Fantasy Football

Starts and Fades: Week 16

Well everyone, this is it. The rabble have lost. All that remains are the elite fantasy GM’s to duke it out for the coveted championship (the real championships, not those [...]

Starts and Fades: Week 15

Wow. That’s about the only way to describe all the upsets last week. The Miami Miracle took down the Patriots, the Raiders beat the visiting Steelers, and the Bears [...]

Starts and Fades: Week 14

Last week was the type of week that proves the mantra “any given weekend.” The Cowboys stunned the Saints on Thursday, the NFC North took a beating as the Bears and [...]

Starts and Fades: Week 13

This season continues to chug along as the most prolific offensive season in NFL history. Here’s another fun stat showing just how ridiculous it’s been; last week [...]

Starts and Fades: Week 12

How about that Monday night game? That was the first time in NFL history that both teams scored over 50 points. In total, there were 10 passing touchdowns, 1 rushing touchdown [...]

Starts and Fades: Week 11

Well that was an interesting week. The Steelers and Saints each dropped 50-burgers on each other’s division opponents and the Bills’ feeble offense put up 41 of [...]

Starts and Fades: Week 10

No season in NFL history has seen as much offense as this season. The league as a whole is currently on pace to beat both the previous yardage and scoring records, and by decent [...]

Starts and Fades: Week 9

Sorry we’re a little late this week – sometimes real life gets in the way of our fantasies – but better late than never! Speaking of real life getting in the [...]

Starts and Fades: Week 8

Two weeks ago Drew Brees eclipsed Peyton Manning’s all-time passing yards record. This week, Brees became just the fourth QB in NFL history to reach 500 passing [...]