Building the Perfect MLB The Show lineup for under 50k stubs

A while back I published the perfect lineup for under 6k stubs and now we move on to a  little more expensive lineup for the players that can afford it. While most players who have gotten to 50k stubs have done at least one team epic or one of the conquest mission, we will be assuming that you just got the created account today and were given 50k stubs. To view the lineup under 6k click here.

So without anything more let’s take a look at how our field would line up.Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.44.36 PM.png


*note* 92 Lorenzo Cain can be obtained by Royals team epic. Estimated cost = 20k


  1. Jean Segura-R
  2. Charlie Blackmon-L
  3. Lorenzo Cain-R
  4. Anthony Rizzo-L
  5. JD Martinez-R
  6. Jose Ramirez-S
  7. Justin Turner-R
  8. Salvador Perez-R
  9. pitcher

This lineup contains contact (Segura, Blackmon, Turner, JD, Jose, Lorenzo who are all hovering around at least 90 in either vs lefty or righty). This lineup contains power (Rizzo, Cain, Turner, Martinez and Blackmon. This lineup has speed (Segura, Blackmon, Cain, Ramirez). This lineup is balanced (2 Lefties, 1 switch hitter, 4 righties, although Turner has reverse splits). I would feel very confident rocking this lineup into ranked seasons as I feel it could hang with many others.

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