DH

8. Fransisco Lindor-SS

9. Buster Posey-C

Lineup vs Lefties

1. Jose Altuve-2b

2. Mookie Betts-RF

3. Mike Trout-Cf

4. Nolan Arenado-3b

5. Kris Bryant-3b

6. Paul Goldschmidt-1b

7. Buster Posey-C

8. Bryce Harper-LF

9. Fransisco Lindor-SS


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