Top 5 duos in the NBA

After this offseason, the NBA has some real star powered duos. Last year, the Curry/Durant duo was otherworldly, the best point guard in the league with one of the better [...]

Rose signs with Cavs. 

With the signing of Derrick Rose, it’s clear that more then likely Kyrie will be on his way out of Cleveland. The amount of assets the Cavs can get for Kyrie is [...]

Melo’s Trade Options: Houston?

The New York Knicks are being pushed to buyout or trade Carmelo Anthony by other teams and supposedly Melo himself. But, the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers seem to [...]

Rank ‘Em: the 4 Major Sports Drafts

Draft season is coming to a close with the MLB, NBA, and NHL drafts finishing up as soon as yesterday. NFL was a few months before them. That being said, we probably all have [...]

NBA Draft Reactions

Tonight was the NBA draft, and although this is being written early in the 2nd round, it is basically over. Now, this wasn’t the most surprising of drafts. No one [...]

Catching up on the PG13 Rumors

The Golden State Warriors just dismantled the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the 2017 NBA championship eight days ago, and it didn’t take long for NBA trade rumors to start [...]