MLB the Show 18 Wishlist

MLB the Show 17 was a great game in many aspects that brought tons of changes to improve the game. Although much better than the Show 16, it was far from a perfect [...]

A Brief Love Letter to October

Dear October   I’ve written this ode before(you can find it HERE) but it deserves to be heard every year. After the crushing winter cold and ever unwavering summer [...]

Predicting every MLB award winner

As September begins and we slowly approach the playoffs we are going to give our predictions for each MLB award. On the panel, we have @ProSportsFandom, @mlbrandomstats, and [...]

1N2W MLB power rankings

Right now is the best time of the season, teams are trying to make their playoff push so we are going to make our own MLB power rankings. These rankings were made by @1N2W_. [...]