Jose Quintana’s Historic Start in Cubs Debut

Jose Quintana’s was traded from the Chicago White Sox to the Chicago Cubs last Thursday for 4 Cubs prospects. Two of  the four prospects traded to the White Sox were listed as the top two prospects within the Cubs organization. Shortly after, Quintana was added to the Cubs rotation and set to start verses the Baltimore Orioles on Sunday.

The trade of Quintana was the first time in 11 years that the Cubs and White Sox had conducted a crosstown trade. After the trade many fans were exited to see if Quintana would be able help steer the struggling Cubs in the right direction. Quintana’s much anticipated start on Sunday did not disappoint.

In his first start with the Cubs, Quintana proceeded to have one of the best games of his career. He went 7 innings, gave up 3 hits, walked zero and struck out 12 Baltimore Orioles hitters. His performance made the Cubs line up look like it was 2016 all over again, propelling the them to win 8-0.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Quintana has joined Randy Johnson in being the only pitchers to have double digit strike outs with two different teams in the same season since 1900.  After the game Quintana said “This one is special for me. First one with the Cubs. I’m really happy.”

Cubs players are happy to be back to baseball, and grateful for Quintana’s work on the mound. Catcher Wilson Contreras said “We are back to where we were last year.” He also praised Quintana on an outstanding start, “We knew that he could pitch pretty good, but today was his day,” Contreras said ” After the game, I thanked him.”

The Cubs have gotten off to a hot start since the All-Star Break, outscoring the Orioles 27-11 in 3 games. If the Cubs line up can continue giving run support  to their pitchers then we may be in for a treat for the second half of the season.




MLB The Show Roster Update Predictions Part One (July 21st)

After last week’s roster update, which included Carlos Correa going diamond as well as plenty of other players going gold such as Felipe Rivero and more we look to this week to bring even more changes. But despite last week’s update, there are still players who deserve to see an update. Below are the players I feel have will see an upgrade and the upcoming schedule.

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Sunday- Part One by @prosportsfandom and @mlbtheshowPSF

Tuesday- Part Two by @MlbTheShowTalk1

Wednesday- Part Three by @tb24gaming

Thursday- Everything you need to know for Tomorrow’s roster update

Justin Turner 88 to 91

In my opinion, Justin Turner has deserved this upgrade for several weeks now. He is just a few games away from qualifying for batting average and once he does he will be leading the league in batting average at a whopping .370 mark. He is hitting a spectacular .427 vs lefties this season so I expect him to see a major upgrade there. If you expect him to see a downgrade in contact vs right handers then, don’t. He is still hitting .340 vs right handers so don’t be hesitant.

Mike Moustakas 84 to 85

Moustakas is currently hitting .270 on the year with 25 HRs and a .857 OPS. He should see a slight upgrade in contact vs lefties, he is hitting .253 so his 47 should see a slight upgrade. I also expect him to see an upgrade in both power categories.

Jason Kipnis 85 to 83

Since coming back from his injury, Jason Kipnis has not been very good, at all. He is hitting just .232 on the season with just a .693 OPS. I expect him to see a slight drop in all the main hitting categories.


Avisail Garcia 80 to 84

Avisail Garcia is quietly hitting .312 on the season with a .849 OPS. Garcia has 11 HRs and 51 RBIs. He is hitting an amazing .410 vs left-handers and is slugging .577 vs lefties so he should see his 85 contact get a boost as well as his 74 power.

Alex Wood 86 to 89

Alex Wood has been amazing this season, and one of the best pitchers this season. His ERA currently sits at 1.56 with an 11-0 record. Not to mention, Wood’s WHIP sits at 0.88 and he has 101 Ks in just 86.2 IP. Look for Wood to get an upgrade this week, whether its to an 89 or even a diamond. Wood could make for a good investment as his buy now price is just over 2,000 stubs.

Cody Bellinger 83 to 86

After hitting for the cycle Saturday night against the Marlins, Bellinger looks to see an upgrade this Friday. Bellinger is slugging .667 vs righties so he should see his 84 power get an upgrade. He also could see a slight upgrade in contact vsR and in speed.

Aaron Judge 87 to 91

What can I say, Judge has been by far the best player in baseball this year. As of now, he leads the league in fWAR at 5.5 which is 1.1 ahead of second place (Jose Altuve). Judge’s stat line currently sits at .319/.406/.671 and in my opinion, I feel he could (and should) see an upgrade in almost every hitting stat.

Charlie Blackmon 88 to 90

I know, I know they probably won’t have three players going diamond in one week, but all three players deserve it and they all have a very good chance of seeing an upgrade. Blackmon is hitting .326 off of left-handers this season so look for his 72 contact to see an upgrade.

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Could The Cubs Be Out On Sonny Gray?

Rumors have been surfacing the past few days saying that the Cubs could be one of the teams to acquire Gray, well it might not be that way any more. 
Brett Taylor at stated that @KenRosenthal believed the Cubs will not go after Gray anymore. Rosenthal stated that Gray would cost the Cubs “Ian Happ or one of the other top young position players on the big league roster.” 
The Cubs could still make a move for Gray, but it is now looking more unlikely. Rosenthal says the Cubs will probably stick what they have and explore free agency. 
Do you believe the Cubs will still make a move? Let us know on twitter @1N2W_

MLB 1st Half Breakout Players For Each Team

Arizona Diamondbacks (53-37): Hitters-(Batting Average/On Base Percentage/Slugging)

Paul Goldschmidt: .314/.427/.584 with 21 HR and 68 RBI’s

Jake Lamb: .277/.375/.541 with 20 HR and 67 RBI’s


Zach Greinke: 11-4 with a 2.86 ERA and 131 K’s

Robbie Ray: 8-4 with a 2.97 ERA and 141 K’s

Atlanta Braves (43-45): Hitters-

Freddie Freeman: .352/.457/.758 with 17 HR and 35 RBI’s (44 games)

Ender Inciarte: .304/.351/.411 with 7 HR and 36 RBI’s

Pitchers- R.A Dickey: 6-5 with a 4.08 ERA and 73 K’s

Mike Foltynewicz: 7-5 with a 3.77 ERA and 81 K’s

Baltimore Orioles (42-47): Hitters-

Johnathon Schoop: .296/.347/.537 with 18 HR and 54 RBI’s

Adam Jones: .263/.303/.431 with 15 HR and 40 RBI’s

Pitchers- Dylan Bundy: 8-8 with a 4.33 ERA and 84 K’s

Brad Brach: 2-2 with 15 Saves and a 2.75 ERA

Boston Red Sox (51-39): Hitters-

Dustin Pedroia: .306/.385/.399 with 4 HR and 42 RBI’s

Mookie Betts: .274/.351/.489 with 16 HR and 53 RBI’s

Pitchers- Chris Sale: 11-4 with a 2.75 ERA and 178 K’s

Craig Kimbrel: 2-0, has 1.19 ERA, 23 Saves and 68 K’s

Chicago Cubs (44-45): Hitters-

Kris Bryant: .265/.394/.520 with 18 HR and 38 RBI’s

Anthony Rizzo: .259/.385/.505 with 20 HR and 56 RBI’s

Pitchers- Jon Lester: 5-6 with 4.25 ERA and 110 K’s

Wade Davis: 2-0 with 1.74 ERA, 17 Saves and 45 K’s

Chicago White Sox (38-50): Hitters-

Avisail Garcia: .313/.345/.459 with 11 HR and 51 RBI’s

Jose Abreu: .295/.346/.516 with 16 HR and 58 RBI’s


Anthony Swarzak: 4-2 with 2.41 ERA and 43 K’s

David Robertson: 4-2 with 2.87 ERA, 13 Saves and 46 K’s

Cincinnati Red’s (39-50): Hitters-

Joey Votto: .312/.425/.625 with 26 HR and 68 RBI’s

Adam Duvall: .281/.323/.559 with 20 HR and 61 RBI’s

Pitchers- Scott Feldman: 7-6 with 3.94 ERA and 84 K’s

Raisel Iglesias: 2-2 with 1.69 ERA, 16 Saves and 52 K’s

Cleveland Indians (47-41): Hitters-

Jose Ramirez: .331/.386/.599 with 17 HR and 48 RBI’s

Lonnie Chisenhall: .305/.376/.578 with 12 HR and 51 RBI’s

Pitchers- Corey Kluber: 7-3 with 2.80 ERA and 123 K’s

Carlos Carrasco: 10-4 with 3.65 ERA and 124 K’s

Andrew Miller: 3-2 with 1.42 ERA and 67 K’s

Colorado Rockies (52-40): Hitters-

Charlie Blackmon: .321/.373/.585 with 20 HR and 61 RBI’s

Nolan Arenado: .302/.352/.554 with 17 HR and 70 RBI’s

Pitchers- Antonio Senzatela: 9-3 with 4.63 ERA, 68 K’s

Greg Holland: 1-1 with 1.62 ERA, 28 Saves and 43 K’s

Detroit Tigers (39-49): Hitters-

J.D Martinez: .298/.379/.602 with 14 HR and 32 RBI’s

Justin Upton: .269/.354/.493 with 15 HR and 54 RBI’s

Pitchers- Michael Fulmer: 9-6 with 3.19 ERA, 84 K’s

Houston Astros (61-29): Hitters- 

Jose Altuve: .349/.419/.553 with 13 HR and 50 RBI’s

Carlos Correa: .324/.402/.573 with 20 HR and 66 RBI’s

Pitchers- Dallas Keuchel: 9-0 with 1.67 ERA, 69 K’s

Brandon Peacock: 7-1 with 2.63 ERA and 84 K’s

Kansas City Royals (44-44): Hitters-

Eric Hosmer: .318/.373/.490 with 12 HR and 42 RBI’s

Salvador Perez: .286/.314/.525 with 18 HR and 57 RBI’s

Pitchers- Jason Vargas: 12-3 with 2.62 ERA and 78 K’s

Mike Minor: 5-2 with 2.22 ERA and 47 K’s

Los Angeles Angels (45-48): Hitters-

Andrelton Simmons: .289/.340/.439 with 9 HR, 39 RBI’s

Mike Trout: 48 Games: .333/.455/.726 with 16 HR, 36 RBI’s

Pitchers- JC Ramirez: 8-7 with 4.46 ERA and 81 K’s

Bud Norris: 1-2 with 2.17 ERA, 13 Saves and 48 K’s

Los Angeles Dodgers (62-29): Hitters-

Justin Turner: .375/.469/.578 with 10 HR and 37 RBI’s

Cody Bellinger: .261/.341/.613 with 25 HR and 58 RBI’s

Pitchers- Clayton Kershaw: 14-2 with 2.18 ERA, 159 K’s

Alex Wood: 10-0 with 1.67 ERA and 97 K’s

Miami Marlins (41-47): Hitters-

Marcell Ozuna: .316/.375/.564 with 23 HR and 70 RBI’s

Giancarlo Stanton: .277/.362/.573 with 26 HR, 59 RBI’s

Pitchers- Dan Straily: 7-4 with 3.32 ERA and 98 K’s

Jose Urena: 7-3 with 3.54 ERA and 58 K’s

Milwaukee Brewers (51-41): Hitters-

Travis Shaw: .296/.366/.565 with 19 HR and 65 RBI’s

Eric Thames: .245/.374/.556 with 23 HR and 43 RBI’s

Pitchers- Chase Anderson: 6-2 with 2.89 ERA, 85 K’s

Jimmy Nelson: 8-4 with 3.30 ERA and 118 K’s

Minnesota Twins (45-44): Hitters-

Eddie Rosario: .286/.324/.457 with 10 HR with 26 RBI’s

Miguel Sano: .274/.371/.535 with 21 HR and 62 RBI’s

Pitchers- Ervin Santana: 10-6 with 2.99 ERA, 91 K’s

Jose Berrios: 8-3 with 3.70 ERA and 70 K’s

New York Mets (40-47): Hitters-

Michael Conforto: .288/.409/.555 with 15 HR, 45 RBI’s

Jay Bruce: .265/.334/.532 with 23 HR and 59 RBI’s

Pitchers- Jacob DeGrom: 10-3 with 3.48 ERA, 141 K’s

Addison Reed: 0-2 with 2.53 ERA, 15 Saves, 43 K’s

New York Yankees (45-42): Hitters-

Aaron Judge: .326/.446/.684 with 30 HR and 66 RBI’s

Starlin Castro: .313/.348/.486 with 12 HR and 45 RBI’s

Pitchers- Luis Severino: 5-4 with 3.54 ERA, 124 K’s

Jordan Montgomery: 6-4 with 3.78 ERA, 90 K’s

Oakland Athletics (40-50): Hitters-

Yonder Alonso: .275/.371/.569 with 21 HR and 44 RBI’s

Khris Davis: .241/.331/.506 with 24 HR and 60 RBI’s

Pitchers- Sean Manaea: 7-5 with 3.76 ERA, 93 K’s

Philadelphia Phillies (29-59): Hitter- 

Howie Kendrick: .349/.403/.476 with 2 HR and 14 RBI’s

Pitchers- Pat Neshek: 2-2 with 1.27 ERA and 36 K’s

Pittsburgh Pirates (43-47): Hitters-

Andrew McCutchen- .295/.383/.527 with 17 HR, 50 RBI’s

Josh Harrison- .276/.356/.429 with 10 HR and 29 RBI’s

Pitchers- Jameson Taillon: 5-2 with 2.73 ERA, 59 K’s

Ivan Nova: 9-6 with 3.21 ERA and 67 K’s

San Diego Padres (38-51): Hitters-

Yangervis Solarte: .268/.349/.425 with 10 HR, 40 RBI’s

Wil Myers: .255/.332/.463 with 16 HR and 42 RBI’s

Pitchers- Jhoulys Chacin: 8-7 with 4.32 ERA, 88 K’s

Brad Hand: 2-4 with 2.30 ERA and 60 K’s

San Francisco Giants (35-56): Hitters-

Buster Posey: .326/.409/.509 with 11 HR and 37 RBI’s

Brandon Belt: .245/.350/.472 with 16 HR, 44 RBI’s

Pitchers- Hunter Strickland: 1-2 with 1.97 ERA, 35 K’s

Seattle Mariners (44-47): Hitters- 

Nelson Cruz: .292/.374/.518 with 17 HR with 70 RBI’s

Robinson Cano: .278/.336/.491 with 18 HR with 63 RBI’s

Pitchers- James Paxton: 8-3 with 3.19 ERA and 100 K’s

Ariel Miranda: 7-4 with 4.15 ERA and 80 K’s

St. Louis Cardinals (43-46): Hitters-

Tommy Pham: .303/.388/.510 with 11 HR and 34 RBI’s

Jedd Gyorko: .299/.362/.526 with 14 HR and 47 RBI’s

Pitchers- Carlos Martinez: 6-8 with 3.40 ERA, 128 K’s

Adam Wainwright: 10-5 with 5.20 ERA, 89 K’s

Tampa Bay Rays (48-43): Hitters-

Corey Dickerson: .308/.351/.542 with 17 HR and 42 RBI’s

Steven Souza Jr.: .268/.368/.495 with 17 HR and 56 RBI’s

Pitchers- Alex Cobb: 7-6 with 3.75 ERA and 76 K’s

Chris Archer: 7-5 with 3.95 ERA and 147 K’s

Texas Rangers (44-45): Hitters-

Nomar Mazara: .256/.328/.443 with 12 HR and 56 RBI’s

Roughned Odor: .215/.255/.405 with 17 HR and 40 RBI’s

Pitchers- Yu Darvish: 6-8 with 3.49 ERA and 125 K’s

Alex Claudio: 1-0 with 2.64 ERA and 33 K’s

Toronto Blue Jays (42-47): Hitters-

Ezequiel Carrera: .289/.354/.428 with 7 HR and 17 RBI’s

Justin Smoak: .289/.358/.564 with 23 HR and 56 RBI’s

Pitchers- Marcus Stroman: 9-5, 3.28 ERA and 93 K’s

Roberto Osuna: 2-0 with 2.06 ERA and 47 K’s

Washington Nationals (53-36): Hitters- 

Daniel Murphy: .342/.393/.572 with 14 HR and 64 RBI’s

Bryce Harper: .327/.434/.608 with 22 HR and 68 RBI’s

Pitchers- Max Scherzer: 10-5 with 2.10 ERA, 173 K’s

Stephen Strasburg: 9-3 with 3.43 ERA and 128 K’s






Five Bold Predictions for the rest of the MLB season

Now that we can finally begin the second half of the MLB season, below are five predictions I have for the rest of the season.

Cubs have the best 2nd half record and win division

This one may not seem too bold, but as of now the Cubs are just 43-45 on the season and have not looked very good. Well, Joe Maddon and the Cubs have a tendency to perform well in the second half. Below is the Cubs record after the All-Star break since Joe Maddon has taken over as manager.

2015:  50-25

2016:  50-23

This year, the Cubs look to do it again. The trade for Quintana helps, but the Cubs need more especially from key players like Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Jake Arrieta, Kyle Schwarber, and more. The Cubs need quite a bit of players to bounce-back but Maddon is the manager to do so and the Cubs are the club that can. Look out for them to get on a huge run.

Manny Machado hits over .320 in the second half

Manny Machado is one of the best players in the league. But this year he has not been. He is hitting just .230 with a .741 OPS. But, unfortunately for Machado, he has hit into a lot of bad luck this season. Via Ryan Spaeder of Sporting News, Manny Machado leads the league in balls hit with an exit velocity of over 100 mph. Below are the league leaders in that category.

  1. Manny Machado: 93 – .230/.296/445
  2. Aaron Judge: 92 – .329/.448/.691
  3. Marcell Ozuna: 91 – .316/.374/.566
  4. George Springer: 89 – .310/.380/.613
  5. Carlos Correa: 88 – .325/.402/.577

Machado is hitting just .565 on these balls, which although seems high, it really is not. Machado ranks 178th of 202 in batting average on balls hit at least 100 mph among ballplayers with at least 30 — and again, he has 93; Freddie Freeman ranks first at .850 (34 for 40).

Look for Machado to turn around his bad luck and have an MVP-Caliber second half.

Mike Trout surpasses Aaron Judge in WAR and wins MVP

This one may seem really bold. Aaron Judge leads the league in fWAR at 5.5, more than 1.0 than second place (Jose Altuve at 4.4). Then sits Mike Trout at 3.4 more than 2 behind Judge.

So let’s do some math

Trout WAR= 3.4 in 47 games (+1 in every 13.8 games)

Judge WAR= 5.5 in 84 games (+1 in every 15.3 games)

So if both players keep their pace, their end of the year fWAR would look like:

Trout: 9.7 (Counting games missed)

Judge: 10.5

Counting on Aaron Judge to slow down a little, Mike Trout should be able to pass Aaron Judge in WAR right before the season ends.

Josh Donaldson is traded

Josh Donaldson is one of the premier hitters in the MLB today, but the Blue Jays do not look to compete this season and next season looks iffy as well. Donaldson is set to become a free agent after next year’s season. The Blue Jays could change the course of their franchise with this trade. The return for a player such as Donaldson would re-stock their farm system and allow them to begin their rebuild with a bang.

Max Scherzer edges out Clayton Kershaw for Cy-Young. But wins MVP too

Both pitchers have had amazing starts to their 2017 campaigns, no surprise… Below is how the players compare this seasonScreen Shot 2017-07-14 at 8.58.03 PM.png

Max Scherzer currently leads the National league in fWAR and my prediction is that he keeps it that way. Max Scherzer looks to become the first pitcher to win MVP since Kershaw did so in 2014.

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Diamondbacks showing interest in Marlins relievers David Phelps and A.J. Ramos 


Radio host Craig Mish from SirusXM has reported the Arizona Diamondbacks are showing significant interest in Marlins relievers David Phelps and A.J. Ramos. Phelps would give Arizona another long man to go along with  Randall Delgado and depth in rotation if a starter gets injured.   Ramos would give the Diamondbacks a quality closer to fall on if current CP Fernando Rodney continues to show decline. 

 Phelps in 44 IP has 3.68 ERA 1.27 WHIP 40 hits allowed and 40 strikeouts, Phelps has 26.4 K% and 8.8 B%. Ramos in 33.1 IP has 3.51 ERA 17 Saves 24 hits allowed 42 strikeouts and 18 walks. Ramos has 29.6 K% and 12.7% BB%, with hitters .197 AVG against him. Ramos and Phelps both have one year of arbitration elgibility remaining. 

 Talks would potentially start with Diamondbacks pitching prospect Jon Duplantier, his trade stock has risen since being recently selected to the 2017 Futures Game. Duplantier in 72 IP in Single A had 1.24 ERA 0.83 WHIP 45 hits allowed and 78 Strikeouts. This would give the Diamondbacks quality depth in the bullpen to make a run at the 1st place Los Angeles Dodgers. 

If the Yankees want to contend with the Red Sox in the AL East, they need to be buyers on the trade market before the deadline

The New York Yankees are baseball’s most recognized franchise, having won 27 World Series championships. But if general manager Brian Cashman thinks that this season’s Yankees team can contend to win the 2017 World Series, then he must put the Yankees as buyers on this year’s trade market. 

The Yankees sit at 45-41 at the all-star break, which is 3 and a half games off of the AL East division leading Boston Red Sox who sit at 50-39. They are home to the powerful young right fielder Aaron Judge who leads the MLB in home runs with 30 and is batting .330. 

The Bronx Bombers have also been plagued by injuries with Starlin Castro, Aaron Hicks, Matt Holliday, and Greg Bird. But a new injury has arrived and it’s setting up a potential nightmare in the Bronx, as they may have lost starting pitcher Michael Pineda for the rest of the year to a Torn UCL which Tommy John Surgery is recommended for. And pitching was already a major issue for the Yankees, Pineda wasn’t pitching well either but it still hurts majorly as it may force Cashman’s hand to enter the buyers market.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman was in discussions to acquire ex-White Sox SP Jose Quintana before he was dealt to the Cubs but now Cashman really needs to look long and hard on the trade market for a quality starter. He also needs to look into a trade for veteran relievers such as the Padres’ Brad Hand or the Phillies’ Pat Neshek. Both teams would be willing to deal the relievers for the right price. The Yankees definitely need to acquire one of these relievers as their bullpen hasn’t been spectacular as of late including Betances and Chapman, as both have struggled mightily.

Despite the need, Cashman will likely pull away from the trade market of starting pitchers as there are a few really talented pitchers like Gerrit Cole, Justin Verlander, Johnny Cueto, and Sonny Gray, but the price is too high for a pitcher of their caliber and Cashman is right in not wanting to cash in and trade top prospects. Cashman could pull off a smaller deal and acquire a solid starter like the Braves’ Jaime Garcia, or the Reds’ Scott Feldman. 

In all honesty, who will be the fifth starter in the Yankees rotation after Pineda’s disaster injury? The Yankees could try out Chad Green who has 1.91 ERA and a 0.73 WHIP in 33 innings pitched. They could recall SP Luis Cessa who holds a 5.28 ERA after a few starts earlier in the year. If Cashman doesn’t trade for a starter, then the best option to go with is Green who has been stuffed in the bullpen but has been too good for the small role he currently has. 

And if Cashman could orchestrate a deal to acquire a first baseman for a rental, then it would be a solid move. The Athletics’ Yonder Alonso and Marlins’ Justin Bour are two players connected to trade rumors with the potential of wearing the Pinstripes in a few weeks. The bottom line is that the Yankees need to make some moves but not drastically drain the farm system here, they should look to acquire a solid starter, a reliever like Hand or Neshek, and a first baseman like Alonso or Bour. 

Who knows, maybe these trades will happen and make the Yankees better? Let us know what you think the Yankees should be doing at the trade deadline on Twitter and Facebook.

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The Cubs Could Be Adding Another Pitcher In Brad Hand

Today the Cubs acquired Quintana from the  White Soxs and it seems they are not done.

@Jonheyman at Fanrag sports’ reported that the Cubs are one of many teams that are believed to show interest in Brad Hand.

Hand has posted a 2.30 ERA In 42 games out of the pen this year, and he was selected to this years all star game.

I believe that the Cubs bullpen is doing fine, but another good piece would not hurt. Who do you think the Cubs would give up if they were to go after Hand?

Here is his contract for the next few years. Let us know what you think about this on our twitter @1N2W_


Every National League Team Overlooked Postion Player

Arizona Diamondbacks 

Brandon Drury

Drury was acquired from the Atlanta Braves that sent All Star OF Justin Upton to the Braves. Drury now with a every day job at 2B with Jean Segura being dealt to the Seattle Mariners in the 2016 Offseason. At the mid way point in 2017 Drury’s slash line is .285/.337/.462 posting 104 wRC+ and 1.4 WAR. Drury’s 1.4 WAR ranks 4th among NL 2B. Drury’s 8 HRs are 4th in NL 2B and 40 RBIs are 3rd among NL 2B. Drury becoming a very productive 2B for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Atlanta Braves 

Tyler Flowers 

On Decemeber 8th, 2016 Flowers signed a 2yr $5 Millon dollar contract with the Braves. The deal seems to be paying off for them Flowers is slashing .306/.397/.440 posting 126 wRC+ and 1.4 WAR. Flowers 1.4 WAR ranks 6th among NL Catchers, his 126 wRC+ ranks 3rd among NL Catchers. Flowers a quality trade candidate, with 1yr $3 Millon left on his deal a solid low budget catcher who would help a contender down the stretch. With limited catcher trade market the Braves could get decent value from Flowers.

Chicago Cubs

Willson Contreras 

Contreras is slashing .261/.329/.454 posting 106 wRC+ and a 1.9 WAR. Contreras has hit 11 HRs which is tied for 2nd among NL Catchers and has 41 RBIs which is 1st among NL catchers. The crazy thing about Contreras is he has a 9.3 Defensive WAR which is 3rd among NL catchers. Contreras future looks bright he’s only 25 with a elite arm and shows some power looking like he’s gonna become a star for the Cubs in a few years.

Cincinnati Reds

Tucker Barnhart

Barnhart has had a nice season for the Reds he’s slashing .273/.337/.401 with 87 wRC+ and a 1.4 WAR. Barnhart .273 AVG ranks 7th among NL catchers. Barnhart hitting just  2 HRs and 13 RBIs which is minimal but productive to what he brings defensively to the Reds. Barnhart posts 10.0 Defensive WAR which is 2nd among NL Catchers. A great defensive catcher is valuable to a pitching staff his slash line is productive enough for being a great defensive catcher.

Colorado Rockies 

Mark Reynolds 

Hard to believe Reynolds was only signed to a Minor League contract, it’s paying off great for the Rockies. Reynolds (32) is having a great season in Colorado slashing .284/.379/.519 posting 117 wRC+ and 0.8 WAR. Reynolds has 19 HRs and 61 RBIs which ranks 8th and 4th among NL 1B. Reynolds will be key for the Colorado Rockies during their fight to stay in the Wild Card hunt.  

Los Angeles Dodgers 

Chris Taylor 

Taylor once a top prospect in the Tampa Bay Rays organization was acquired from the Rays in exchange for Zachary Lee. Lets just say this deal has paid off greatly for the Dodgers, Taylor is slashing .285/.365/.480 posting 127 wRC+ and 2.3 WAR. Taylor also slugging 10 HRs and 38 RBIs. Taylor a super utility player for the Dodgers has played a major role in helping the team have the best record at the mid way point.

Miami Marlins 

J.T. Realmuto 

Realmuto snubbed as a back up catcher for the 2017 All Star Game, slashing .303/.357/.461. Realmuto posting 114 wRC+ and 2.0 WAR that ranks 3rd among NL catchers. Realmuto slugging 8 HRs and 34 RBIs both ranks 7th among NL catchers. Realmuto also posting 6.2 Defensive WAR ranks 7th among NL catchers. Realmuto is a all around catcher who produces solid numbers offensively and defensively. If the Marlins upcoming new ownership decide to sell off pieces Realmuto should bring in a great package of prospects. 

Milwaukee Brewers 

Domingo Santana 

Santana is having a career year slashing .291/.384/.497 for the 1st place Milwaukee Brewers. Posting 127 wRC+ and 1.7 WAR, Santana’s 1.7 WAR rank 4th among NL RFs. Santana slugging 15 HRs and 50 RBIs rank 7th and 4th among NL RFs. Santana has played a huge part in the Brewers young deadly offense.

New York Mets 

T.J. Rivera 

It’s been a rough injury derailed season for the New York Mets but they may have found themselves a quality 3B. Rivera slashing .299/.340./.443 posting 109 wRC+ and 0.8 WAR, Rivera has slugged 4hrs and 22 RBIs. Rivera’s109 wRC+ rank 11th among NL 3B. Rivera has been one of the few bright spots for the Mets this season.

Philadelphia Phillies 

Aaron Altherr

Altherr is having a fine season with the Phillies with a slash line of .284/.358/.530 posting 129 wRC+ and 1.3 WAR. Atlherr has slugged 14 HRs and 44 RBIs which both rank 8th among NL RFs. With the Phillies in rebuilding process they have found themselves a quality young OFer.

Pittsburgh Pirates 

Jordy Mercer

Mercer is having a solid season slashing .267/.346/.422 posting 101 wRC+ and 1.6 WAR. Mercer’s 1.6 WAR ranks 2nd among NL SS. Mercer has slugged 8 HRs and 36 RBIs which are 8th and 5th among NL SS. Mercer’s numbers aren’t eye popping but he’s a quality veteran who will help a contender down the stretch if the Pirates look to move him.

San Fransisco Giants

Denard Span 

The 2017 season has been a disaster for the San Fransisco Giants they currently have the 2nd worst record in the league. Span who’s dealt with injuries these past few seasons is having a fine season. Span slashing .284/.336/.444 posting 106 wRC+ and 1.0 WAR. Span has slugged 6 HRs and 20 RBIs with 4 SB. Span could be a quality OFer for a contending team that needs a veteran guy off the bench or for a injury replacement. 

San Diego Padres 

Yangervis Solarte 

Solarte is a quality utility player, who was having a solid season  before having a Right Oblique Strain. Solarte slashing .268/.349/.425 posting 107 wRC+ and 1.1 WAR. Solarte’s 1.1 WAR ranks 11th among NL 2B. Solarte has slugged 10 HRs and 40 RBIs. Solarte currently on a rehab assignment should expect him to be back by the trade deadline. Solarte should be a valuable player to pay attention too.

ST. Louis Cardinals 

Tommy Pham 

Pham is having a breakout 2017 season slashing .299/.386/.510 posting 136 wRC+ and 2.4 WAR. Pham’s WAR and wRC+ currently ranks 3rd in NL CFs. Pham has slugged 11 HRs and 34 RBIs which rank 9th and 11th among NL CFs. The Cardinals may have found their every day CF. 

Crosstown Blockbuster: White Sox trade Jose Quintana to Cubs for Eloy Jimenez & 3 other prospects.

Oh baby! It’s officially trade season in the world of baseball. We’ve been sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for the floodgates of the market to burst open, and this might be the trade that does it.

Earlier this morning, Jose Quintana was dealt from the Chicago White Sox to the Chicago Cubs for the No. 8 prospect, power hitting outfielder Eloy Jimenez, pitcher Dylan Cease, and infielders Matt Rose and Bryant Flete.

Not exactly what I imagined waking up to this morning.

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This trade is beautiful for the baseball world and for both franchises. Here’s why:

  • This trade finally busts the myth that teams can’t trade crosstown or between the division. It’s always been looked down upon in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, but for what reason? Just so an amped up rivalry continues on without flare? Sox GM Rick Hahn and the Cubs front office entourage each helped their team move a step closer to what they’re looking to accomplish.
  • For the White Sox, they add a big time prospect and arguably the best bat in their system with Eloy Jimenez. Jimenez, 20, is only in Single-A, but was in Miami earlier in the week for the Future’s Game. While he isn’t proven at the major league level, he certainly is a prospect worth taking a risk on. While Jimenez has been crushing lightbulbs with baseballs in batting practice, Dylan Cease has flown under the radar. The Cubs No. 2 prospect and ranked No. 63 in all of baseball, Cease has pitched his way into the minds of every Cubs fan looking ahead into the future. Cease, 21, has put up terrific numbers with thirteen games started and a 2.79 ERA. Although Jimenez is the more enticing piece of the package, Cease is a name to watch out for in the White Sox system over the next couple years. The other two prospects acquired, Matt Rose and Bryant Flete, don’t even crack the top 30 Cubs prospects, but Rick Hahn saw something he liked. The Sox now own 9% of the Top 100 prospects according to MLB Pipeline.
  • For the Cubs, they add the best available piece to their rotation. Quintana is 28 years old, proven in the big leagues, and under team control until 2020 with club options for 2019 and 2020 worth $10.5 million. Quintana has dealt with his fair share of troubles this year and is currently sporting a 4.49 ERA with a 4-8 record this season, but since June 1st, Quintana’s ERA is just 2.70 while the Cubs starting rotations ERA since then is… not great. And if anyone can make Quintana even better, it’s Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio. This puts the Cubs back in a great position to contend for the NL Central and the World… hold on, Patrick. One step at a time. Also, it takes Quintana off of the market for teams like the Milwaukee Brewers and the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • A commonly asked question that I’ve seen on Twitter is, “was this return big enough for the (insert team name here)? I wish we could’ve gotten (insert Major League player here).” This trade gets done without the Cubs losing any of their current roster talent AND without the White Sox losing their minds. Quintana is perfect for the Cubs and four prospects is perfect for the White Sox. This comes out as a very fair deal and one that will be remembered for a long time in the city. See, GMs are doing what’s best for the team, not necessarily what makes the fans the happiest. When Eloy is hitting bombs at Guaranteed Rate and Quintana is pitching in World Series’ at Wrigley, I can’t imagine too many people will fret. This is the first crosstown Chicago trade since Neal Cotts and David Aardsma were swapped in 2006. The “stigma” of big crosstown trades is broken.

It’s a win-win for the Cubs, White Sox and Major League Baseball. Now sit back, relax and watch the dominoes fall across the league.