Can the Red Sox win the AL East?


Absolutely. The Red Sox have flown under the radar all offseason. Sure, the signing of J.D. Martinez was a great signing for both sides, but do they have enough to beat the Yankees? That is the question that all Red Sox coaches, players, and fans are tired of answering. Stanton, Judge, Sanchez, Severino, and Gregorius are all great players for the Yankees, but so are Betts, Benintendi, Bogaerts, Sale, and Price for the Red Sox. Of course the Red Sox can’t expect to hit with the New York Yankees. However, they can expect to out-pitch them.

ChrisSeverino, Tanaka, Sabathia, Gray, and Montgomery is a very quality rotation for the Yankees. The Red Sox however are anchored by Chris Sale, David Price, Rick Porcello, Hector Velazquez, and Brian Johnson. The Yankees rotation right now is much healthier than the Red Sox with Drew Pomeranz and Eduardo Rodriguez being on the DL currently. Healthy or not though, the Red Sox starting pitching rotation set an MLB record the first six games of the season. They became the first team in MLB history whose starting pitchers allowed 0 or 1 runs in each of the first six games of a season. This is a remarkable stat especially considering the fact that they are down two starters right now. The starting rotation for the Red Sox also leads the majors with  a remarkable 1.03 ERA. Granted, these stats have come against the Rays and the Marlins, but they are still major league baseball teams. The Red Sox have two relief pitchers, two starting pitchers, and their all star second baseman, Dustin Pedroia all on the DL, yet they sit 5-1 with the first six games being on the road. Out-hitting the Yankees will be very tough if not impossible, but out-pitching the Yankees is something that I believe the Red Sox will be able to do. Predicting the Sox to win the AL East is a bold prediction, but a prediction that I am willing to make. The Boston Red Sox will win the American League East by three games over the New York Yankees. We will get our first Yankees-Red Sox series of the year next week at Fenway Park in Boston. Assuming no injuries happen between now and then, Sale and Price will take the mound in two of those games for the Sox, so we will see if great pitching will beat the great hitting of the New York Yankees.

As always, Go Sox!

-Reid WheelerBetts


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